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6/21/02, 11:41 AM
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Romanian CP, Message to the Athens Meeting 21J2002

by Alexandru Pantazi


Esteemed comrade Aleka Papariga - Secretary General of the
Communist party of Greece,
Esteemed comrade delegates,

On behalf of the Romanian Communist Party Central Committee
I would like on this occasion to express our thanks for the
generous invitation to take part in the proceedings of the
Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties in Athens. After
political events which took place on September 11 at point
zero in New York City, after the tragic events which
resulted from intense manipulation and armed confrontation,
after complicated and not very transparent negotiations on
this matter, NATO, which is a military and aggressive
organisation, an instrument of repression on the part of
the United States of America, at last launched its
coordinated attack on Afghanistan under the pretext that
terrorist organisations exist in that country, with
innocent people, women, the elderly and children who in no
way were connected with the terrorists being killed. This
action was carried out by the Pentagon headed by the
President, George Bush, with the demand that certain
culprits be punished without the sanction of the UN
Security Council, and theUnited States - the main initiator
of the aggression - had to confront the opposition of the
other members, who from the very beginning strongly
protested any action violating the provisions of the UN
Charter, which grants this organisation the prerogative to
guarantee peace and security as well as the standards of
international law.

Esteemed comrades,

Lenin said: "Life has demonstrated and demonstrates that
the policy of force and wars does not and cannot lead to
the solution of problems; on the contrary, every war
creates new complications, leads to the deterioration of
interstate relations, heightens disbelief and creates new
sources of tension".

The political view of the Romanian Communist Party is that
the United States of America has waged catastrophic wars,
always kindling new hotspots of tension and conflict in
the world: the wars in Korea, China, Laos, Iraq and
Yugoslavia, where in 1941-45 its people formed large units
of fighter partisans, who contributed to the extermination
of fascism and when the Yugoslav people could not have
suffered more, when the United States, with the assistance
of intelligence services headed by the CIA and reactionary
treacherous elements serving US imperialism, found the
chance to surrender the one who was and continues to be a
patriot of the Yugoslav people - he was surrendered to the
International Court in the Hague, which subserviently
carries out the orders of the White house.

Today the United States of America has taken aim at other
countries and peoples who are considered to belong to the
axis of evil and people who do not allow violent
interference in their countries' internal affairs, such as
Iraq, Iran and the People's Democratic Republic of Korea,
which is an independent and sovereign state.

The war launched by the USA and NATO revives justified
anxiety on the part of humankind about dangerous
unipolarity, the domination of a warlike empire which
presents itself as the world's policeman, capable of
drawing political and military allies into the most insane
actions, just as happened at the beginning of this century,
when the military alliances which spread catastrophe, death
and disasters in Europe were set up, dividing and weakening
her, while the United States of America bolstered its
economic, political and military strength.

Today, more than ever, we have to ask ourselves the
question of whether the use and abuse of power will solve
the problem of peace and will safeguard the rights of the
people who are dying today under the missiles and bombs
falling on Afghanistan, an impoverished country with a
desperate population.

Esteemed comrades,

The US president, George Bush, recently turned to making
aggressive, bellicose declarations and threatening three
countries: Iraq, Iran and North Korea with military
intervention, justifying this by claiming that they assist
terrorist organisations by financing them. The Romanian
Communist Party condemns and will always condemn such harsh
interventions of military force in interstate relations and
struggles against capitalist exploitation, so that every
people can determine its own fate without interference from
outside. The Romanian Communist Party has always expressed
its full disagreement with the aggressive actions of NATO,
headed by the United States of America against Afghanistan
and discloses the ambiguous manoeuvres, which have led to
imposing such uncivilised practices on the international
political scene, inspired by the wish to satisfy the
interests of those who try to impose their plans on all the
countries of the planet in the name of a new and unworthy
world order created according to their own model.

Esteemed comrades,

Our party has always appeared as a continuator of the
communist revolutionary movement, the international
traditions of marxist-leninist ideas; it constantly acts
and will act in the future for the development of friendly
relations with communist and workers' parties, with
revolutionary and progressive forces of the whole world.
The Romanian Communist Party decisively repudiates the old
practices of cooling and isolation in the relations between
communist and workers' parties and is for developing
cooperation and solidarity and against opportunism,
revisionism and anti-leninism.

Today we face a difficult and complicated situation.
Changes have taken place in the world as far as the
alignment of forces on the global scale is concerned.
American imperialism and its western allies are ready to
create new seats of tension and conflict in the world,
change states, support state upheavals carried out by
rightist forces, interfere at will in the internal affairs
of peaceful countries striving for independence and
sovereignty, which they wish to transform into colonies and
markets and want the peoples' exploitation by North
American imperialism, cooperating in order to destabilize
the political climate of the countries which they can not
subdue, such as Iran, Iraq, North Korea and others. In its
declarations the Romanian Communist Party has repeatedly
underlined the growing danger posed by the establishment of
military bases in the former Soviet Republics, such as
Georgia and Kazakhstan where NATO troops have already
started to arrive, in this way surrounding the territory of
the Russian Federation, with the future goal of attacking
the countries of the former Soviet Union. In its statements
to the press inside the country and abroad our party has
maintained that it will never let Romania become a member
of NATO or allow its territory to host US military bases,
which pose a threat to the lives of the Romanian people.

Today more then ever there is an objective need to further
reinforce cooperation amongst communist parties on the
basis of marxist-leninist principles, to act jointly and
more decisively in order to overcome regressive phenomena
which can be observed in the activities of certain
communist and workers' parties. At this moment various
concepts, dangerous deviations and even factions inside the
parties which reject the ideological line of
marxism-leninism and carry our reforms inside the party
with deviations towards opportunism and revisionism can be

Esteemed comrades,

Let us recall a grievous period in the past when the
leaders of some communist parties of socialist countries
showed that they were moving towards opportunism and
revisionism, breaking away from the socialist camp. This
was immediately apparent in the line taken towards
dissolving the socialist system and loosening the
long-standing unity of the communist parties of the world.
The Romanian Communist

Party expresses its confidence that the international
revolutionary communist forces acting in a united, firm and
decisive way can achieve positive changes in the course of
events with a view to restoring socialism in our countries
and in the world, since only socialism will be the bright
future of the whole world demonstrating that the greatest
society is a socialist society.

Esteemed comrades,

We assure the participants in this Meeting of Communist and
Workers' Parties that the Romanian Communist Party will
always be a loyal ally of all communist parties, of all
revolutionary forces waging a decisive struggle against
capitalist exploitation subjugating the peoples, who are,
however, more and more rising to struggle against the most
dangerous enemy of the world and civilization - against US

I wish a long life and further strengthen to the victorious
Communist Party of Greece - a brave and fearless fighter
for the just cause of the Greek people!

Under the victorious standard of Lenin - forward to
victory! We shall win! I convey once more to you our
international and revolutionary greetings! Thank you.