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6/21/02 11:41 AM
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Tudeh Party of Iran , Contribution to the Athens Meeting
From: Tudeh Party of Iran, Wed, 26 June 2002
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by Navid Shomali

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran is
honoured to participate in this international meeting of
the Communist and Workers' parties of the world to discuss
the international situation and the most effective ways of
developing a working class response to ensure peace,
progress and social justice.

Allow me to express the deep gratitude of the Tudeh Party
of Iran to the Communist Party of Greece for facilitating
and hosting this event and creating favourable conditions
for our discussion to take place. I would like to convey to
the fraternal communist party of Greece the whole-hearted
greetings and wishes of the Tudeh Party of Iran for their
success in the struggle for socialism in Greece.

The tragic events of 11th September 2001 were a watershed
in world politics. At first creating world-wide opposition
to terrorism and religious intolerance.

The attacks were not only directed against the United
States, but were deliberately calculated to provoke an
international response.

Furthermore, the terrorism of 11th September has also
polarised world-wide public opinion. 11th September has
been used extensively by the most right wing reactionary
forces to impose their will and hegemony on the world.[The
statement coming out of the white house that you are either
with us or against us and the military adventurism that
followed is a clear indication of such attempts.

In the months since September 11th, however the USA and
some of its closest allies have began to manipulate the
world situation to consolidate imperialism hegemony.

Support for the Israeli onslaught against the rights of the
Palestinian people, covert and overt operations and plans
against Iraq, withdrawal by the US from Kyoto treaty and
the 1972 ABM treaty and the launch of a new Star Wars
(Nuclear Missile system) all now go under the so called
banner of �the war against terrorism�.

The attacks in New York and Washington enabled the United
States and its allies to turn their attention to
re-invigorating the push against progressive forces and to
stabilise their ambitions for the post-cold war �New World
Order�. In other worlds, to re-establish without challenge,
United States military, economic, industrial and cultural
global hegemony.

The fallacy of such positions by the USA and its allies is
nightlighted when we note that it is a well known fact
Osama Bin Laden and the Al-Qa'eda organisation like the
Taliban regime, had been financed and backed by the
military junta in Pakistan and supported by the United
States, particularly in the late 80's and 90's. Indeed Bin
Laden and Al-Qa'eda received directed training and
resources from the CIA.

Now, under the banner of �war against terrorism�, the
regime in Pakistan has sought international legitimacy, and
it is not alone. Saudi Arabia and Israel are also marching
behind the United States banner, conduction their own
actions against �terrorism�. The right wing government of
India has also been involved in sabre-rattling its old
enemy, Pakistan, risking thermonuclear exchanges in Asia.

These, however, are not the only consequences and hidden
agendas which can be seen with a close examination of
contemporary world politics. By putting the unproven blame
for the attacks on the World Trade Centre at the door of
Bin Laden and extreme Islamic activists, the United States
and its allies also forced a racist backlash against the
followers of Islam. Racism in the advanced capitalist
countries received a massive boost as the United States
launched its bombing raids on Afghanistan. President Bush
in the early days of the campaign even spoke of a �crusade�
based on his fundamentalist Christian outlook against the
evil responsible for the 11th September.

However, there is no justification to defend those
responsible for the attacks of the 11th September, but the
pursuit of those guilty for the New York massacre requires
an intelligent and subtle response based on international
law and not the law of the gun.

The Left should not be confused or distracted by the
military �victory� of the United states and its allies in
Afghanistan. The current decline in hostilities can only at
best be temporary. The extent of the bombing, the nature of
the pro-imperialist clique installed in Kabul and the
unacceptable treatment of prisoners will serve to provoke
further terrorist actions. Furthermore, the continued
poverty and dependence of the people of Afghanistan will
only instigate further instability.

Moreover, until a just solution is found for the Middle
East, the Palestinian people are liberated from the
aggression and oppression of the Israeli government and the
resolutions of the United States are fully implemented,
further hostile actions against United States and its
allies can be expected.

Having failed to build a viable military alliance for an
all-out invasion of Iraq, the US has now announced plans to
step its own militaristic and destabilising adventurous
policy against the Saddam/Baathist regime. Whilst
simultaneously endorsing the Israeli offensive against the
Palestinians, including the inhuman fencing in of
Palestinian settlements and camps.

From the Middle-East to Asia, the US is fuelling
instability while also seeking endorsement for its actions
elsewhere and increasing its military and intelligence
spending. This is a lethal combination and now represents
the most serious threat to world peace.

There are, however, other underlying causes for the 11th
September events and which also form the context for a
correct appraisal of world politics at the beginning of the
21st century. In this respect, the state of world
imperialism and its drive to maintain its domination of
world markets remain fundamental issues. Within this
context, the control of oil and natural gas be overlooked.
The Middle East still retains 65% of world oil and natural
gas resources. Russia accounts for a considerable portion
of the rest of the world's oil resources but still remains
an uncertain playground for imperialism. Throughout the
20th century the US has sought to protect its domestic oil
supplies and plunder and control overseas reserves. US
access to oil in the Middle East lies at the heart of its
policy to that region, - shaping its relations and attitude
to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States. Iraq and Iran.

Now at the dawn of the new century its attention is turning
to the states near the Caspian Sea and Russia. The Russian
Federation, Azarbijan and Kazakistan are seeking to form a
new alliance, while the US seeks to be puppet master to
ensure its interests are safe. However the US is riding two
horses, seeking to maintain all alliances while creating a
new axis. TO this end the eventual incorporation of Russia
into NATO offers a new route for US global control. This is
underlined by the acceptance of NATO of its new global role
from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific.

To guarantee oil supplies into the future, the United
States is the Unocal Oil Company of America, which seeks
the construction of an oil and gas pipeline from
Turmenistan through Afghanistan to the ports of Pakistan.
This would give the United States an alternative to the
sources available in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the
Middle East. It was also reported recently that a project
to build a new gas line through Afghanistan is back on the
agenda illustrating the real interest of the US in that

There is also the strategic aim of the US to ensure on its
own terms the adequate export of oil and natural gas from
central Asia to the Persian Gulf. This would underpin the
United States continuing domination of the world economy
and its future development.

Since 11th September US forces for the first time in the
modern era are based in Uzbekistan with access to
Turkmenistan and of course in Afghanistan itself. The
so-called �war against terrorism� also offers the United
States a pretext to launch attacks against many other
countries in this region and elsewhere. Iran, Iraq, Sudan,
Libya and any other remain on the US hit list.

With the continuing impoverishment and dependence of the
post-socialist Russia, the US hopes its hegemony is
established for a considerable time into the future.

The Struggle against Militarism

In the days following the terrorist attacks American
government officials spoke of a long war against terrorism.
Colin Powell, the American Secretary of State, declared
that the United States was preparing for a long military
campaign against world terrorism. At the same time Bush
stated that governments and organisations the world over
had to decide �whether they are with us or against us�!

Undoubtedly such posturing, together with the massive
military build-up of the United States, Great Britain and
their other allies in the Middle East, Persian Gulf and the
countries neighbouring Afghanistan, cannot but be of
enormous concern to the progressive peace loving forces of
the Middle East. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks
against the United States, the progressive forces warned
against military adventures that would only lead to more
bloodshed and demanded rather that significant measures to
be taken against the causes of terrorism. The American
government's role in creating military conflicts and in
imposing heavy-handed policies around the world is
undeniable, as also is the fact that the roots of terrorism
are found in injustices in international relations. We only
of its �surrogate son�, Ariel Sharon, which have resulted
in the virtual destruction of the rights of the Palestinian
people and other peoples of the Middle East.

The fight against terrorism has become an excuse for the
intensification of militarism and the further expansion of
the �New World Order� in our region. The world's
progressive forces are right to view recent developments
with great anxiety.

The policies of the US administration and its allies in
the Persian Gulf region are aimed at promoting American
policies and forming a political and military alliance that
would serve to underpin the �New World Order�.

The Tudeh Party of Iran, along with other freedom loving
forces, believes that a world-wide campaign against
terrorism must be conducted within and through the
framework of the United Nations. Any other course will lead
to a further escalation of tension and to confrontation
that threatens the peace and security of the whole world.
Indeed the only option, given the current highly charged
situation, is to intensify the struggle for peace.


Working to this end is one of the important
responsibilities of all progressive forces in the region
and internationally.

The painful experiences inflicted on all people around the
world in the 20th century by imperialism's military
adventures leave no room for optimism or inactivity in face
of similar undertakings in the 21st century.

What is to be done?

It is natural that is the aftermath of the terrorist
attacks of the 11th September, progressive forces should
try to counteract the efforts of reactionary forces to
undermine the popular struggle for democratic change and
social justice. One of the major issues confronting the
progressive movement in the Middle East is ensuring that,
in reacting to the tragic events in the US, they do not
lose sight of the more important work of struggling for
peace and progress.

Although the impact of the events on 11th September and
their aftermath should not be underestimated, it is equally
important not to allow them to modify the fight to
democratise the life of our societies and terminate the
influence of retrogressive and reactionary ruling circles.
After all, if there is one reason why imperialism has been
successful in dominating the affairs of Middle East, it is
precisely as a result of the policies pursued by the
regimes governing the Persian Gulf States, Egypt, Iraq,
Iran, Jordan, Sudan, Turkey and others.

Communist and revolutionary forces should analyse the whole
phenomenon and take measures that address the root causes
of the crisis, the crisis of terrorism, war and imperialist

The root cause of the crisis is poverty. It is also
dictatorship and capitalist exploitation. It is the
political underdevelopment of our societies. It is the
attempt of the corrupt ruling of the countries of the
region to stay in power by manipulation of events and
creating diversions.

One of the major impacts of terrorist attacks on the US and
the subsequent US war in Afghanistan has been the
deliberate overshadowing of the struggle against
reactionary and dictatorial regimes in our region. These
have formed bigotry, fundamentalism and terror and thus
have directly or indirectly helped imperialism and
capitalism to dominate of the region.

An analysis of the history and development of the Taliban
and their reactionary supporters in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
and US leads us to look at the situation differently from
the way the Western media would like us to view it. What
the Taliban, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussain in Iraq or his
counterparts in the Iran, Saudi Arabia and Jordan are doing
is aimed at frustrating the movements for democracy,
progress and social justice. Although they are
superficially engaged in an anti-imperialist struggle, they
lack any popular mandate.

Today in Iran the most reactionary and conservative forces
are attempting to exploit the international situation. The
forces that have denied freedom and liberty to the working
people of Iran, those who have attempted to annihilate
progressive and democratic organisations and those who
engineered the Iran-Contra affair of 1980s, can have no
claim to a place in the true ranks of anti-imperialist
forces. It is they who have provided time and again the
opportunity for the world imperialism and the most
reactionary forces of the region to strengthen their hold
on the Middle East.

The impact on events in Iran


The events since 11th September and the war in Afghanistan
have had serious implications for the popular struggle in
our homeland. Since 11th September the reactionary forces
loyal to the theocratic regime in Iran have tried to halt
the reform movement and reverse the gains of the people's
... A new wave of ... for the reactionary forces. The
attempts by the US administrator to denounce Iran as the
Axisis of Evil and place it top of the list countries
promoting terrorism have only benefited the fundamentalist
forces. They try to justify all their repressive policies
and actions as necessary to confront external enemies and
hence prolong their anti-people rule. The fact that the
movement for fundamental reforms in Iran has been pushed to
defensive positions demonstrate the real impact of the US
actions irrespective of what the leaders of White House

I would also like to state clearly that Iranian people
reject any attempt by foreign forces, including the US and
its agents, to interfere in the internal affairs of our
homeland. The struggle for freedom, democracy and social
justice in our homeland only relies on the sacrifices of
the valiant workers, toilers, students and women of Iran.


The second new world order is only temporary and although
at present it appears stronger than the first version
announced by President Bush Snr. 10 years ago, the position
for imperialism remains unstable.

The peoples of the world and the forces against outrageous
activities of the Israeli government in the Palestinian
territories, the unprecedented onslaught against political
and civil rights in the US and all capitalist countries
under the guise of confronting �terrorist threats� and the
vast cost of the military adventures at the expense of
social and public services in the advanced capitalist
countries are beginning to raise questions. Opposition is
once again resurfacing and the longer imperialism threatens
to provoke global hostilities, the less likely it can count
on public support. Peace and equitable social development
around the world are once again emerging as popular causes.


It is time to construct a progressive united front for
peace and social justice. Tudeh Party of Iran will continue
to work towards this objective and to oppose injustice,
terrorism and intolerance wherever it raises its head.

Future belongs to socialism,
Long live working class internationalism