5th IMCWP, Contribution of Bulgarian Communist Party "Georgi Dimitrov"

6/19/03 11:59 AM
  • 5th IMCWP En Europe

Athens Meeting 19-20 June 2003, Contribution by Bulgarian
CP "Georgi Dimitrov"
From: SolidNet
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Prof. Mincho Minchev


Due to the impudent treachery, accomplished by the Soviet
and state bosses, the peoples of the Soviet Union and the
peoples of the East Europe, lost the Cold War, imposed by
the West half a century ago.

Not only the world order, established after the Second
World War, has been destroyed, but even the remnants of the
Versailles system acting after the First World War. The
world today, at the beginning of XXI century, bears no
resemblance to its past.

After the imposition of the so-called New World order, on
the place of nine socialist countries, 25 new state
formations have appeared. The established order, stability
and borders' settlement were replaced by economic, social,
political and interethnic chaos.

A period of a deep economic dismantling, a failure of
social relations and of incessant ethnic conflicts has come
to East Europe. All that exhausts the countries of that
region and transforms them into economic and political
colonies of West.

Already for fifteen years on the place of the East European
sovereign states, the so-called open territories were
created, degrading to the level of raw materials sources
appendixes and sources of cheap, though high skilled labor.


The restoration period of capitalism has activated the
present mechanisms of action of global capitalist
structures which are carefully covered up by the
institutions, that have been affirmed in the past decades,
- the International Currency Board, the World Bank, the
World Trading Organisation, the International Labor
Organisation, etc.

The structural reforms, imposed by the transnational,
global centers of economic power, to the countries of the
former socialist block, in effect, are the tool of an
economic genocide.

That new form of economic, political and military slavery
of huge masses of people is carried out by means of the
ideology of the "open liberal economy". That slavery is
expressed in the operation of the market neo-colonialism,
in its unconditional submission of the peoples to, as if
the objective, games of market force.

With the help of clever manipulation by market mechanisms
and economic levers, not only material, but also spiritual
culture of the European East is being devastated.

Today we speak about the global capital, about its centers,
structures and institutions more often. And it is quite
natural, as today that personifies imperialism in its most
aggressive form. As Marxist-Leninists, we should look at
the bourgeois camp very closely, in order to perceive the
complexity of its development.

Today, the large capital, on the global scale, is unted
into two interacting groupings, the survivor of each
depends both on the existence of the other, and on their
acute contradictions. On the one hand that is the grouping
of the transnational, global capital, and on the other the
grouping of the large regional capital. Those two fractions
of the capital both globalist and regionalist, coexist in
the imperialist camp, with their two ideologies those of
globalism and regionalism. Today the global capitalism is
in a new situation. East European socialism is crushed.
Peoples of the East Europe have been plundered. Though huge
materials means have joined the economy of the West, though
the basic economic competitor and contender the East block
has been ruined, the expected stabilization of capitalism
did not happen. Thunderclouds gather on the political
horizon. A devastating world crisis is expected.

When USA were simply the managing force of the capitalist
world, during the Cold War, their administration took
independent decisions. Then the doctrine of nuclear mutual
restraint was in operation.

Now, when even the USA, the most powerful state in the
world, is in effect, simply the most powerful tool of
global capitalism. In that quality, they change the
complete geopolitical doctrine.

That doctrine operates on two basic aspects: readiness to
operate independently without consideration, and without
the help of NATO allies; and to use forces in any point if
the globe, without sanctions of the United Nations.

It bi doubt suggests clearly the existing doctrine of open
aggression. As the authors of this doctrine emphasize, its
main element consists pf preventive strikes by all means
against terrorists or hostile looking states.

My question is rhetorical, but nevertheless, I ask: Has
there ever been a war in the world history that was
declared otherwise than through a preventive strike?

And as to expression "strikes with all means" it is an
element of the so-called blitzkrieg war inventions of
German Nazism. The present administration again uses
similar terms, as "preventive attack", "defensive
intervention" etc.

The present administration of the USA has already
formulated the new strategic doctrine, which should provide
final and absolute domination of the global capital all
over the world.

As well as between the First and the Second World Wars
imperialist reaction reckoned on Nazism and nazi Germany so
today the global capital reckons on liberal America. Today,
USA plays the role of a shock group of the global

All this leads to a clear and ruthless conclusion the
global capitalism prepares for open war with the whole poor
world. That capitalism has all attributes of the
neo-fascism covered behind liberal phraseology. And why not
name it simply a liberal neo-fascism?

That is a new fascism this times a global one. Therefore
and its approach is a global one. In this context the
attack on September 11th 2001, finds its natural place to
completely serve to the interests of global imperialism.

In the war against Iraq USA have played really the leading
role, but still they will be only the executors. The
generators of the ideas are the anonymous centers of the
global capital.

A serious approach to this event enables us to understand
the hidden plan of present Washington administration. It
consists in the opening of a large-scale war, which will be
conducted by unconventional means.

And so: the imperialism has overcome all national borders
and its localization in national borders. Today, it is
comprehensive, i.e. it is global and has unlimited
financial resources and huge military potential. It
conducts constantly expanding universal war against working
people of the entire world.

In these circumstances one question dominates, may be the
most important for us communists, namely: where there is a
real danger of the marginalization of the communist

And it seems there is no exit from the dead end street in
which we have got.

Still there is a way out!

That way out fro us is prompted by well working Lenin
formula to find, trace and take advantage of internal
contradictions in bourgeois camp,. Which are quite enough
in the contemporary world. These contradictions are both
superficial and deep.

The modern capitalism expresses the imperialist character
not only in globalism, but also in bourgeois regionalism.
And they are in a condition of an intense, though hidden
struggle, as it became clear during the Iraq war.

But how can we, the communists, get use of the growing
contradictions inside the bourgeois camp?

That is possible only when we are strong. For the time
being that is not the case with us.

In order to be strong, we need unite of actions. For the
time being there is no such unity in a world scale the
absolutization of the idea of "national specifics" lived in
our ranks for a too long period.

The common sense logic leads us to a common sense solution
- the global offensive of capitalism must be stopped by a
united world communist movement.

It is clear, that is impossible for the time being.
If the global unity of communist movement is impossible for
now, it may be carried out at a regional level.
The objective development, if public processes, for the
last fifty years have formed several geopolitic and
geoeconomic regions: Western Europe, Northern America, and
South America etc.

To us, the countries of the East Europe, the unenviable
destiny to go through humiliating and destructive
restoration of capitalism has dropped out. We have much in

That determines what should be our answer to the
aspirations of the global capital for world domination, and
it is evident the creation of a united organization of the
communist parties in the region from the Baltic up to
Mediterranean sea and from Neisse up to Kamchatka.

I do not doubt, that in the near future, the collective
will of the communists of that region to be united by the
common aim: the revival of socialism as a social political
system will prevail.