5th IMCWP, Contribution of Syrian Communist Party

6/19/03 11:59 AM
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Athens Meeting 19-20 June 2003, Contribution by Syrian CP
From: SolidNet
by Ammar Bagdash


Dear comrades,
We have the pleasure to thank our comrades in the Greek
Communist Party for organising these periodical meetings
among the representatives of the world communist and labour

Coordinating activities and developing solidarity among the
communist and labour parties wear special importance
nowadays with the increasing expansionism and
aggressiveness of the international imperialism especially
the American one.

The international situation, in terms of tension and high
risk, is similar to that of the late 1930s on the eve of
the World War Two, with the only difference being that
today there is no Soviet Union, which represented the
castle against which all imperialist aggression waves would
break down.

The only way to bridge this gap among our lines is to
increase coordination and cooperationamong the communist
parties based on the Proletariat Internationalism, but I am
sorry to say that our movement is not ready for that yet.

While the different imperialist forces are concentrating
more and more efforts on their mutual interests as the main
focus of cooperation setting aside all their secondary
disputes, we find some of our comrades concentrating on
secondary differences neglecting the main task of building
the unified international anti-imperialist front which will
succeed only with the existence of a strong communist core

Some comrades are very generous in distributing good
wishes, but when it comes down to action, they strongly
oppose any concrete steps towards consolidating the
international solidarity. They do that under the slogan of

However, some of those who are fighting what they call
"centralist communism" i.e. the very Prolitariat
Internationalism, often get, sooner or later, under the
influence of the bourgeois nationalism and cosmopolitic
imperialism which is just a masked influence of the
international zionism on other political movements.

Dear comrades,

One of the latest aggressive actions of the imperialism was
the Anglo-American war in Iraq which led to the occupation
of this independent country that was among the founding
members of the United Nations. The war was waged under
false pretexts which failed to find and material evidence.
It was just an anticipatory war where the American
administration adopted Hitler's thesis about the necessity
of waging anticipatory wars in order to fortify the
imperialist positions.

The realities of the aggression proved that the Communist
Party analysis about the aggression aims was right. The
main reasons behind the war were:

1) the American imperialism trials to strengthen its
positions with the increasing crisis of the international
economy and the increasing contradictions among the
imperialist centers.

2) This is specially clear in trying to strengthen the
american grip over the oil reserves in the Gulf and the
surrounding countries.

3) Expand the imperialist influence towards the Caspian Sea
which is considered the second largest oil bassin after the

4) Crush and destroy Iraq because it constitutes (with its
economic and human resources) a potential power that might
threaten the Israeli domination in our region.

The Anglo-American aggression against Iraq should provide
us with many lessons:

The dictatorial anti-people regimes have proved incapable
of confronting the imperialist aggression. The bloody
regime in Iraq was of the same nature. It came to power
with active support by both American and british
imperialism. Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi people's hangman,
was a symbol of such a regime. We had no illusions about
this bloody dictator and its regime. He just played his
cast role in exhausting the Iraqi people and bleeding the
Iraqi economy by waging continual wars against his
neighbours under the same false pretexts and by trating his
people with brutal violence.

The moment this regime had completed his role there emerged
a necessity to find a reason to occupy Iraq, and the
monster was thrown into the wastebasket after being
squeezed as a lemon by his own friends and allies.

Another lesson of the aggression results is that no matter
how ugly the past regime was in Iraq, this does not mean
that the imperialist occupation is better. We are
witnessing today the emergence of the Iraqi national
liberation movement. More and more demonstrations are being
organised to protest against the imperialist occupiers'
brutality and despotism. Military operation have also begun
against the occupation troops. No brutality can ever stop
the Iraqi people from seeking his freedom. Because this
people, with all its varieties, will never yield to the
foreign occupiers' yoke. And to put it the literary way; it
seem that the zionist theoriticians have pushed the
Americans into crater ready to explode.

Yes, they are the zionist theoriticians, for all realities
show that the main figures of the new-conservative band (or
more precisely the facist band) ruling the United States
today, came from the zionist-trotskyist movement such as
woolfoleby, Fis, Perl and their media horn Mirdokh. These
are the people who really lead the administration of G. W.
Bush who has proved to be the most thoutless president
along the american history.

Zionism, as a reactionist and racist movement with facist
trends, is an essential component of the American
imperialism, and the experience in general shows that the
main center of zionism, which reflects the interests of the
Jewish capital, lies in the United States, while Israel is
just the second important center.

All history during the past years proves that the
international zionism is a ferocious enemy of the
international liberation movement in general and
specifically the most mortal enemy of the communism. No
matter what the outside appearance of zionism is (Israeli
brazen settlers, facist new-conservatists in the US,
reformist social-democrats in Europe, the Perestroika
authers in the ex-Soviet Union, the false-revolutionary
trotskyist or the distortionists and opportunists) the
essential thing is to satisfy the interests of
international imperialism in general and especially the
Jewish capital.

Dear comrades,

While analysing what happened in Iraq, we should carefully
consider the huge wave of mass protests against the
imperialist occupation, which covered many cities around
the world including the imperialist centers. These
demonstrations represent the resentment of wide social
strata from the imperialist policies and reflect a growing
awareness of the risks generated by such policies, which
might lead in the end to the extermination of humanity as a
whole. They also show that the core resisting the
imperialism is growing and getting stronger.

The main task of all communists is to try, the soonest
possible, to build these force in the form of an
international anti-imperialist movement.

Dear comrades,

We, the Syrian communists, are participating with all
patriotic and progressive forces in Syria, with the huge
masses of the Syrian people, in confronting the aggressive
plans of imperialist America and Zionist Israel, because
these plans are directed against the liberty of Arab
peoples and the independence of Arab countries. The Syrian
people is bravely and proudly standing against all threats
and pressures by the the imperialism and zionism.

We support the heroic Intifada of the Palestinian people
fighting for its rights including the establishment of an
independent state with full sovereignty and a fair solution
for the refugees issue including the right to come back
home and have their original lands.

We support the legitimate struggle of the Iraqi people to
evacuate the occupation forces and build a unified, free
and democratic Iraq with equity for all citizens.

We are struggling for the complete liberation of the Golan
Heights,which are occupied by the zionist enemies. A fair
and stable peace in our region can only be achieved after
meeting the above demands.

Our slogan has been and will always be: "Syria will never
give in".

Long live the Marxism Leninism and the Prolitariat