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6/19/03 11:59 AM
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Athens Meeting 19-20 June 2003, Contribution by WP of
From: SolidNet
by Baudouin Deckers

From Imperialist Globalisation To US Preparations
Of A Third World War.

1. The recent barbarouswar of aggression on Iraq marks a
turning point in history. The counter-revolution completed
by Gorbochov in 1990 has changed the world balance of
powers to the advantage of imperialism and mainly of US

Once the great Soviet Union completely destroyed, it is the
savagery inherent in the imperialistm system is being
imposed again imposing itself of on the whole world. With
their war of aggression against Iraq, the US has really
shown itself to be the only outlaw state, the only rogue

2. In spite of all its "gains", achieved thanks to
neoliberal globalisation, the United States is confronted
with the biggest crisis of its entire history.

The US superpower now places its bets mainly on the
"military globalisation", on its overwhelming military
superiority, in order to save its multinationals, at the
expense of the rest of the world.

The US multinationals today take the only way left to
capitalism when confronted with an insoluble economic
crisis: the road to world war, boosting the economy through
massive arms production, and with the purpose of crushing
its their rivals and conquering grabbing sources of raw
materials and markets

In order toTo understand properly the significance of the
US aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, it
is necessary to put them into a historic perspective.
Fidel Castro, speaking on May Day 2003, was right when
declaring that Bush has developed "a global military
dictatorship imposed through brutal force, without
international laws or institutions of any kind. ( ) The
world is coming under the rule of Nazi concepts and

Washingtonimmediately after the defeat of the fascist
powers in 1945, took over Hitler's dream of world
domination immediately after the defeat of the fascist
powers in 1945. It prepared for a world war against Korea,
China and the Soviet Union between 1945 and 1953 in a bid
to establish its hegemony.

In 1945, General Patton wanted to re-arm two divisions of
the Waffen SS and incorporate them in the 3rd US Army in
order to direct them against the Reds.

From 1944 onward, several thousands of former Nazi's were
welcomed into the USA to be used against the Soviet Union.

The US used the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki without
any military reason regarding Japan: it was in
essenceessentially a ruthless crime committed for the
purpose of nuclear blackmail against the Soviet Union.

The USSR responded to the US war preparations by
intensifying research in nuclear energy and missile
technology, which allowed it to break the US monopoly on
nuclear weapons.

But tThe victory of the Chinese Revolution on October 1,
1949 transferred shifted the battlefront to East Asia.

The US war of aggression against Korea started on June 26,
1950. Japanese military specialists in biological and
chemical warfare, were used by General McArthur.

On November 30, 1950, president Truman declared: "We can
always consider to use the nuclear weapon"[2]. However,
this was met with strong resistance from his allies.

The US aggression killed around 3 million Koreans, but the
resistance led by the Workers' Party of Korea and Comrade
Kim Il Sung, and supported by socialist China and the
Soviet Union, triumphed. Under the leadership of the World
Peace Council, the largest peace movement ever known
developed against the US aggression in Korea.

The US aggressors were not ablefailed to defeat the Korean
and Chinese armies. They had to abandonrenounce their plan
of a world war to eliminate socialism in Korea, in China
and in the Soviet Union. It was a victory of
internationalism, a victory of the unity of all communists,
of all anti-imperialist forces and of all peace-loving
people of the entire world.

4. But once the counterpower of the Soviet Union destroyed
in 1990, the USA got their hands free to resume their
policy of absolute world domination.

The Bush team has almost come to the presidency through a
"coup d'�tat" orchestrated by the oil, arms and aeronautic
multinationals. With Bush Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz
and the like, the most reactionary, repressive,
expansionist and bellicose section of the US monopoly
bourgeoisie has taken power. The US has again taken
toresumed its march on the road of fascism and aggression
on a world scale, as it did in 1948-53.

Bush is establishing a US-style fascism to reinforce his
already established world hegemony and to fight militarily
any potential rival on any continent.

The waging of war abroad is accompanied by internal
repression and attacks on democratic and civil rights at
home. The Homeland Security Bill gives the President almost
complete dictatorial powers.

Paul Wolfowitz, currently Assistant Secretary of Defence,
wrote in 1992 already, just after the counter-revolution in
Soviet Union: "The United States will use its unrivalled
military power to manage the global order, if necessary
unilaterally and pre-emptively. () Our first objective is
to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival. This requires
that we prevent any hostile power from dominating a region
whose resources would be sufficient to generate global
power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the
territory of the former Soviet Union and Southwest

In his "National Security Strategy of the USA", Bush said
to the Congress: "We are attentive to the possible renewal
of old patterns of great power competition. Several
potential great powers are now in the midst of internal
transition - most importantly Russia, India and China." .
BushThus one can say that US imperialism is preparing a new
war on a world scale, for which it has already clearly
indicated the targets.

To block the US war preparations and to preserve world
peace, the people of the world demand the withdrawal of the
US occupation troops from the Balkans, Afghanistan and
Iraq, the dissolution of NATO and the dismantling of all US
military bases abroad.

All communist, revolutionary and democratic forces must
commit themselves to the defence of the DPR of Korea and
the Republic of Cuba, both directly threatened by US

Preventing the aggression against the DPRK is essential to
save world peace: if Korea were to be occupied, US
hegemonism would start its war preparations against China.

Since 1960, Cuba has suffered over 700 terrorist attacks
sponsored by US imperialism. To defend Cuba is to defend
the flame of independence, anti-imperialism and socialism,
which Cuba represents for the whole Latin-American

5. The Bush administration has been pursuing the fascist
theory of "pre-emptive" nuclear attacks, explicitly
mentioning Iraq, North Korea, China, Russia and others as
possible targets.

Last May, the US Congress has approved measures to allow
for the production of nuclear weapons less than three times
as powerful as the ones used in Hiroshima, but 1,000 to
5,000 times more powerful than the conventional bombs used
lately in Iraq.

On August 6, 1950 the Gathering for Peace in Hiroshima,
launched a world campaign against the production,
possession and use of nuclear weapons, and for their
Before Bush dares to use the nuclear bomb, the world
movement for nuclear disarmament must be launched anew.

6. Today's globalisation is nothing but the sharpening of
all contradictions of capitalism, and their extension over
the entire planet. We are still in the era of imperialism,
and socialist revolution is still the only way to eliminate
capitalism, exploitation and domination once and for all in
the whole world.

The history of the great anti-fascist war has demonstrated
that the leading role of the communist parties is crucial
to obtain victory.

Today, once more the communists in every country and on a
global scale are called upon to lead the popular masses and
the broad united front against the threat of a third world
war that the Bush-type of fascism constitutes.

Currently, our main task is to work for the unity of all
communists, loyal to Marxism-Leninism and to proletarian
internationalism, on the scale of each country and on an
international scale.

Our second task is to establish the broadest possible
alliance between the communist forces and all anti-war and
anti-imperialist forces, in each country and

However confused and contradictory the antiglobalisation
and anti-war movements may be, it is up to the communists
to bring them the light of Marxism-Leninism, in an
appropriate way.

Our third task is to reinforce and orient the large global
united front against the number one enemy of the peoples,
US imperialism.

All calculations for peace based on confidence in the
action of imperialist governments are bound to fail.

The communists have to be at the vanguard to mobilise the
popular masses against the main danger that is threatening

Today, all imperialist powers are arming themselves for
foreign interventions. It is undeniable that European
imperialism is exploiting the dominated countries and is
militarily intervening for its neo-colonial interests. NATO
remains the framework through which US hegemonism keeps its
control over Europe. But European imperialism is not
preparing for wars on a world scale against Russia or
China. Only the United States disposes of a military budget
for a world war, -400 billion dollar-, as much as the sum
of the military budgets of the 25 following countries. Only
the US is extending its military interventions on all
continents, preparing wars of aggression in the whole world
and ready to use nuclear weapons in the coming world war.

In 1936, Palme Dutt noted that France and Great Britain had
not taken an orientation towards major wars of aggression,
while the fascist countries had made "the most complete
organisation of the entire State for war. It is against
this most menacing war offensive of the present moment that
the main fight needs to be directed at the present stage.
() This situation gives certain possibilities to the forces
fighting for peace to utilise these contradictions in the
imperialist camp in order to place obstacles in the way of
the advance to war. (...)[4]

The war on Iraq has shown the divisions within the European
Union. With the deepening of the crisis, the economic
conflicts between US hegemonism and European imperialism
will necessarily sharpen.

These conflicts may be used to strengthen and broaden the
popular mobilisation against the main danger that is
threatening the world: the global war policy of US
hegemonism. This mobilisation will also allow for the
awakening of the popular consciousness to the entirety of
the problems posed by imperialism.

Revolutionaries concentrate their blows on the main enemy
in order to defeat the strongest, most dangerous and most
bellicose imperialism. That way, they do the maximum to
seriously weaken the entire imperialist system.

It is stage upon stage that the communists of the entire
world will advance with the undertaking started in 1848 by
Karl Marx, until the victory of socialism in the whole