6th IMCWP, Contribution of Communist Party of Malta

10/8/04 12:45 PM
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Athens 8-10 October 2004, Contribution of CP of Malta
From: SolidNet, Thursday, October 21, 2004,

International Meeting Communist and Workers' Parties
"Resistance to Imperialist Aggressiveness. Fronts of
Struggle and Alternatives"
8 10 October 2004, Athens

Contribution of CP of Malta


First of all I would like to thank, the Communist party of
Greece for inviting us here in Athens to exchange our views
on such an important subject "Resistance to Imperialist
Aggressiveness. Fronts of Struggle and Alternatives".

In This new 21st Century we are witnessing a sustained
escalation of aggressive policies by the forces of
imperialism, led by the U.S. Bush administration and their
allies, first of all the Blair Labour government of Great
Britain, and others amongst them Australia, Poland and
Bulgaria to mention but a few.

Afghanistan and Iraq are an example of this new round of
acts of wars of aggression by Imperialists in their efforts
to control the worlds natural resources, in order to
achieve global dominance. The war in Iraq is not the only
problem in the Middle East.

The People of Palestine are being subjected to a murderous
onslaught by the US backed Sharon Regime of Israel. Other
countries in other regions are marked for US aggression and
are also being threatened. Amongst these, are Cuba and
North Korea.

It is imperative for us gathered here to find new ways to
unite all our forces and join with other progressive
movements, in order to stop, overcome, and finally defeat
imperialism. We must also continue to struggle to preserve
the gains made by the working classes of our countries, in
the past. These gains are being enroached upon by monopoly
capitalism. which is the backbone of imperialism.

We must find new ways on how to reach the vast majority of
masses, and get our message across to them. These same
masses are being subjected daily to propaganda, as the
right wing forces have a strong grip on the media. The
right wing know very well how to make use of this media,
and get away with blatant lies, and deceive the masses.

In Malta during the EU referendum Campaign the Pro-EU
forces controlled the media and their half-truths and
damned lies were believed.

I am not in any way suggesting that we should deceive the
masses, on the contrary we should always tell the truth,
but we have to find new means on how to get the truth
across, and get our message through. We must so to say find
ways to tell the truth in an indirect way.

We must examine how they, the right wing get their message
across, for instance, the cinema, were the masses are given
the cheap action films they like to watch, and the
propaganda in these films is so subtle, that it does not
look like propaganda at all.
I am not referring here to the masses of the third world,
they are aware of the aggressiveness of imperialism as they
are the ones under attack presently. I am talking about the
masses of Europe, which have become alienated, and it is
our duty as progressives and communist to arouse their
consciousness once more.

The Victory of the people of Venezuela over imperialism
should encourage us and give us hope.

In order to defeat imperialism we must unite all our forces
here in Europe, and the western world, with those forces
from the third world, and unite all the peoples in a
struggle for justice peace and socialism against the dark
forces of imperialism, which threaten world peace.