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10/8/04 12:45 PM
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Athens Meeting 8-10 October 2004, Contribution of CP of
From: SolidNet, Monday, October 11, 2004

Against Imperialist Aggressiveness. Fronts of Struggle And


(Contribution by the Head of CPV delegation at the
International Meeting organized by the CPG in Athens,
Oct.08-10, 2004)


Dear comrade Aleka Papariga, General Secretary of the
Communist Party of Greece,

Esteemed members of the Chair,

Comrades and friends,

It is a great pleasure for the CPV delegation to
participate in the Seventh International

Meeting of the world's communist and workers' parties
organized by the Communist Party of Greece in Athens. We
are glad to note that from the First International Meeting
up till now, in spite of difficult conditions and
circumstances, this Forum of communists from around the
globe has been maintained and become necessary and useful
for the rally and coordination of action for world's
communist and workers' parties. Allow us to convey our
sincere thanks to the CPG for its tireless and persisting
efforts to organize this annual meeting and for the
invitation extended our Party. We would also like to convey
our warmest greetings to the delegations from fraternal
communist and workers' parties here present and wish them
good health and to wish our Meeting splendid success.


In today's international setting, when the capitalist and
imperialist forces are trying their utmost to implement
power-politics, imposition, disregarding international law
and justice, exacerbating the world situation; when
conflicts and disputes of different nature occur
continuously; and when independence and sovereignty of
nations are at serious stake, it is all the more urgent
that the solidarity and coordination of actions of
democratic, progressive and revolutionary forces, first and
foremost the communist and workers' forces, be consolidated
and strengthened. The tasks set before the democratic and
revolutionary forces are not only to resist to imperialist
and reactionary forces' aggressions in order to defend the
social achievements gained through the arduous struggles of
many generations, defend the legitimate interests of the
working class, workingmen and people of all countries; but
also to consolidate the trend of peace, cooperation and
development; and to strive for a democratic and equitable
world economic and political order.

We are glad to note that over the past years, the movement
of various forces of the working people has been
revitalized and has made new progress. The movement against
the negative aspects of globalization has developed and
expanded, not only in Latin America and Europe, but also in
Asia. The success of World Social Forum in Mumbai (India)
in January 2004 serves as a very clear proof. Stepped up
has been the struggle for another world, where economic and
commercial relations must be more equitable, international
cooperation, not only among South-South countries but also
among North-South countries, must be more equal, and the
developed countries have the obligation to help the
developing and under-developed. The fact that at the recent
WTO round of negotiations the developed countries had to
commit themselves to abrogate their agricultural subsidies
is a good example. This is going to be expressed at the
European Social Forum in London next week, too.

Imperialism has abused the "war on terror" to interfere in
other countries' internal affairs all over the world,
blatantly violating the independence and sovereignty of
nations, the United Nations Charter and international law.
As a response, millions of people around the world have
raised their voice in resolute protest against war, for
peace, justice and equity. International terrorism cannot
be wiped out either by the use or the threat of force, or
by war, but only through eliminating its root causes,
namely injustices, hunger, poverty, oppression... and
through comprehensive actions placed under the control of
the most representative body of nations, i.e. the United
Nations. Violence and unjust wars only lead to and
aggravate violence and wars, this has been treated with
increasing understanding and ever clearer attitude.

As shown by realities over the recent past, facing
imperialist aggressiveness, the democratic, progressive and
revolutionary forces have not stood by with folded arms,
instead they have taken protest actions in diversified and
rich forms with ever closer unity and coordination.

As an integral part of the international communist and
workers' movement, the Communist Party of Vietnam and the
Vietnamese people are striving our best to make active
contribution to the common cause through the successful
implementation of the renewal policy, for building and
safeguarding our socialist Homeland. We are making active
preparations for the 10th National Party Congress,
scheduled for the 1st half of 2006. For the immediate
future, we are assessing the implementation of the 9th
Congress resolutions, as well as reviewing, in terms of
theory and practice alike, the 20 years of renewal since
the 6th Congress (1986). We are glad to note that over the
past two decades, despite difficulties and challenges, our
people's renewal process has recorded major achievements.
The country has come out of the socio-economic crisis, the
economy has recorded a continuous and high growth rate, new
progress has been registered in the cultural and social
fields, many major social problems have been solved,
premises have been created for the new stage of
development, that of accelerated industrialization and
modernization of the country.

Now as in the past, we persist in our socialist goal,
strive to build ours as a strong country, with a prosperous
people, an equitable, democratic and advanced society,
follow a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance,
openness, diversification and multilateralization of
international relations with the spirit that Vietnam wishes
to be a friend and reliable partner of all countries in the
world community, striving for peace, independence and

Our Political Program stated clearly: to build a society in
which the working people are the masters, with a
highly-developed economy based on modern productive forces
and on public ownership of the principal means of
productions; with an advanced culture with a distinctive
national identity; where man is liberated from oppression,
exploitation and injustices, works according to his
capability, receives according to his work, enjoys a life
of prosperity, freedom and happiness and the right
condition for comprehensive personal development; where the
different ethnic groups are joined by bonds of equality,
solidarity and mutual assistance in the interests of common
progress; maintaining friendly and cooperative relations
with the people of all countries of the world.

We believe that the exchange of information and experience
among communist and workers' parties, democratic and
progressive forces is necessary and beneficial, not only
for us to better understand each other's situation and
tasks, but also contributing to the strengthening of our
belief in the noble ideas of the time and our confidence on
the way that we have chosen, and consolidating our unity,
mutual assistance and coordination of actions in fighting
for our goals. Taking this opportunity, let us, on behalf
of the Communist Party, the working class and the people of
Vietnam to express our sincere and deep gratitude to the
Communist Party and working people of Greece, to our
comrades and friends in all continents for their heartfelt
and valuable support and assistance given to our past
struggle for national liberalization as well as the present
endeavor of building and defending the socialist homeland.
We are firmly convinced that by deploying our synergy as
the main asset and with the sympathy, support and
assistance of comrades and friends all over the world, the
Vietnamese people will certainly overcome all challenges,
fulfill the cause of renewal, advance firmly along the path
of socialism that has been chosen.

Once again, allow me to convey to all comrades and friends
here present our best wishes. We do hope that our Meeting
will have a successful outcome, thus contributing to the
promotion of our common struggle.

Thank you very much, comrades and friends, for your kind