6th IMCWP, Contribution of Jordanian Communist Party

10/8/04 12:45 PM
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Athens Meeting 8 10 October 2004, Contribution of
Jordanian CP
From: SolidNet, Friday, December 03, 2004

International Meeting Communist and Workers' Parties

"Resistance to Imperialist Aggressiveness. Fronts of
Struggle and Alternatives"
8 10 October 2004, Athens

Contribution by Dr. Munir Hamarneh; General Secretary
of Jordanian Communist Party

Dear Comrades,

I would like to start by expressing thanks to the Greek
Communist Party for giving us this precious opportunity to
meet and to exchange views over common concerns. This
opportunity will definitely serve the communist movement at
this critical period.

Humanity as a whole faces the ascending aggressiveness of
the US imperialism, which takes manifold forms: political,
economic and military throughout all continents. In all
cases and by all means the US imperialism seeks to achieve
the hideous aims of its Global Strategy, which expressed
itself clearly after 9/11 for:

Strengthening the policy and role of the mono-polar power.
Strengthening the interests of the USA and the
Trans-National Giant Corporations
Imposing the New World Order by changing the basis and
rules that control the international relations since World
War II, including change of the role of the UN

The implementation of these hideous aims has led to the
deepening of the old contradictions and created new
contradictions in the international arena. This has also
led to a new global conflict characterized by launching a
comprehensive world war. Thus, the world has moved from the
cold war into a new fierce and multi-face war as
implemented in the military intervention in the Balkans,
the economic war against the Far East and East Asia in the
90s and the military invasion of Afghanistan and the war
against Iraq at the onset of the new century.

These new developments have led to the deepening of old
conflicts and the creation of new conflicts due to clashes
of contradictions in all spheres. Moreover, hard work is
going on to impose globalization of the world economy by
the imperialists and their international arms.
Consequently, the contradiction between work and the
capital has been sharpened and deepened at the
international arena and inside every country.

These developments have increased contradictions that
manifested themselves in the contradiction between the USA
and the other big capitalist countries, especially the G7
countries and in the contradiction between the USA and all
peoples of the world, including the people of the USA.

Alongside, globalization of capitalist economy and the
pre-requisites of international financial institutions have
led into a radical change in the function of the State. It
is demanded to decrease the role of the State in the
socio-economic life of all societies. This, in its turn,
has caused the eruption of class and social contradictions
in all countries stimulated by the acute unjust
redistribution of the wealth that made the rich grow richer
and the poor grow poorer. So instead of undertaking its
socio-economic role, the State has to confine its main
function into issuing regulations and instructions that
serve free market economy and guarding the interests of the
new classes and the local and foreign forces. Consequently,
the oppressing the anti-war and anti-globalization movement
should be oppressed by all means and ways.

Foreign debt is one of the important tools to impose great
economic and political changes in the developing countries.
Foreign debt is used to impose more economic and political
dependency and as a means to impose privatization that
opens a wide door to foreign capital to control the wealth
and destiny of the peoples of Asia Africa and Latin
America. The long-term foreign debt of the developing
countries has risen from 600 billion US$ in the 80s to 2.2
trillion in 2003. The World Bank and the IMF reports
indicate that the developing countries borrowed between
1972 and 1992 a total of 1.935 trillion US$, whereas the
total paid back as installments and interests has been
2.237 trillion. Thus, foreign debt has been used as a means
to usurp the wealth of peoples and as a tool to impose
dependency and annul sovereignty.

The neo-liberalization policy and the economic
globalization have led to an increase in poverty and
increased unemployment in spite of the rise in wealth
because of the unjust redistribution of wealth. For,
inspite of the great technological development and
development in the means of production, imperialist
countries have failed to solve the acute problems facing
the developing countries, especially poverty eradication,
environment protection, educational problems for the youth,
health problems, and the socio-economic development. On the
contrary, it increased these problems and is said to
threaten humanity with economic, social and environmental

The Middle East and the Arab countries, in particular, form
an international platform whereby the USA implements its
new global strategy. That's why the USA exploited the 9/11
events to launch an open war against the Arab and Islamic
countries under the pretext of war against terrorism. Thus,
it led the occupation of Afghanistan and then the war
against Iraq. These two events have heightened terrorism
instead of lessening it. The war against terrorism has
become the pretext for pre-emptive wars and for attacking
the general freedoms within countries, even inside the USA.

It is said that the war against Iraq is just the beginning
of the US global strategy. The aim is to control the Oil in
the region and reshape the international energy policy. The
other aim is to draw a new geo-political map of the our
region as a beginning for a comprehensive change in the
prevailing world order.

The Anglo-American occupation forces in Iraq have been
involved in war crimes and in gross violations against
human rights. They face difficult situation due to a
general and total agreement among all political, social and
religious sectors, to struggle against the occupation and
for attaining freedom and sovereignty, even though they
differ in the ways and means of this struggle. Moreover, it
is made cleae day by day that the world condemns the brutal
raids on cities, the house destruction, migration of
inhabitants, and the inhuman violations against prisoners
and detainees.

The USA imperialism relies in carrying out its aggression
against the Middle East Region on the American-Israeli
alliance. The USA supports Israel in its brutal attack
against the Palestinian people and its heroic Intifada.
Moreover, the USA stands against reaching a comprehensive
and just solution to the Palestinian problem as stated in
the UN resolutions that stipulate the insurance of the
legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including the
establishment of an independent Palestinian State with East
Jerusalem as its capital and the insurance of the right of

The US has gone far, recently, in supporting Israel and
defending its inhuman crimes against the Palestinian camps
in Jabalia in Gaza and protecting it by the VITO in the UN
Security Council against a resolution demanding the stop of
brutality against civilians in Gaza. Likewise, the USA
exploits what is going on in Darfor to threaten to
interfere in the Sudan and in African affairs.

The Greater Middle East Plan that the USA, which was
supported in most of its items by the G8 countries is
seeking to impose the neo-liberalization in the region
under the pretext of introducing democracy and human
rights. The major objective is to control the whole region
for the interests of the USA and Israel. Therefore, the
Greater Middle East Plan is used to threaten countries in
the region, especially Syria and Iran as well as perturbing
Lebanon. This is similar to threatening other countries in
the world like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and others by
calling them the Evil Axis or Rouge countries.

The pivotal task of the Arab world, especially the
communist and democratic forces, should be directed to
bring to failure the US Plan that seeks to change the
geo-politics of the region. To do so, democratic forces
should assist the Iraqi fraternal people to regain its
independence and sovereignty as soon as possible. An end to
the occupation and ousting the foreign troops is a must so
as not to allow the USA to succeed in Iraq. It is feared
that the situation in Iraq will lead to re-domination of
the whole region and to a surrendering policy by the
Palestinian people.

A major task in our region should be directed to support
the struggle of the Palestinian people to stop the Israeli
barbaric aggression and occupation. This is linked with the
establishment of an independent sovereign Palestinian

The Jordanian Communist Party-JCP struggles against the US
plans that aim at increasing our country's political and
economic dependency and impose free market. JCP struggles
for the defense of the well being of the masses and their
right to basic health and education services.

JCP succeeded in building an alliance with the opposition
parties, including the leftists, nationalists and religious
for defending general freedoms and democracy. 15 political
parties have succeeded to function jointly under the
opposition alliance for the last 8 years. The Higher
Committee of the Opposition Parties is an effective and a
recognized body that struggles for an alternative Jordanian
policy expressing the will of the people as well as to
build up a unified and effective Arab stand against the
US-Israeli policy and for supporting the just struggle of
the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples.

We believe that the failure of the US-Israeli plans in the
Middle East is a great help to the international struggle
for confronting the imperialist aggressiveness. Hence the
support to the Palestinian struggle for the establishment
of its sovereign state and stop the unprecedented crimes
committed by the Israel military leaders does not only
support the Palestinians in their just struggle but also
forms a true participation in stopping the attack against
the peoples of the whole world. Likewise, the support to
the Iraqi people to regain its freedom, independence and
sovereignty is an important factor to stand in the way of
the imperialist global strategy that threatens all peoples
and the international revolutionary movement. It is not an
exaggeration if we say that the success of US plans in the
Middle East threatens humanity with serious dangers. Such a
success ushers a new era of the militarization of capital
globalization and increases the clashes among all

We live in part of the world whereby we face the new
fascists of today; the US and Israeli fascism.

Let all the revolutionary forces unite for the failure of
the US- Israeli Plans.