6th IMCWP, Solidarity Statement For DPR of Korea

10/8/04 12:45 PM
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Athens Meeting 8-10 October 2004, Solidarity Statement For
DPR of Korea
From: SolidNet, Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Solidarity Statement for DPR of Korea

The following participants at the International Meeting of
Communist and Workers' Parties in Athens, October 2004
express their solidarity with the Workers' Party of Korea
and Government and people of the Democratic People's
Republic of Korea in their just struggle against the
military threats and aggressiveness of US imperialism and
for independent and peaceful reunification of the country.

Military tension on the Korean peninsula is rising creating
imminent danger to peace in the region due to the
escalating hostile policy of the US imperialists toward

We reaffirm our commitment to fight alongside the world
peace movement against all imperialist aggression and war
and in support of independence and sovereignty to defend
and develop socialism.

Athens 9 October, 2004


Party		Workers' Party of Belgium		Communist Party of
Canada		Communist Party of Chile		Communist Party of
Cuba		AKEL		Communist Party in Denmark		Communist Party of
Estonia		United Communist Party of Georgia		Communist Party
of Greece		Hungarian Workers Party		Tudeh Party of
Iran		Communist Party of Ireland		Workers' Party of
Ireland		Communist Party of Israel		Party of Italian
Communists		Jordanian Communist Party		Socialist Party of
Latvia		Lebanese Communist Party		Communist Party of 
Malta		Party of Communists, Mexico		Popular Socialist Party
of Mexico		Palestinian People's Party		Communist Party of
Poland		Portuguese Communist Party		Socialist Alliance
Party, Romania		Communist Worker's Party of Russia -
Communist Party of  Russian Party		CPSU		Communist Party of
 Slovakia		Communist Party of  Sweden		Communist Party of
Syria		Syrian Communist Party		Communist Party of
Turkey		Union of Communists of Ukraine		Communist Party,
USA		Communist Party of Vietnam		New Communist Party of