15 IMCWP, Contribution of Sudanese CP [En.]

11/10/13 2:15 AM
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Contribution of the Sudanese Communist Party

to the 15th IMCWP

Dear Comrades,

It gives a great pleasure to convey to you all participants at the 15th IMCWP, the greetings of the Central Committee of the SCP. Our Party salutes and highly appreciate the efforts made by the leadership and members of the PCP to realize this meeting and to provide the appropriate working conditions as well as the condusive fraternal atmosphere, thus establishing the basis for the success of the 15th IMCWP.

The struggle of the Sudanese people has entered new phase, and have reached new heights during the past few weeks. What happened during the last week of September and continued till 7th of October was the culmination of hard work by the opposition forces, especially the revolutionary forces including our Party and the organizations of young people. Since along time we have engaged in the process to achieve the broadest possible unity around the basic demands of our people. Thanks to such efforts united actions, national coordination committee were established. So, when our people took to the streets, there was the minimum organisation to direct the movement and provide guidence. It is through this determind and dedicated efforts that the mass uprising managed to shake the foundation of the regime and prepare the grounds for its eventual overthrow. Despite the brutal repression, and the witch hunt unleached by the dictatorial regime against leaders and activists of the mass movement ,including our Party, our people are progressing, with determination and state fastedness along the revolutionary path to topple the regime.

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to those fraternal parties that stood along our side in the fight against the dictatorial, and help to stop the repression and to release the thousands detainees. At the same we call other parties who kept silent over the slaughter of peaceful demonstrators, repression and confiscation of all rights by the regime, to come forward and be true to the principles of internationalism and communist solidarity ,which we all cherish, to soliderize with our people struggle.

Dear Comrades,

At present we are witnessing increased aggression by capital and imperialism, employing NATO, against all the forces that stand to foil their schemes. The victims include the working people, especially the working class, in the capitalist countries as well as the peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This worldwide aggression aims at imposing imperialist will on control of the riches of the world, eroding the social gains, and plundering the natural resources of the peoples as well to defeat the peoples resistance through violence and terror, and unleash what it calls preventive wars ,under different pretext, against regimes that refuse to succomb to its dictat. The aggression by is wage by the USA, the EU and Japan., under the leadership of Washington.

This aggression was met with peoples resistance. Ever broader masses participated in the anti-war movement. Thousands took to the streets in support of the Palestinian people, and the right of the people to use all possible methods to defend themselves against imperialist and Zionist aggression. Millions of working people occupied the streets of the capitalist capitals protesting against the new measures to curtail workers social, economic and trade union rights. People with specific demands like protest against imperialist plunder of the environment, climate change, womens rights ect...

What we are witnessing is a renewal of the peoples resistance and the appearance of new forces and organisations. During the last century, the communist parties, the class trade unions have played the major role in leading the different people struggles. The victory of the Russian revolution, the Chinese revolution,, the Cuban revolution, the Vietnamese successes, the establishment of the non-aligned movement, the collapse and end of colonialism,, and the victories of the working class in the capitalist countries where it wrenched its social right, all these have helped to save our planet to enrich the revolutionary heritage of humanity. During that period the communist parties, the trade unions, the peasentry, the students, youth and women movements and the peace movement played a role in achieving socialism in Europe, radical social transformation in a number of countries, big victories for the national liberation movement, all of which resulted in international change to the benefit of the working class as well as the people of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

However, towards the end of last century, the peoples struggle faced a great set-back. The defeat socialism in Europe the contradictions between the different contigents fighting imperialism and the retreat of a number of forces from previous anti-imperialist positions, all these contributed to the atmosphere of defeat and helped imperialism to unleash its aggression. Among those elements for defeat, we must point to the lack of democracy, and respect to democratic principles within those forces who were leading that process. and who claimed that they the correct answers to all problems.

The revolutions and reforms of that era resulted in the establishment of regimes which failed to deliver on what they promised. And with that and the defections as well as the retreat of the communist and progressive forces ,the imperialist and reactionary forces moved to fill the vacuum.

The movement that started to confront imperialist aggression was spontaneous, with new forces at the helm. With previous experience, sometimes despite its progressive contribution in general, descended in anarchy act of discipline and anti-communism.

It is under these circumstances that the upsurge of the peoples struggle took place in the Middle East and especially the Arab countries. What important is to try to learn the lessons from these movements ,rather than indulge in academic discussion about what had happened a coup, revolution or uprising.

Classical Marxist thinking stress that for any revolution to succeed that the objective factor and the subjective factor must ripe. What happened in some of the Arab countries is that while the objective was ripe, that is the masses rebelled and refused to accept the regime, the subjective factor was missing, and resulted in the absence of leadership and programs. So, when the masses conquered the streets and forced the head of the regime to fall, the most organized force took the initiative to fill the vacuum ,assumed leadership, and stole the revolution. That is why the upheavals did not reach the desired goal that is regime change. And also this explain the continuation of the confrontation between the different forces, .As we all know at each turning point along the development of the revolutionary, new alliances take place, and new forces join the struggle. The Muslim Brotherhood, the only organized force and which enjoyed relative peace with the regimes took the leadership.

But due to the fact that the Brotherhood in essence does not differ in any aspect from the previous defunct regimes soon the masses discovered its bankrupt policies and turned against them. This to a great explain the present situation. The Egyptian masses in their millions took to the streets, the army, the organized forces, and for their own reasons as well, entered the frame, and took the step to remove the brotherhood. In Tunis a protracted, sever and determined struggle is continuing, where the masses are resolutely refusing to accept the rule of the Muslim Brothers .How both situations will unfold depends in the correlation of forces, and how best the secular, democratic and revolutionary forces can develop their tactics to defend the gains achieved and move to to meet the aspiration of the toiling masses.

Dear Comrades,

The prevailing political situation in the Middle East reflects an alarming development. The events that occurred in the area reflected the growing understanding, alliance and coordination between political islam and imperialism

The Turkish regime, member of NATO, the QATARI Kingdom host to the largest USA military bases, and the international Muslim Brotherhood, have increased their cooperation following the recent uprising in the area. Both sides have reached strategic agreement that the USA would support the a Muslim Brotherhood takeover governments in some countries while the Brotherhood would protect and defend USA interest in the Middle East including the treaties, peace with and recognition of Isreal as well as well a radical solution to settle the Palestinian refugees in Sinaa desert. Based on this agreement the Turkish, Qatari alliance, with the support of the Sudanese regime played a considerable in the invasion of Libya. Today the same alliance with increased support are deepening the Syrian crisis with supplying weapons and recruiting mercenaries to ignite and perpetuate the civil war in Syria. This alliance threaten to draw the political and geographical map of the area.in their ambitious plan to split Syria into three parts, to be followed by Lebanon, and Iran as well as Iraq. The victims will the people of these countries and the resistance to imperialist policies in the area. The changes in Qatar will be followed sooner rather than later by similar changes in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. New faces will come to the fore but old policies.

However, the mass uprising in Egypt which led to the overthrow of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, the mass resistance and growing power of the Tunisian people, the resistance of the people in Sudan ,Yamen, Bahrain, Iraq and Iran show beyond any doubt that the imperialist aggression and its policies will be defeated.

Dear Comrades,

In addition to what is going in the Middle East, the people of Latin America are defeating imperialist aggression, building new societies and advancing the cause of the popular masses. The broad alliances emerging in the in the continent, with the active participation of the communist parties hopefully will usher a new era of progress and social justice.

Africa is being robbed of its resources,. The continent which managed in the past to feed itself and live in peace is today living the tragedy of terrorism, religious fundamentalism, imperialist military intervention ,and civil wars. All this resulting in starvation, spread of unemployment, partition of countries and growing gap between the rich and the poor. The awakening of the African people is not far away, SACP, he democratic and patriotic parties in Kenya, Senegal , Burkina Faso, Congo, Madagascar, to mention a few are playing their role and are coming to grips with the basic problems.

The financial melt down the capitalist crisis in hitting hard the people of Africa, Asia and Latin America. he capitalist circles which robbed the working people in Europe of their rights is imposing hunger and wars everywhere. Globalization under the control of capitalism and promoted by the WTO, the World Bank and the International Monatery Fund is aim at enriching the capitalist class world wide and endangering the existence of millions of poor people. In the face of danger the communist and workers all ovr the world must strengthen their cooperation and common actions. Problems faced by the international working class must find its place in our meetings and deliberations. Equally the problems of the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America must occupy its deserved place in meetings. Promoting regional meetings might be a solution, but till that happens due attention is needed to be given to the struggle of the people in the developing countries. We also think that attempts to improve the content, procedure and presence in our meetings must continue. To allocate more time for discussion of specific issues including the meeting itself. To try to help enlarge the participation of the African parties .The idea of establishing solidarity fund can further discussed and improved and implemented.

Within this context, while we appreciate the performance of the Working Group ,and the host organisation, we call for a rethink about its role, terms of reference and composition. To avoid polemics, misunderstanding and disagreements, we think the circular on the issue is a good bases for further improvement of the WG. In this respect we repeat the proposal our party made few years ago that while maintaining the idea that the meetings are open, a review of membership is needed, especially geographical balance. While we appreciate the contribution of all parties, we call for the introduction of the idea of rotation. That a core of two three parties including the host party of the meeting, the rest may rotate thus paving the way for all parties to gain experience and acquaint themselves with the inner workings of preparing and holding of the IMCWP.