17 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Macedonia [En]

11/5/15 1:54 PM
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17 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Macedonia [En]

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of the CPM, its members and in my personal name, we would like to express our gratitude to Communist Party of Turkey for their invitation to participate on the 17th International Congress. At the same time we would like to express our support in their struggle against the world's largest evil capitalism – imperialism.

In order to speak and write on this subject should be make an introduction for capitalist exploitation, imperialist wars and fascism, class struggles, through the analysis of the early class struggle, its pioneer occurring since the time of the French Revolution and later Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht representatives of German Communist Party. Of course here we must not ignore either like - minded participants in the October Revolution in Russia led by Lenin and chain appear of this class struggle. Proletarian struggle and internationalism of the occurrence of the October Revolution transmit chain spontaneous organized revolts in Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Austria-Hungary and the area of the former Yugoslavia with the sole purpose of releasing the worker, the villager, and the soldier from the yoke of the defenders of the bourgeoisie. The October Revolution undoubtedly contributes to the world proletariat rise to their feet in a struggle for their rights. Оnly like this, learning through Luxembourg - Lenin can understand that the proletarian struggle can succeed when run in continuity throughout the world to the ultimate victory, through unselfish internationalism, ie anywhere and always helping struggles against imperialism and bourgeois nationalism.

Imperialism as a world domination of the stronger over the weaker more precisely colonial domination of economic, cultural and territorial relations represents the greatest evil for the proletarian world. Of course it must be noted here that the United States is considered to be the main carrier of imperialism, but must not omit the fact that in conjunction with the United States is the entire Western capitalist bloc. As a conclusion of all this should be taken for example the Libyan War where the leading role had the U.S. But here must not be forgotten and the role in the operation that had the British, the French military and other militaries.

Imperialism is considered the highest stage of capitalism and everyday we see hour by hour, day by day, year by year, increasing its influence around the world through the so-called "Peaceful democratic way", and those countries which will oppose and resist, they will be militarily defeated as so-called "non-democratic regimes ".

But imperialism must not unilaterally accepted as a historical phenomenon from the point that wars were before, but these wars, these subjugation are precisely defined from the aspect of economic dominance, ie exploitation by imperialist powers through the utilization of energy resources, mineral wealth,a cheap labor force, etc. Also we must not think that these appear have come accidentally. Also we must not believe that these appear come accidentally. A hundred years ago for such complex phenomena spoke mentioned Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Lenin, the English liberal John hops in the book Imperialism 1902. These analysts complement Marx's learning because in the 19th century the industrialization was at lower stage, more precisely at that time dominated small and medium-sized companies that competed locally. However Marx predicted that the time will come to the concentration and centralization of capital, which is true and at the same time this has been confirmed already in the early 20th century by his students, mentioned in the text. Capital accumulation creates large corporations that centralize thewhole flow of capital, is not very longtime ago, we remember in our ordinary daily necessities we were going to the neighborhood stores, but now are different, eg. Trade is concentrated in large commercial chains so that small colonial are closed and people remains without their jobs. All economic flows flowing concentrated by big concerts and they are increasingly, but also on the other hand, the same capital is concentrated in a smaller number of heavy billionaire capitalists. All that imperialism has applied through its mechanisms, for and about world domination, the same was applied, and after the collapse of the socialist bloc in Europe and in the Balkans. Since the beginning of the 90s of the last century, world imperialism through various domestic counter revolutionists managed to broke down the socialist countries, turning them into "liberal" economies. "Good positive imperialists", disassemble the socialist system and created a mechanism for global exploitation as financial and raw and intellectual good. Off record data about the exhaustion of the good from tormented socialist - European bloc with Russia for a period of 20 years reaches astounding 10 - 15,000 billion by the imperialist financial and industrial trusts. Almost all state banks on the territory of Eastern Europe overnight became owned by foreign capitalists. Through the false doctrine that with passing into private property and liberal Monetarism, the finances and economy will experience such growth so that the people from the post-socialist countries would be delighted. But instead of false promise that was given, that average pay - pension will be about a thousand euro’s over seven hundred euro’s, that will increase the number of new jobs, on the territory of Eastern Europe, happened the opposite. Millions of people were left on the street, and the pensioners not to mention, they barely survive every day. But despite the economic dependence, the SEE countries have also become depends military and political and not having opportunities to develop their own defense Forces were drawn by imperialism in military alliances - pacts (e.g. NATO pact). Through mechanisms for identical logistics arming and buying these dependent countries (the arming from the capitalist market), occurred completely pumping of financial goods which were negative. To be sure and under control, the imperialist interests install and NATO bases in the different regions of Europe and the world and thereby they gain the entire control in regions i.e. Eastern bloc countries. To be safe from any appearance of dissatisfaction, the western imperialism through its installed mechanisms (such as. International courts, etc.), are making pressure i.e. suspend any possibility for expressing any dissatisfaction. Having in their own hands the world's largest information funds, they sell unseen propagandas, fake frauds, fakes truths, etc.

Such imperialism has used its biggest joker in the conquest of world domination, and it is a social-democratic so-called Left, taking advantage as a modern European "Left" to mitigate the proletarian labor protests and movements Those same social democrats are making single entries into the rows of the communist parties, for in certain times of crisis to soften the sharpness of class antagonisms between monopoly capital and the employee. The same put in coupling ​​and union leadership, and act through them in the area of mitigating their reactions, i.e. through empty verbalism as supposedly they are on the side of the worker.

From the above and looking at the current exposure situation arising following conclusions:

  • More and more capitalists - imperialists constrict the hoops for greater exploitation of small countries and their working man. Events are not random as in parts of Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, etc. All these events encourage the need to strengthen the communist and workers' parties and movements, if it is considered that the experience of the Communists is a need for protecting such employee and labor rights as well as the defense of the countries of internal contradictions and external influences to those countries. I personally believe that from the regularity of the communist ideology as the "vanguard" of the working class must not deviate. This observation brings the world to two theses such as follows:

- The first is capitalist and imperialist world, where most of the globe is in total exploitative situation with usurped democracy and shortened workers' and people's rights.

- Second - the path of liberation from bondage of imperialism - the road of freedom with all the rights to equality of nations and countries around the world, the road to Socialism, the only way for freedom of the worker.

  • Must come to the breakdown of capitalism and thereby to end the exploitation of man by man. In this time when is absolutely obvious that capitalism has no solution for employee and labor rights it is necessary massive grouping of communist and workers' movements at national, regional and international level with mutual cooperation of each other in the creation of a comprehensive wide anti-imperialist front. The ideological struggle of the communist movement is of vital importance for the defense of socialism. The demolition of capitalism and the construction of socialism are imperative for the working man. Only socialism and socialist movements can contribute to reduce and exterminate the wars, the emergence of nationalism, unemployment, hunger and misery. All communist and labor forces in the world to mobilize to win over the undecided masses in their ranks to battle until the final victory of the world's largest evil capitalism - imperialism. The future of the common man, the worker in the world, belongs to socialism - communism.

Down with capitalism - imperialism

Long live socialism - communism

Communist Party of Macedonia

General Secretary

Pero Odzaklieski