13 IMCWP, Contribution of Jordanian CP [En.]

12/11/11 11:00 AM
  • Jordan, Jordanian Communist Party IMCWP En
13th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties
Athens, December 9-11, 2011
The international situation and the experience of the communists 20 years after the counterrevolution in the USSR. The tasks for the development of the class struggle in conditions of capitalist crisis, imperialist wars, of the current popular struggles and uprisings, for working class-popular rights, the strengthening of proletarian internationalism and the anti-imperialist front, for the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of socialism.
Contribution of Jordanian Communist Party
Dear Comrades,
On behalf of the Jordanian Communist Party, allow me to salute KKE for the convening this important meeting at a very crucial time.
We have been following with pride the active participation of KKE and the working class in Greece in defending the achievements of the working class. KKE has been singled out as the one of the pillars that lead the class struggle in Europe by raising a meaning full slogan over the Acropolis saying: “Rise Up Europe”. Thus a clear message has been passed to mobilize the European peoples to defend their rights at the time of severe attack on century-long achievements.
Alongside, the Arab peoples have suddenly taken the scene in the struggle for “Social Justice”.
What links both movements together with the worldwide movement “Occupy Wall Street”?
The answer is definitely: Moving towards socialism. This comes as a result of the practices of brutal capitalism, in the last 20 years.
Worldwide, the imperialists got aback and quickly started to arrange for beating the peoples revolting against capitalism and calling for “social justice”. The struggle is around two new features:
  1. Impact of the Arab uprisings
  2. Militarization and Wars as an outlet for the current deep capitalist crisis.
A year elapsed on the beginning of the Tunisian uprising that successfully ended a long period of dictatorship backed by the imperialists. It was like an earthquake that shocked the Arab peoples, especially the youth, who took up the torch and took to the streets in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and in almost all the Arab countries calling for “Social Justice”. At every house and in every platform people were disclosing the brutality of capitalism and discussing socialism.
Starting January 25, and in less than a month, Egypt succeeded also. The millions in Tahrir square gave the world an example of the power of the masses.
But the imperialists urgently moved to ensure the rule of the Army and the control of the country by allying with the Islamists or what is called “Political Islam”. No other country would be allowed to revolt and demand for Social Justice. The NATO was ready to move. France and Britain jumped to overthrow their old friend Gadafi to ensure control over oil and energy. The rest of the story is known. The Moslem brothers are ready to serve the imperialist with the guarantee of Turkey.
In Jordan, The mass movement concentrated on “Social Justice”. The regime responded by offering a bunch of political and legislative reforms. The 1952 Constitution was opened for revision. A series of liberties were assured such as the rights for demonstrations. The election law and political parties’ laws were discussed with the opposition. In this way, the regime caved and bowed, but for a while.
The result was mediocre. No real changes. The imperialist method that was initiated and blessed by the US Administration, was followed, which is based on creating an alliance with the Islamists and even the fundamentalists.
Right now, the conflict has been diverted into accepting the foreign intervention. This is quite obvious in Syria. The imperialist would like to see the New and Greater Middle East with Syria under the rule of the Islamists. Freedom-loving forces are cornered to accept a theocratic regime instead of the dictator.
In the new era, the rights of the Palestinians to establish their own State is aborted by the US veto.
As to the second feature related to the capitalist crisis, which is a structural and a deep crisis, it is finding the outlet through militarization and launching wars, foreign intervention and arms race. The Arab Gulf countries are backing the capitalists through purchase of weapons, building and using military bases, strengthen the conservative and the Islamists, and replace NATO by allying with Turkey. This is how the Arab League imposed sanctions on Syria.
The imperialists are trying hard to divert the Arab uprisings that demanded “Social Justice” and ending corruption, privatization and the continuous Israeli threats into a conflict within each country with sectarian and ethnic conflicts, if they can.
We, the communist and workers parties are called upon more than any other time to get indulged in the class struggle. There is a golden opportunity to declare our messages to the peoples and to be ready to march on towards socialism.
Layla Naffa