CP of India, May 19 Nation-wide Protest

5/20/20 12:00 PM
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May 20, 2020

Circular No. 21/ 2020

May 19 Nation-wide Protest

Dear Comrades,

At the call given by the Party Centre, Party units, members and leaders at all levels made the nationwide protest a big success. There was good response. This has once again shown that the Party could and can rise to the occasion.

The continuing lockdown is a very critical and difficult time for the working people. The most-affected are the migrant labourers, daily wage earners, self-employed, etc, and also section of the salaried people. During the rural distress, the rural proletariat who had no livelihood migrated to cities and urban centres. What is happening today is reverse migration. Facing unprecedented sufferings and loss of life even those people reach their native places where there is no guarantee of any source of livelihood. Already the urban poor are in extreme poverty. Those people are the most pauperized section of the Indian working class. They look towards Communists for taking up their issues and lead them in the struggle.

Party should reach out to these migrant workers who returned to the villages. History demands that Party must organize and lead all sections of the working class and peasantry, keeping the focus on fighting the exploiting classes.

The nation-wide protest on May 19, 2020 gives great hope.

I congratulate all the Party members and units for making the country-wide protest a successful one.

With revolutionary greetings

Comradely yours


  1. RAJA

General Secretary


Communist Party of India

Central Office 

New Delhi

Tele: 011 23235546

e-mail: cpiofindia@gmail.com


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