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5/13/19 12:27 PM
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SOCIALIST VOICE May issue of Socialist Voice is now available online:   https://socialistvoice.ie/category/article/latest/  

Vote Left:

Written by  Editors https://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/vote-left/This month we face a number of electoral choices: local elections, elections for the EU Parliament, and a proposed amendment to the Constitution.   The local elections have produced a staggering number of small parties and.... 

Reckless isolated groups should vacate the stage:

Tommy McKearney:https://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/reckless-isolated-groups-should-vacate-the-stage/The death of Lyra McKee was a needless tragedy inflicted on a young woman by thoughtless stooges. It was an act that devastated her life partner, her family, and her friends and colleagues in the world of journalism.

More power to you!  

Jimmy Doranhttps://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/more-power-to-you/The recently launched campaign by three of our largest trade unions—SIPTU, Fórsa, and Connect—is to be welcomed. Under the slogan “More Power to You,” it is asking voters to take the local power pledge: “I believe in local government.”

 The next property crash is looming:

Dan Taraghanhttps://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/the-next-property-crash-is-looming/The last property crash was brought about by a combination of banks lending on the basis of spurious calculations, massaging their own financial data, and inflated property prices that were completely divorced from reality.

Imperialism will kill us all:

Eugene McCartanhttps://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/imperialism-will-kill-us-all/Our planet is on the verge of an environmental catastrophe. Billions live in abject poverty; millions more go hungry for want of food or clean drinking water.The gap between rich and poor grows and grows. The wealthiest 1 per cent of people on our planet could fit in a public-transport bus. 

Identity and class:

Laura Duggan https://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/identity-and-class/There is no truly universal experience of the world. It is deeply influenced by how we have been taught to orient ourselves in that world, which then predicts how we interact with it. 

“Nice little earners”: 

Paul Doran https://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/nice-little-earners/There I am sitting among my three or four neighbours, and the talk turns to property. Their property. 

Pete Seeger on his 100th birthday: 

Jenny Farrellhttps://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/pete-seeger-on-his-100th-birthday/There are few people more famous in the political song movement than Pete Seeger. Along with his contemporaries Paul Robeson and Woody Guthrie, Seeger represented the might of song in highlighting the common cause, 

Workers in struggle:

Editors https://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/workers-in-struggle-2/Lloyd’s refuse to attend the Labour CourtAt the Labour Court on 26 April the employees’ union, Mandate, presented the case for all Lloyd’s Pharmacy workers to receive improvements to their terms and conditions of employment. Mandate’s submission includes demands for: 

A victory for pro-Venezuela activists:

Editors https://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/a-victory-for-pro-venezuela-activists/A group of determined American activists forced Juan Guaidó’s shadow ambassador, Carlos Vecchio, to flee from a rally that was supposed to mark his triumphant entry into the Venezuelan embassy in Washington...... 

Venezuela: A timeline of struggle: 

Venezuela-Ireland Networkhttps://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/venezuela-a-timeline-of-struggle/This is an edited version of a document supplied by the Venezuela-Ireland NetworkIn our media the economic and political difficulties in Venezuela are usually presented as recent developments. In most reports, all blame is laid on the alleged failure of the Bolivarian Revolution.  

The killing of Lyra McKee: 

Statement by the Communist Party of Irelandhttps://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/the-killing-of-lyra-mckee/ 

Book: Living in an Armed Patriarchy: Public Protest, Domestic Acquiescence: 

Lynda Walkerhttps://socialistvoice.ie/2019/05/book-living-in-an-armed-patriarchy/From the introduction to this booklet:“This booklet takes its reader back in time to the years from the late 1960s to the early 1980s, years that shook the North of Ireland profoundly in many ways. It is an example of the kind of writing about historical events that departs from mainstream, bourgeois history”