CP of Malta, TOWARDS THE 20TH IMCWP Informative Note of the CP of Malta

10/11/18 1:12 PM
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A small report on the economic and political situation in Malta


Last General elections which were held in June of 2017 returned the Labour Party (LP) to power with a larger majority. The opposition centre right Nationalist Party (PN) based its electoral campaign on corruption and alleged secret bank accounts in Panama held by the Prime Minister’s wife, his Chief advisor, and a Minister. The accusations against the PM’s wife later were proven false, in an extensive 15 month magisterial enquiry that Prime Minister himself had requested. The results of this inquiry, has shown that all accusations were false, and based on forged documents. The call, for early General Elections, was also because of this claim.

The Labour administrations as stated previously, in other reports has a neo Liberal policy and although the situation of the working class has improved when comparing to the previous Nationalist administrations,  so have economic situation of the Rich, compared with this workers are getting crumbs. Land exploiters are having a field day. One problem that now besets the Maltese population is the high Rent Prices, which was de-controlled under a previous PN administration back in 2008. Prior to that the rent was very low based on 1939 legislation and it was paid on a per annum bases. Today they have gone up by more than tenfold  and this is being  paid on a monthly bases To give an a rough example  a rent of 30 Malta Lira(Malta’s old Currency) which was paid once in a year is now 300 Malta Lira paid once a month. The rent per annum, in this case is 3600 Malta Lira.  A nagging concern is, that now we are having homeless people in Malta, This is while according to the EU and World Bank economically Malta has made large progress; we are having a new kind of poverty.

Another problem is that the bourgeoisie cannot stomach the fact that they lost two successive General Elections with disastrous results that can be described as landslides. The Party that represent their interests the Nationalist Party is split into two factions. A new leader was elected after the 2017 disastrous general election results, which has not been accepted by the Party’s inner circle. So the Party seems to have two leaders, while parliamentary opposition has gone down to nil. This once again will keep them out of Government reducing again their parliamentary representation. The danger here is that they will be replaced by extreme right-wing parties

In October of 2017, a female journalist was assassinated by a car bomb and needless to say that the PN started on a lurid campaign accusing the Labour administration of eliminating her. . However there is no evidence to this claim. The facts are that she was one sided in her attacks, always writing against the LP even when they were in opposition. She was discredited as twice she was blamed for the PN defeat. If the LP wanted to get rid of her they would have done so long ago. There are two factors that could be the reason why she was eliminated; One she was investigating the smuggling of Oil from Libya to Italy. The attack she made on the new PN Leader as she sided with old Guard. Again there is no evidence on these two factors. Three persons are accused of placing the bomb and blowing her up, unless they do not talk the identity of who ordered her elimination will remain unknown.

  What is being written against Malta in the foreign press originates from PN sources which are not reliable and more then often based on blatant lies. Two Nationalist MEPs David Casa and Roberta Metsola are doing their utmost in the EU to dirty Malta’s name. David Casa, even came to Athens to support a Russian National Maria Effimova from being extradited back to Malta to face charges of fraud and bearing false witness. Casa claimed that her life would be in danger if she were to be extradited. This was completely false

The Journalists Daphne Caruana Galizia and Maria Effimova a supposedly whistle-blower were the main accusers against the Prime Minister’s wife. In the magisterial enquiry their evidence contradicted each other, where Daphne Caruana Galizia was basing her evidence on what Maria Effimova had told her, and both swore that the documents were seen, Daphne stating Maria saw them, while Maria swore that Daphne had seen them, the documents that were handed to the inquiring magistrate were proven to be frauds by English and American experts.