CP of Pakistan, Analysis of the Current Unrest in Pakistan: A Battleground of Sponsored Proxies of Chinese and US Imperialism

5/16/23 3:40 PM
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CP Pakistan – Analysis of the Current Unrest in Pakistan: A Battleground of Sponsored Proxies of Chinese and US Imperialism


Pakistan had undergone extreme political and economic turmoil for the last year, especially from the day when no Confidence movement moved into parliament by the alliance of opposition parties ``Pakistan Democratic Movement'' (PDM), against the ruling party alliance led by Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) which then succeeded and PTI government toppled. PTI blamed the USA and Pakistan Army as partners with PDM in the conspiracy to oust its government. PTI pressurized the new government by resigning from the national assembly, dissolving the two provincial assemblies, and executing violent street protests and blockages of main infrastructure arteries across the country. The sole intent behind this was to force the government to go into new elections, capitalize on anti-USA and anti-army sentiments of the public at large, recapture power corridors with a convincing majority, and amend the constitution to the presidential form replicating the dictatorial & fascist rule of Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey. The PDM coalition government retaliated by inducting PTI chief Mr Imran Khan in civil, moral, criminal and corruption cases. Still, all these attempts were made null and void by the nexus of sympathizers of PTI in the civil, military and judicial establishment, which aggravated to the extent that on May 9, in the corruption case of 200 million USD (illegal money of Pakistani property Tycoon confiscated in the UK syphoned by PTI government to him in Pakistan), the Paramilitary forces took PTI chief in custody and as a result, a planned violet reaction flamed the whole Pakistan in which government and military installations were targeted and blazed including the military cantonments in various cities, General Headquarter of the military, radio Pakistan, the corps commander house (Residence of the founder of Pakistan Mr Jinnah) in Lahore and even the monuments of martyrdoms were destroyed across the country. Despite the militant violence by the PTI, the supreme court summoned the government to produce the PTO chief and release was ordered, putting aside every sanity of law and constitution.      

From the start, CP Pakistan analyzed that there is clear division and split in every institution of the state, including the army and judiciary, supporting these rival political parties who are at daggers drawn to capture the power corridors. These newly developed contradictions do not have a historical perspective as in the last 75 years, the army established its powerful influence (social, political, and economic) with the help of the judiciary and manipulation of these political parties and kept the control of Pakistan in their hands sometimes direct through military rule and sometimes through hybrid regimes in which face was civilian but actual control was with the military establishment. CP Pakistan holds that the current inflamed situation is not localized but the proxies of the contradictions of bigger players where the regional canvas (BRICS, SCO) is reshaping and reasserting itself from the influence of the USA and its allied countries. Pakistan is a key battlefield due to its strategic position, especially in the context of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is a vital and only viable linkage of China with Iran, Afghanistan, Middle East countries, Africa and hot water Arabian Sea especially if any potential blockage of south China sea is materialized by the USA and its allied regional countries.

CP Pakistan believes that the emerging contradictions among the capitalists, feudal elites (dominating the political parties), and Pakistan's highly privileged institutional elites in Judicial, civil, and military establishments are rapidly increasing. They are not concerned that Pakistan's bankruptcy sword has been hovering for over a year now which is being artificially delayed. As a result, the common citizen is prey to a record high inflation (officially above 48%, but unofficially it is more than 75%), extreme unemployment, and social and security unrest. The present system has completely lost its capacity and capability to provide any feasible solution to the miseries of the downtrodden classes of Pakistan, the working class and the peasantry.       

CP Pakistan appeals to the youth, students, factory workers, farm tenants, small farmers, intellectuals, journalists, lawyers’ community, women and other working classes of Pakistan to recognize their real class enemies. Instead of becoming the ammunition of imperialist forces (China and USA blocks) and their local puppets of capitalist, feudal and institutional elites, they should unite on a working-class platform of a revolutionary party on socialist ideals, hoop these counter-revolutionary blood-sucking forces, challenge, revolt and wage a revolutionary struggle against these exploitive forces for their manifested rights of social, political and economic empowerment which is only guaranteed under the proletarian dictatorship. 


Imdad Qazi

General Secretary (Communist Party of Pakistan)