CP of Pakistan, Press statement of CPP on the court verdict against Ex PM , Nawaz Sharif

7/11/18 2:48 PM
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Statement of the Politbureau


NAB's (National Accountability Bureau) verdict about Nawaz Sharif and his family is the continuation of double standards and partiality of judicial system in Pakistan. All state organs including judiciary has been the subordinate of military establishment, because military establishment has absolute illegitimate power and control. In today's scenario, for the first time in history without Marshall Law media houses are facing worst kind of censorship, such as every right thinking brain and tongue  is muzzled tight, otherwise loses right to survive  .

In today's neo colonial state structure, democracy is an absolute delusion. Electoral process and the parliament is just a rubber stamp. In these states, corruption is a trifle. In Pakistan, capital borrowed from national and international monetary agencies is never directed towards the welfare of the people but all the way lands unto the hands of the personal coffers of the rulers. This dichotomy takes place with a slight difference in shares among them, the political governments, elite class, military and civil bureaucracy all are involved in wealth’s plunders. But whenever a disagreement between military establishment and the prime minister arises the latter one is immediately thrown out of his office over the corruption charges where in which every stakeholder used to be a participant. When a General breaks the constitution, hands over people into the American custody which they confess it later one in writing, are allowed to enjoy life abroad. Anti corruption agencies and courts are helpless to do something about it. Then obviously such a court verdict only against Nawaz Sharif losses it's legitimate worth.

The above statement was issued by the Communist Party of Pakistan in a press release after the meeting of its Politburo. It was further stated that corruption cases are withdrawn against those who agree and toe to the conditions of total obedience towards mighty establishment.  The fate of corruption cases against Asif Ali Zardari is one of the prime examples. The narrative adopted by Nawaz Sharif, "give respect to the vote, stop interference by army generals in Parliamentary affairs", which is actually ours narrative.

Internal antagonism among the   ruling classes has proved true our point of view. Communist Party, demands leveling corruption charges against military generals, civil bureaucracy and politicians without any discrimination, for fair justice to be established. These objectives and establishing the supremacy of parliament,  can be achieved only through organized and unified struggle of all the  Leftwing forces in the country .

Politburo Communist Party of Pakistan