CP of Pakistan, Statement of Politburo on current situation in Pakistan

4/18/22 3:47 PM
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The new setup in Pakistan has been established with the democratic parliamentary facade that has brought an unceremonious end to the Imran government. But the political crisis is far from over. The Shehbaz government has announced the paltry - but elusive - sum of RS 25000 as the minimum wage for the labourers. This delusional increase pales before the unbridled inflation that the average citizen of Pakistan faces on a daily basis. Even those with average earnings of Rs 50,000 per month find it hard to make both ends meet in the face of sky-rocketing  price hike of the daily commodities. In these circumstances, the soaring inflation is impossible to control, much less to arrest its rising tide. To implement the wage policy in Pakistan is the dream that has never come true; even the organizations under government control or semi-governmental ones have defied its implementation. For these blatant violations and delaying tactics their owners and bosses have never been taken to task in the absence of effective labour laws. Only an organized struggle by the working and labour class can lead to the minimum wage compliance in letter and spirit.

The economy of the country has been surrendered to the IMF as Pakistan is under the siege of gnawing crises. How can such a situation allow the hope  of a slightest relief to the common man? The economic crisis has always generated a domino effect. It has engendered political turmoil and consequently their cumulative effect gives birth to the state in crisis.

After the meeting of the Politburo of CPP which saw through threadbare and candid discussion on the current situation in Pakistan, the Party Secretary General, Imdad Kazi, issued the communique to the press that conflict among the elements of the ruling class has brought the country to the precipice of anarchy and resultant disintegration under the dictates and strategic planning of the global imperialists. The military generals have turned the country into a client and hanger-on state which has forfeited its sovereignty. These Generals have reaped its dividend in the form of family riches, industrial empires with luxurious life style in Europe and America. The sacred politics of public service and selfless politicians with the vision of statesmen - whose sole aim is to work for the progress and prosperity of the people - have never been allowed to take root and develop. They have been brutally tortured to  death in the forts of Kuli, Attock and others. Those who survived the torture and persecution have been rendered mentally paralyzed and incapacitated. The rest have been forced to live in exile abroad. Even the sword of civil- military Establishment has fallen on the neck of its proteges who dared to assert themselves one way or the other.

The ban on student unions has closed the process of throwing up experienced and popular political leadership and workers. This has ensued the conditions wherein the mentee of the establishment Imran Khan by default has capitalized on the conflict among the inmates of the GHQ and has risen in rebellion against the "in-power" section of the Security Establishment. Imran is banking on the consciousness imparted by the leftist forces against Western and American Imperialism and utilizing the anti-imperialist sentiments up to the hilt to his benefit. Though while in power, he handed the management of important financial and economic organizations and institutions to the unelected Pakistani-American citizens instead of elected representatives who played havoc with the economy of the country. The consequential effect was the landing of the country into the debt-trap of the IMF and to remain so, for many many decades to come, has become a real possibility.
The conflict generated by the appointment of new COAS has lost the government to Imran Khan and now he is on the tidal wave of widespread anti-American sentiments of the Pakistani populace.

The CPP is of the considered opinion that due to indescribable economic conditions of the country, the ruling class has been placed in quandary of lack of finances to support  their life of extravaganza and luxury which situation has impelled them to be on one another's throat for grabs. Here the public welfare and emolument are not to be seen. The masses better not expect any good from these plunderers and bootleggers belonging to the political and apolitical ruling elite. They are not the stuff to bring comfort and ease in the life of a common man. They cannot resolve their longstanding issues of joblessness and inflation. To expect that these ruling capitalists and exploitative forces will put them on the path of progress and prosperity is nothing but asking for the moon, as the time-honored proverb goes. This is high time that the masses realized that politics are class based and the political parties are but the class representatives of different classes of shade and color. The parliamentary parties are as such the representative parties of the aristocrats, feudal lords, owners of manors, chieftains, bankers and capitalists. Such groups can go to any length of meanness and brutality to get into power corridors. The clique of generals with the passage of time has evolved into a class in its own right. All these classes and groups pay lip-service to  popular issues and problems to hoodwink masses into voting in their favour at polls.

These circumstances leave us with no option but to rise up in revolution against all these exploitative forces. Only a revolution can lead us to build Socialism and bring the rule of the working class and masses. Only Socialism can give a true welfare state with free education, health facilities and no one without a job. In the Socialist state the resources of the country are used for the betterment and development of its people, not armament and brinkmanship.

The Communist Party of Pakistan extends its appeal to the workers, peasants, women, students and masses in general to rally around at the platform of those parties which are their genuine mouthpiece and representative and are real fighting machines against the oppressive properties and capitalist classes and have been struggling against them for decades. The leadership and workers of the CPP have been struggling and fighting hard for the inalienable rights of the underprivileged and downtrodden sections of the society. The saga of their class struggle is that of torture, oppression, trials and tribulations and life of suppression and misery in the secret dungeons of torture centres which spans over seventy years. The emancipation of the have-nots lies in rejection of the agents of the imperialists, looters and despotic dictators and embracing of the class struggle against them.