CP of Poland, Fascists are not to negotiate with!

11/12/18 6:04 PM
  • Poland, Communist Party of Poland En Europe Communist and workers' parties

Statement of the CP of Poland on the state celebrations of the independence day

In Poland, the 11th of November again became a pretext to promote the militarism and fascism. The authorities of the Polish state marched hand in hand with the nationalists. Once again the red and white banners serve as a cover-up for xenophobia, racism, and fascism. Poland's rulers once again use the nationalist euphoria in order to divert the attention from real social problems. The Polish state again gives the citizens nationalist paraphernalia instead of what they really need.

Half a century ago People's Polish Republic built more than 1000 schools to celebrate the one thousand years of Poland's history. In 2018 the authorities promote the march of nationalists and hooligans in spite of growing social inequalities driving large echelons of Polish society into poverty.

Let us recall that the fascism and nationalism are against the very principle of democracy. Whenever the nationalists rose to power it meant mass repressions and social degradation resulting in war.

Fascists are not to negotiate with. Fascists are to be fought against.

Never more fascism!

Never more war!