CP of Slovakia, Joint Statement from the CP of Slovakia & the CP of Belgium "Declaration by the Communist and Workers' Parties-Ruthlessness and rudeness is the essence of capitalism"

9/17/20 12:17 PM
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Declaration by the Communist and Workers' Parties

 Ruthlessness and rudeness is the essence of capitalism 


Recently, Belgian and Slovak citizens were shocked by a video made in a prison cell at Charleroi Airport in Brussels about the way in which Slovak citizen Jozef Chovanec was detained in February 2018. The disproportionate toughness and ruthlessness of Belgian police behavior probably became the decisive reason that Chovanec died the next day.

Despite the fact that two and a half years have passed since the death of a Slovak citizen and thus also of the European Union, neither the relatives of Jozef Chovanec, nor the Slovak authorities received the results of the investigation from the Belgian side, which was the cause of his death.

This event is a typical symptom of the system in which we live and in which the police is a weapon of repression. Ruthlessness, rudeness, aggression, the exercise of „the right of the stronger ” is typical of the behavior of states and individuals when it comes to showing superiority, asserting their own interests, showing power over their surroundings. Such behavior is hidden behind the many words about humanism, human rights, justice, democracy and other phrases that bourgeois politicians and the bourgeois media repeat constantly and without shame that their words diverge from reality.

Almost every day, politicians from the capitals of the European Union, including Brussels, „instruct“ and „admonish“ those who do not behave exactly according to their ideas and who hinder their intentions in promoting the interests of the supranational oligarchy.

Chovanec is the latest victim in an already long list (remember the treatment of Semira Adamu, of the "Belgian" Jonathan, of Mawda). On the other side, there is the clemency of justice when "these citizens of another state", are big capitalists (the Saudis, the industrialists of Kazakhstan during the Kazakgate -, ...).

Communist and workers' parties remind citizens to pay close attention to the different approaches taken by the politicians of their states and the private media in assessing and taking positions on specific events in Europe and in the world. How they hide or conceal what they want to hide, how they twist and artificially connect facts, how they distort arguments and thus manipulate the consciousness of individuals and public opinion. Therefore, they do not really deserve the trust of their citizens. Communist and workers' parties call on the governments of Belgium and Slovakia, as well as the European Union institutions, to ensure the investigation of the case of brutal detention of Slovak Jozef Chovanec as soon as possible. The resuls should be published as well. Of course, direct and indirect perpetrators should be punished.


Signed by:


  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Party of Labour of Austria
  3. Communist party of Armenia
  4. Communist Party of Belgium (PCB-CPB)
  5. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  6. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
  7. Communist Partyin Denmark
  8. German Communist Party 
  9. Communist Party of Greece
  10. Hungarian Workers' Party
  11. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  12. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  13. Communist Party of Malta
  14. Communist Party of Mexico
  15. Communist Party of Norway
  16. Communist Party of Pakistan
  17. Palestinian Peoples Party
  18. Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
  19. Romanian Socialist Party
  20. Communist Party of Soviet Union
  21. Union of Communist parties-CPSU
  22. Communist Party of Slovakia
  23. Communist Party the Workers of Spain
  24. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  25. Communists of Catalonia
  26. Communist Party of Swaziland
  27. Communist Party of Turkey


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