CP of Türkiye, Letter of condolence from TKP Central Committee on the train accident in India

6/6/23 11:22 AM
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To the leadership of Communist Party of India,

To the leadership of Communist Party of India (Marxist),

Dear comrades,

We are deeply saddened by the consequences of the terrible train accident in your country. We send our condolences to the families of the victims, to you and to all the people of India. We hope that the injured will be treated as soon as possible and that they will regain their health quickly.

How sad that the chain of negligence, which is a natural consequence of the capitalist system, continues to take the lives of our people all over the world. Yet another train accident, yet another lack of infrastructure investment, cuts in the funds allocated for the maintenance and repair of railways, insufficient number of personnel... As you have pointed out, the political culprits of this accident, which happened blatantly because all the warnings were ignored, are clear.

We extend our sincerest solidarity to all of you, especially your members who are working at the scene of the accident to help the injured, and we share the grief of the people of India.

Communist Party of Türkiye (TKP) 

Central Committee