CP of Türkiye, The attacks on Palestine must stop

7/5/23, 3:03 PM
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The attacks on Palestine must stop



The Israeli army has been carrying out an intensive attack on the Jenin refugee camp in Palestine for some time. At the time of this writing, the death toll in this attack had risen to 12. Dozens were also injured and many Palestinians were forced to flee their homes. The attack was accompanied by construction equipment and many Palestinian homes were demolished.

The Israeli army’s attack was of an intensity not seen for many years; the ground operation was accompanied by air strikes. The Jenin camp was subjected to aerial bombardment.

The attack on Jenin was followed by air strikes on Gaza.

In recent years, Israel has intensified its policy of expanding Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories. It is becoming clear that the reactionary Israeli government, which came to power a while ago, will accelerate this policy and will stage all kinds of attempts to massacre the Palestinian people for this purpose.

Israel’s attacks must be stopped immediately. The oppression of the Palestinians, who have been subjected to Israeli persecution for decades, must end. The Israeli army and Israeli settlers must withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories and the occupation must end.

The Communist Party of Turkey declares its solidarity with the Palestinian people once again on this occasion.


TKP Central Committee