Extraordinary TeleConference of the IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Bangladesh

12/11/21, 11:15 AM
  • Bangladesh, Communist Party of Bangladesh Extraordinary TeleConference of the IMCWP En Asia Communist and workers' parties

To Participants of Extraordinary Teleconference of IMCWP


Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Communist Party of Bangladesh we convey our revolutionary greetings to all Comrades participating this IMCWP virtually. We also would like to thanks the organizers of this meeting.  We are holding this extraordinary meeting when Bangladesh and South Asian region is facing unprecedented assault from US imperialism with its high military ambition engaging its regional allies of India, Australia and Pakistan. Also horrific emergence of fanatic terrorist Taliban in Afghanistan posing threat to spreading religious extremism to neighboring countries.           

In Bangladesh, we are passing a very critical political situation. On the one hand the Islamic fascist fundamentalist forces have intensified their attacks, and on the other the government is curtailing the democratic rights of the people and has become more repressive in its actions. The government has practically destroyed the system of democratic transfer of power. They have caused serious damage to all the democratic institutions i.e. Election Commission, Judiciary, Anti-Corruption Commission etc. Instead of relying upon the people the ruling alliance is governing the country depending on military and civil bureaucracy. Consequently, corruption is skyrocketing and price hike of essentials is unprecedented.    

Government seems to be unable to tackle the situation. It does not seem to be serious enough to effectively crush this evil force. The ruling bourgeois party is short sighted and prioritizes the question of staying in power rather than that of saving the country from the disastrous attack of fundamentalist terrorist forces. It demonstrates the proneness to compromise with or surrender to the ideology of religious fundamentalism for immediate political gain. On the other hand the main bourgeois opposition party is already in an open alliance with the leading religious fundamentalist party of the country.

Both these two major bourgeois parties are pro-imperialist and allow imperialism to plunder our natural resource and encroach on the domestic affairs of the country. Worsening of the economic condition of the working people, inflation and unemployment, very low wages for the industrial workers, lack of trade union rights, corruption and ruthless exploration by the ruling bourgeois coupled with the curtailment of democratic rights, killings without trial, state terrorism and making election a mere farce - all these have created a situation which demands the immediate change of the socio-economic system, the end of plundering-bourgeois rule and return of the country to the fundamental principles of our liberation war, namely Nationalism, Socialism, Democracy and Secularism. The CPB has adopted the tactics to work towards the formation of a viable left democratic alternative which will be capable of replacing the two bourgeois parties who have been alternately in power for the last four decades.

Today, imperialism has not only become more aggressive politically, economically, and militarily, but it has also intensified ideological attack on socialism and Marxism-Leninism. It has also intensified attacks on all the forces of peace, democracy and progress. It is an urgent imperative that the revolutionary working class parties of the world further strengthen their cooperation and unitedly advance the ideological and political battle against imperialism.

By taking the opportunity of this meeting, we have the pleasure to inform you that the 12th Congress of our Party is going to take place on 10-13 February next year (2022) in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. We humbly request you all to express your solidarity to our upcoming congress. 


Long live proletarian internationalism.


In solidarity

Comradely yours

Hasan Tarique Chowdhury

Head of International department and Member of the Central Committee

Communist Party of Bangladesh