Extraordinary TeleConference of the IMCWP, Contribution of CP of India

12/11/21, 11:55 AM
  • India, Communist Party of India Extraordinary TeleConference of the IMCWP En Asia Communist and workers' parties

Speech of Pallab Sengupta, Secretary, National Council, CPI

Dear Comrades,

First of all let me allow on behalf of the Communist Party of India to thanks the Communist Party of Greece and Communist Party of Turkey for organizing the extraordinary teleconference of the International Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties.

The theme of the meeting itself try to explain in which condition our parties are working to address the internal challenges as well as challenges which are linked with imperialist policy of threats, intimidation and in some cases aggressions as well as is the grim economic situation resulting in miseries and gob less growth.

During early months of the year 2020 had seen the arrival of a tiny micro particle that paralyzed the whole world in no time and changing the course of present development. The fear of infection of covid is still haunting even after two years after it's arrival.

The world which is already witnessing recession and economic crisis, a natural character of capitalism is undergoing enhanced crisis because of Corona.  Air travel came to stand still, most of the industries are forced to observe lock down for months, educational institutions got closed but ironically defence industries functioned more or less normally. Most of the economic activities became online. World is forced to depend on virtual reality more and more. The worst affected are poor that constitute around 90 percent of the world. Economic disparities increased enormously In a way it seems the space and scope for poor got started shrinking in post covid world.

The worsening global situation is also telling on the Indian economic scenario. Inflation has remained close to the upper band of India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The appearance of a new virus variant, especially if combined with a relaxation of attitudes, is the major downside risk, together with an uncertain and chaotic global economic and financial environment.

The wrong policies of the government coupled with knee-jerk reactions on public response to government’s erroneous policies, hitting particularly hard the informal sector, where much of the Indian population works, the pandemic reinforced the need for creation of jobs in the formal sector and reforms of health care, protection of vulnerable individuals, households and groups are dragging down the spending and income in the hands of public has got widely reduced.

In the light of the above catastrophic developments, the Left and democratic parties in general and the CPI in particular have unleashed agitation programmes, after all appeals for corrective measures fell on the deaf ears of the ruling right wing, communal, casteist regime. The CPI and its mass organisations, especially of farmers and workers, are staging militant protests against the Indian government’s move to turn the clock back in India’s advancement in all sectors achieved through democratic process, people’s participation and strengthening of state sector services.        

Using this situation and using their majority in Parliament, the rightwing govt of India bringing ant-people legislations. But people are coming together to fight untiedily. Recent period India has witnessed historic farmers movement. For one year they have occupied important streets of Delhi and faced all kinds of atrocities from police. But finally Government has succumbed to them. While people are on the street, the government is trying to take cover in the name of ultra nationalism by showing the threats from China and Pakistan and moving for greater alliance with USA.

The present role of India’s pro US foreign policy is going to impact already volatile situation in Asia-Pacific Region.

In recent developments in Afghanistan, India-Pakistan and India-China border conflicts, assertive China, conflicts in South China Sea, increasing domination and interferences of an outsider foreign power known as USA with the new name and new concept of free and open Indo-Pacific region, establishment of Quad and AUKUS as military block or alliance, growing military activities in Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal and increase of huge military budgets by all countries in this region speaks loudly of the complex situation of this region..

Our Party CPI and other Left and democratic parties are opposing Indian participation in Quad or any other military alliances and doing its best to build a strong movement against the policies of imperialist war and to build Asia-Pacific region a region of peace, stability, democracy, human rights, justice, equality and developments as well as get rid of foreign bases, occupation, terrorism, religious fundamentalism and weapons of mass destructions of all kinds.

Dear Comrades,

Indian people supported and declared their solidarity with Palestine when they were fighting for their own independence against British rule. In the year 1936 Mahatma Gandhi said” Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to English or France belongs to the French”. He was also against the establishment of Jews state in Palestinian land. Even after our independence till 1992 the policy of the Indian government supported just cause of the Palestinian people. But unfortunately in the beginning of the 2000 our policy towards Israel shifted in strategically level. Now We are the number one Purchaser of the Israeli arms.

 Palestine remains one of the most solidarity activities in India. All progressive mass organizations are also part of the solidarity campaign initiated by All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation and other like minded solidarity platforms. In this meeting we can assure our Palestinian friends that our full support and solidarity will continue till their independent home land is achieved. We reiterate our support and solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Palestinians on their just demands; condemn the continuing killing, torture and arrests of Palestinians by Israel; demand recognition of independent sovereign state of Palestine with 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital.

Solidarity with the people of Cuba is also one of the important activities of our Party. Now when US imperialists are more aggressive and want to destroy the achievement of the Cuban revolution, it becomes necessary to redouble our solidarity with the people of Cuba. US plans to destabilize Cuba have miserably failed in Cuba due to the freedom loving people of Cuba. The heroic Cuban people fighting for consolidation of independence, equality, freedom and justice have been making success under the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba which is moving forward for building socialism in its real sense.

Cuban people while facing the inhuman US blockade for such a long time, have achieved and are enjoying the right to education, health, science, culture and sports and leading a dignified life. Their successful achievement to fight against Covid 19 pandemic is remarkable one. Cuba is the only country that has discovered five different vaccines to fight against Covid 19 Pandemic.

We are convinced that they will not allow the subversive actions of the counter revolutionaries and all kinds of machination of US imperialism and will firmly defend the revolution.

We reiterate our support to the Cuban Revolution and the Cuban people who continue to be a beacon of dignity and resistance. We demand lifting of the blockade, and express our solidarity with the brave people of Cuba.

Dear Comrades,

Before I conclude please allow me to declare our firm solidarity with the people of Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other countries who are victims of the US policy of interference, machination, intimidation and threats and also the people of other countries who are fighting for democracy and human rights. We do believe their just struggle will be victorious as the international working class movement is in solidarity with their just cause.

At last we want to inform the fraternal parties that we support the proposed joint action proposed by KKE and CPT with accommodation of different amendments.

Thank you for your attention.