Extraordinary TeleConference of the IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Pakistan

12/11/21, 12:49 PM
  • Pakistan, Communist Party of Pakistan Extraordinary TeleConference of the IMCWP En Asia Communist and workers' parties

Presentation by Dr. Ayaz Khan (Coordinator, International Department of CC of CPP), Representative of the Communist Party of Pakistan at the Teleconference of  of the International Communist and Workers' Parties(IMCWP)


 Dear comrades!

 First of all, I would like to remember and pay tribute to the friends who were physically separated forever from us because of the Covid 19 pandemic, among them were many fellow CPP members and leaders but also the ones who belonged to our fraternal parties.  We are deeply saddened by their demise.  We salute them for their services they rendered to the interests of the working class in their respective countries and to the great idea of a world free of exploitations.  We express our condolences to their families and at the same time we would like to acknowledge  that they were not only an asset to their families but at the same time they were a great asset to our parties and the world communist community.


 Dear comrades!

 Capitalism today is exploiting the world in the form of imperialist aggression.  An example of this existed in the early days of the colonial system, but it is seldom found in the modern colonial period, and especially after the Second World War.

 Covid 19, its origin is still unknown and it is yet to be determined if it is the product of biological laboratory or nature ,whether it was a plan developed to reduce the world's population or spread itself for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies? However, Covid 19 did great damage to the world economy.  Millions and billions of workers and ordinary people lost their wages and incomes and millions of precious lives were lost.  What would be more cruel than that even today, vaccine companies are trying to gain a monopoly on the rest of the world by banning the invention of the Covid 19 vaccine through patent registration under intellectual property rights.  


 Dear comrades!

 Covid 19 economic and social effects  so far and possibly in the future are those whose jobs were affected and suffered losses.but so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange? Because the majority of those who lost their jobs could not find their previous jobs or are still looking for new ones are poor and from the working class. Even in such a situation, such a storm of inflation has been created that meeting the necessities of life has become difficult for billions of the world's population.  In particular, food and consumer prices have risen so much that 40% of the population of a backward country like Pakistan is unable to eat two meals a day and one cup of tea at a time.  In such situation, what strategies should we communists adopt to organize and mobilize our population?  This is an important question today and needs attention.


 Dear comrades!

 In today's world capitalism is rapidly moving towards high tech and automation on the one hand to increase its profits and on the other hand it is disorganizing the organized sectors.  The contracting system, for example, has been in operation for the last thirty years, in which the worker has lost touch with the employer and the management.  They are employed by the contractor and are therefore deprived of rights like Social Security, Old Age Benefits etc.  In addition, within the last twenty years, workers have been given jobs in their homes, especially for garment, grocery and packing sectors the owner is not using a space nor electricity and no social security deductions are made.The payments  in the sale sector is so low that male and female workers are forced to work 14-18 hours a day.  Also one of the fastest growing sectors in the services sector is GIG Economy (GIG) in which the worker works entirely outside the organization.

 Their compensation is associated with their trips. This includes Uber taxis, Food Panda and other services.  There is no time limit for worker work.  There is no entry in social security. This is a more heinous form of exploitation than sales agents  which is spreading fast.  This is especially true during Covid19 era. Organising these workers for their rights and leading them to struggle is a new challenge for us.  We need to think about this and formulate a strategy.


 Dear comrades!

 In Pakistan, a series of changes in the upper echelons of the government and in the military over the last ten years has been taking place due to the conflict of imperialist interests between the US and China.  Pakistani generals have been parasitising US and Western European imperialism since the creation of Pakistan because of their personal and group interests.  For the last ten years, China has also been more active and interested in Pakistan than the rest of the world.  Pakistan is an important neighbor of China.  Therefore, apart from china investment in Pakistan which is known as CPEC China is also keen to intervene in the supreme power due to its strategic importance.  Under these circumstances, in 2018 a government has been formed in Pakistan, which has largely sabotaged Chinese investment in Pakistan.  Because the personal interests of the group of generals leading the Pakistani ruling elite are more important and they are satisfied more from the West.  That is one of the reasons they have imposed the current Imran government on the country.  On the one hand, this government has created difficulties for Chinese investment and OBOR's key project CPEC. On the other hand, Pakistan has been left at the mercy of the IMF.  On the one hand, the IMF has taken over the SBP from the sovereignty of the Pakistani state.  On the other hand, such economic policies have been adopted that the life of the common person  of the country has become unbearable.  It can be well estimated that Pakistan is 73 years old.  In the first 70 years the internal and external debt of Pakistan was 23 thousand billion which the present government has increased to 50 thousand billion in three years.  One dollar has risen from 65 Pakistani rupees to 173 Pakistani rupees.  As a result medicine prices have risen by 400%.  Commodity prices have risen from 100 per cent to 400 per cent, as have prices for petroleum products, food, electricity and transport.  However, there was no increase in the salaries of workers and employees.  In the private sector, unemployment has increased and the salaries dropped from 40-50 USD a month.  Not only Pakistan but many other countries are also victims of the furious strategies of the global capitalist imperialist system.  Facing these conditions becomes a task for the world communist movement.  We must all work together to come up with a common strategy.

 Dear comrades!

 On August 15, 2021, Afghanistan, the power game between the United States and the Taliban seemed to have come to an end.  The Taliban took over the whole country.  Without going into the debate about whether the United States lost in Afghanistan or how much economic loss the United States suffered.  It is an open secret that the cost of the Afghan war was paid by the American people and is estimated to continue to pay for another 25 to 30 years.  But the owners of the US armaments industry, including retired US generals, made trillions of dollars.  For Afghanistan, it is feared that the Taliban government will be only restricted to the big cities.  US proxy terrorist organizations will be in control, especially in the border areas.  The United States will use these organizations to carry out terrorist acts in countries where it wants to carry out insurgency, as it has done in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and in the past in Yugoslavia.  The way Pakistani generals are considering America as their need, There is a danger that the US can also join hands with ISIS against Pakistan. The threats against China are more visible.

 Dear comrades!

 Rising tensions between the United States and China threaten to turn the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and South Asia into a battlefield.  The United States will try to get Pakistan and India to fight the US war against China together, which will be extremely destructive to the people of both countries, especially Pakistan.  The war is catastrophic, but Pakistan's economic situation, poverty and misery will increase further. Our party considers China to be an emerging imperialist country.  Nevertheless, we are against engaging in any proxy war in the region or by Pakistan.  In this regard, we propose the international communist movement to adopt a joint resolution.

  We express our solidarity with Socialist Cuba.  Condemns US economic blockade against them and their aggressive policies towards Cuba.  The Pakistani people whose Cuba helped immensely during the 2005 earthquake.  We cannot forget them helping in that difficult time.  We are grateful to Cuba for providing medical education to Pakistani students.  We have always been and will always be with Cuba.  The CPP suggests that this forum decides to celebrate a solidarity day with Cuba in the whole world at the same time.

 Our party salutes the resistance  of the oppressed people of Palestine against Israel's fascist and aggressive actions.  Our party has always supported and will continue to support the struggle for the rights of the Palestinians.


 Long live Communist International


 Long live Marxism Leninism 

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