Hungarian WP, The Defender Europe 20 Brings Death! Let’s stop it!

3/13/20 8:18 AM
  • Hungary, Hungarian Workers' Party En Europe Communist and workers' parties

The USA banned the European people from entering the United States, because of the coronavirus epidemic but it sends 20 thousand US soldiers to Europe to participate in the Defender Europe 20 multinational exercise.

Italy closes its borders, but Italians also participate in the exercise. It is prohibited to hold meetings and other mass events in most EU countries but almost 40 thousand soldiers can move up and down in Europe as they want.

The Defender Europe 20 can spread the coronavirus to many innocent people. The NATO exercise can brings death to people.

The Hungarian Workers’ Party demands the NATO to cancel the Defender Europe 20. We demand the Hungarian government to ban the participation of Hungarian militaries in this exercise and to stop further contacts with the organisers of the exercise.

Hungarian Workers’ Party