Iraqi CP, Stop the Israeli barbaric massacres in Palestine

11/20/23, 12:02 PM
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 Iraqi Communist Party:

Stop the Israeli barbaric massacres in Palestine


18 November 2023

The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party has issued the following statement after the new horrific massacre committed by the Israeli occupation army today, bombing Al-Fakhoora School, in Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza:

The brutal aggression of the Israeli army has continued since the 7th of October, killing thousands of Palestinians, including children and the elderly, men and women, in Gaza and in the cities of the West Bank. Today, the Zionist forces of aggression have committed another massacre by bombing Al-Fakhoora School, run by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), resulting in a death toll of more than 200 people according to Palestinian media sources.  These massacres are taking place while Washington and its Western allies are colluding with Israel, preventing a decision to bring about an immediate ceasefire.

It has now become clear, as the official spokesman for UNRWA said, that the bombing of Al-Fakhoora School sends out a message that there is no safe place in Gaza, and that hospitals and even schools are not safe from this barbarism.

These massacres are a stain of disgrace on the faces of those who continue to commit them, support them, and remain silent about them. The blood of the innocent victims will remain damning evidence of the barbarism of the Zionist occupation forces, and of the shameful complicity on the part of Western countries, especially the United States, Britain, Germany, France, and others.

These barbaric crimes must stop immediately and unconditionally, and the Arab and Islamic stance must be activated in the form of concrete measures, to put pressure to stop this dirty war against the Palestinian people.

These measures must also include that the Arab countries that “normalized” their relations with Israel declare the expulsion of Israeli ambassadors and sever relations with it. The Arab and Islamic countries in general must immediately begin using all economic, political and other means they have to save the people of Palestine from this genocidal war which has surpassed what the Nazis and fascists did. The United Nations and the Security Council are obligated to stop this genocide.

The peoples of Arab and Islamic countries and the entire world, and all parties, organisations and institutions of all orientations, are required today more than ever before to escalate protest activities, sit-ins and other means of pressure, to force governments to stop arming the fascist Israeli government, to cut off aid to it and stop providing it with material and media support. Sanctions and boycotting must be imposed, forcing the Israeli occupation state to stop the massacres immediately, and referring its leaders to the International Criminal Court as war criminals. They are also required to provide support and assistance to the Palestinian people, save them from this heinous Zionist plan, and impose a political solution leading to the establishment of the independent national state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

Political Bureau

Iraqi Communist Party