NCP of Yugoslavia, A call for solidarity with the Serbian people in Kosovo

6/1/23 12:04 PM
  • Serbia, New Communist Party of Yugoslavia En Europe Communist and workers' parties

Dear comrades, 

The New Communist Party of Yugoslavia calls on all communist and anti-imperialist organizations to show solidarity with the Serbian people in Kosovo, which are experiencing violence by its police forces, as well as the NATO occupation forces in the region. 

The clashes in the north of the province started on Friday when the government of the so-called "Republic of Kosovo" tried to take over town halls of the three municipalities with the Serbian majority population. The new mayors of the towns in the north were elected in illegitimate elections, boycotted by the Serbian community. The Serbian people, gathered to defend their town halls from the pro-imperialist Kosovo authorities, were met with severe violence. The strongest conflicts happened on Monday when the local police were aided by KFOR - the official NATO forces responsible for the occupation of the province. Over 50 people were injured on both sides. 

The occupation of Kosovo and Metohija, as well as the recent violence, are the fault of the USA and its NATO allies. Therefore, we call on you to show international support for the people of occupied Kosovo by organizing demonstrations against violence, occupation, and the so-called "independence" of Kosovo. Since the Kosovo prime minister visited the US embassy right before the violence began, it is clear that he got permission from its imperialist masters. Therefore, the preferred locations for the protests are, if possible, the US embassies in your country. 

The New communist party of Yugoslavia thanks all organizations who are expressing solidarity with the Serbian people of Kosovo, the victims of US imperialism. At this moment, it is of utmost importance to show international solidarity and the anti-imperialist struggle. 

Please inform us about your actions. The pictures and videos of the protest are also desirable.


Comradely greetings from Belgrade!