Palestinian PP, Call for solidarity

12/17/18 1:06 PM
  • Palestine, Palestinian Peoples' Party En Asia Communist and workers' parties

To the communist and workers parties  

Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people is escalating,

 The Israeli occupation army raided Palestinian cities and villages “ especially Ramallah”  on a daily basis and carried out field executions against the Palestinians  with various pretexts.

The herds of settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories  “ who are illegal according to the international law “ are stepping up their attacks against Palestinian citizens and their properties

The siege of the Gaza Strip continues for the twelfth year with killing of young unarmed Palestinian protesters by Israeli army.

All these practices are carried out by the government of the extreme right in Israel, supported by the imperialist world powers, especially the Trump administration in the United States. 

The Palestinian People's Party calls upon the communist and workers parties to express solidarity with our people in all possible ways and to condemn the Israeli aggression and to form a public opinion to stop the aggression against the Palestinian people and  to end   the occupation and establishment of the independent Palestinian state within the borders of 4 June 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital and implementing the  UN resolutions related to the Palestinian problem  and solving the issue of  refugees in accordance with UN resolution 194.


PPP, Ramallah   December 14th  2018