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Esteemed Comrades,


The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) salutes the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution which is being celebrated today, and sends warmest comradely greetings to the Partido Comunista de Cuba (PCC), the government of the Republic of Cuba, and the revolutionary people of Cuba.


The victory of the Cuban Revolution over the US-Batista dictatorship in 1959, and the subsequent construction of socialism in Cuba, are of great historical significance, and are important examples for all the peoples who are struggling to free themselves from imperialist bondage and capitalist barbarism.


Cuba’s example of socialist development --- the consolidation of working class power, the socialization of the means of production, the great sacrifices to defeat imperialist attempts at intervention and interference, and the self-reliant attainment of great scientific and socio-cultural advances for the benefit of the people --- is another important confirmation that the socialist system is the only alternative to the capitalist system of crises and barbarism, that socialism remains as the salvation and future for humanity.


We salute the strong unity of the Cuban people, under the leadership of the PCC, in confronting the criminal blockade and subversive activities of imperialism throughout the past 60 years of the Revolution. We particularly salute revolutionary Cuba’s selfless display of solidarity with many peoples in need, its past assistance for the anti-colonial struggles in northern and central Africa, its internationalist contribution towards ending the abominable system of apartheid in southern Africa, and its continued assistance even today in affording health and educational services to many peoples in developing countries.


Cuba’s staunch defense of its independence and sovereignty, and of its right to self-determination, will continue to inspire our Party in the struggle against imperialism, and for peace, national freedom, people's democracy and socialism. The Cuban Revolution, a great milestone in the history of the 20th century, will always serve during the present century as one of the greatest examples of the vitality of Marxism-Leninism, of the importance of proletarian internationalism, and of the great contribution of the communist movement in forging human progress.


On this occasion, we reaffirm our commitment to constantly promote awareness of the truth about Cuba, and to continue working for the widening and strengthening of the solidarity movement with Cuba in our country. The PKP-1930 will continue to stand in solidarity with the Cuban revolution in the struggle to frustrate and defeat every imperialist attempt at intervention and interference ; in the struggle against the criminal US blockade ; and in the struggle for the return of the Guantanamo naval base to Cuban sovereignty and territorial integrity.


Finally, we wish every success and more progress and prosperity for Cuba, and the best of health to PCC First Secretary Raul Castro Ruz, President Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez, and to all the office-bearers of the PCC and the government of the Republic of Cuba, as well as to the entire revolutionary people of Cuba.


With communist greetings,




General Secretary


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