South African CP, SACP condemns US military attack in Syria

2/7/22 4:28 PM
  • South Africa, South African Communist Party En Africa Communist and workers' parties

The South African Communist Party (SACP) condemns the military attack by the USA in the Atma area of Syria on Thursday, February 3 in the strongest terms.

The United States launched an attack through its so-called special forces in Syria, killing 13 people, six children and three women included. It called this a successful counterterrorism operation, yet none of them were associated with terrorist activities.

The SACP conveys its message of solidarity to the affected families of innocent people and the Syrian people. We strongly condemn the imperialist actions of the United States and its human rights violations in other countries.

The USA occupies northern Syria illegally and has destabilised and caused massive destruction in Syria since it occupied it. In addition to its military aggression, and daily theft of oil, the USA has imposed coercive measures against the people of Syria, resulting in a significant deterioration in their quality of life.

The United States must stop its imperialist occupation, theft and violation of Syrian rights with immediate effect. It must respect the territorial integrity of Syria and the fundamental right of Syrian people to self-determination.

The SACP calls for the withdrawal of all USA troops from Syria and for the lifting of its illegal sanctions with immediate effect.