Sudanese CP, Millions defy military curfew and occupy square in front of army HQ

4/12/19 5:47 PM
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12 April 2019

-          Millions of Sudanese people have defied the military curfew and occupied the square in front of the army headquarters.

-          the Forces for Freedom and Change defy the “military transitional council” and demand immediate handover of power to the representatives of the people.

-          Albashir is gone, but the regime stays.

-          What happened during the 11th of April was a classical palace coup.

-          The people are chanting everywhere: The Revolution Continues until Final Victory.

-          Comrades Alkhateeb (the Political Secretary of the Sudanese CP) and Masoud (member of its Central Committee) are free. Both have visited the party headquarters where they received a standing ovation under the slogan: Freedom, Peace, Justice; Revolution is the People’s Choice!

-          Despite the success of the revolution in removing Albashir, who enjoyed the outside support of the Troika, the EU, the US, Canada and local reactionary governments such as Qatar, Egypt and Turkey, and the release of all political detainees,

-          the temporary setback will be dealt with the increased unity and the determination of the masses to roll-back and defeat the present military transitional council.

-          Staging the military coup was a carbon copy of what had happened in Egypt to abort the January 2011 revolution. The Sudanese Communist Party and all the opposition forces are adamant in their resolve to continue the fight until the establishment of a civil government that represent the masses  and implement the democratic alternative programme accepted by all the forces, including the Forces of National Consensus, the Sudan Call, the Professionals Alliance and the armed groups.