Sudanese CP, Urgent Appeal to Fraternal Parties from the Sudanese Communist Party

12/21/18 11:09 AM
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20 December 2018

Dear Comrades,

In the face of the continued attempts by the dictatorial regime to introduce and impose its bankrupt economic policies, based on the IMF instructions, the people of the Sudan took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations demanding an end to the present policies and repeal of all the recent measures. Thousands of workers, students professionals, civil servants, women and young people demonstrated for the third day running in the major cities across the country.

Already hundreds of peaceful demonstrators have been detained. Among them young pupils aged 13 years old.

The Political Bureau of the Sudanese Communist Party has issued a statement last Saturday, the 15th of December, urging the masses to demonstrate against the policies of the regime which have devastated the country. Pointing out that the only solution to the present crisis engulfing the country is to overthrow the regime, dismantle it, liquidate its remnants and introduce the people’s democratic alternative that paves the way for the completion of the tasks of the national democratic revolution. It is expected that the coming period will witness an intensification of the mass actions. It is planned to organize a march by the professional democratic forces on 25th December, to be followed by a major mass meeting in January 2019. 

The SCP calls on all fraternal parties to express their support to and solidarity with the struggle of our people for democracy, social justice and peace.

Fathi Alfadl

Political Bureau

Sudanese Communist Party