WP of Ireland, Workers Party of Ireland addresses Public Rally on the situation in Sudan

6/21/23 2:33 PM
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Workers Party of Ireland addresses Public Rally on the situation in Sudan


The conflict in Sudan between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces continues to escalate. The Workers Party of Ireland addressed a public rally in Belfast organised by the Sudanese community in Northern Ireland and the WPI expressed its solidarity with and support for the working class, the people of Sudan and our comrades in the Sudanese Communist Party in a situation where the people of Sudan are experiencing another intra-bourgeois armed conflict between competing bourgeois forces and armed groups backed by various foreign powers.

Comrade Gerry Grainger, International Secretary of the WPI, stated to the rally: “This conflict is not only about military power but also about the control of Sudan’s resources and mineral wealth. There is an increasing death toll and many people have been displaced and essential infrastructure has been destroyed.” The bloody developments in Sudan have also had a significant adverse impact on the situation in South Sudan.

Sudan is suffering the continuation and escalation of a senseless and bloody war which is part of the wider conflict in the region involving the various competing imperialist and monopoly interests. 25 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The operations of storming residential homes and terrorizing their occupants by armed groups, as well as the use of public facilities such as hospitals as headquarters for their presence, constitute flagrant violations of the rights of defenceless citizens and of international law. These are barbaric and cowardly acts.

The WPI condemns the repeated attacks on the democratic movement and all the forces rejecting and opposing the war, including the Resistance Committees, trade unions, and political and progressive forces.

The WPI also highlights and condemns the recent attack on the SCP and the occupation of its headquarters in Khartoum by armed military groups belonging to the Rapid Support Forces which stormed the building and carried out extensive acts of vandalism, damage, and looting of all the contents.

The WPI supports the calls for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire, the dissolution of militias, the departure of armies and militias from the cities and villages and the unity of the working people of Sudan.

We reiterate our solidarity and support to the Sudanese Communist Party and the democratic forces in the struggle for the end to the war and the prosecution of those responsible.

The WPI stands in solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people for the conquest of their economic, social and democratic rights and for the creation of conditions to enable the Sudanese people to determine their own future.


International Section

Workers Party of Ireland

June 2023