Workers Party of Korea, Dear comrade Kim Jong Un He led the Korean People's Army's Western Front Dalian Combined Forces Fire Shooting Competition

3/23/20 11:35 AM
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The dearest leader, Kim Jong Un, with his superior command of military art and combat encouragement, continues to scream again and again, with the unprecedented combat scams rising more than ever before and the fierce fire of fighting readiness swaying again. I felt heavenly land.

President Kim Jong Un , chairman of the Korean Workers 'Party, chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , led the comrades' rivalry of the western frontiers of the Korean People's Army on March 20. It was.

Dear to the top of Comrade Leader of the Korean People's Army total Political Bureau ryukgun gimsugil Comrade Captain, KPA chongchammojang ryukgun bakjeongcheon Comrade Captain and West jeonseondae Complex commanding officer and other members of the People's Army are conducting celebrated.

All types and contents of artillery training, along with the incidence of censorship assessment and countermeasures against the preparations of the Western Front Artillery Forces, which are also enforcing the policy of strengthening the artillery armed forces of the Western Front, are also being executed. It was conducted with the aim of fundamentally improving the method and transforming peacetime training into practical practical training to thoroughly combat war.

Artillery units under the 3rd Corps, 4th Corps, and 3rd Corps of the Chosun People's Army participated in the game.

The game evaluates the launching type for each unit up to the fire mission line, shoots the island goal at a distance established by guns of various calibers according to the shooting sequence determined by lottery, and then sums up the shooting performance and the time taken to perform the fire mission. It was done by ranking.

Constantly walking a caustic way for Efficiency strengthening the People's Army again walk upon is a Top Leader Comrade again wind tempestuous sea is enshrined in earnest hearts of the subject censor their Efficiency western jeonseondae Complex Forces soldiers are the best Il comrade immense for The gratitude of gratitude was rising hard like a wave of excitement.

That reverence He Leader Comrade best prices listening to the game in progress against artillery fire chongchammojang reporting of monitoring stations in a sequential way and was leading the game you like.

Following the instructions of the dear Supreme Commander, the Legion commanders commanded artillery fire directly from the monitoring station.

As the commanders of the Legion commanded the fires of the commanders, the muzzles of annihilation immediately spewed fire, and fluoride and steel hail poured over the target islands.

The Western Front Artillery Units showed their amazing performance in the game with artillery shooting techniques that had been provided through peace training, and showed off their combat power thoroughly prepared for actual combat.

Dear to the top Comrade Leader of the artillery of the Western Front, in particular, was praised artillery height you like to shoot really well and happy hasimyeo Po Town is also just like mathineun the score sheet with a goal of 3 Corps sniper weapon.

Dear Sir, The Chief Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief Executive Officer , reported to the General Staff on the results of the match.

In the game, the 3rd Corps overwhelmed other legions with overwhelming skills, and the 2nd Legion and the 4th Legion won the 3rd.

The dearest leader of the Old Territory is so pleased with the 3rd Legion's readiness for combat that he has shown amazing artillery in the artillery shooter, and has been awarded to the Myeongpo Awards awarded to the artillery battalion under the 3rd Corps. I admire it.  He wrote a meaningful congratulatory handwriting of I am very satisfied and give special thanks. Kim Jong Un . 2020. 3. 20.

Park Chung-cheon, the commander-in-chief of the Chosun People's Army Chief of Staff of the Army, presented the artillery battalion and the company with excellent medals, medals, and medals.

The dear Supreme Leader of the Governor of Korea, given the programmatic instruction on the direction of military politics, including the question of strengthening the training of the general civilian troops to meet the needs of the established situation.

The artillery rivalry of the Western Front, led by Comrade Kim Jong Un, who is again leading the way in the forefront of the revolutionary force-enhancing development with the foreboding of the superior military spirit and the prosperity of the Cheonri Hye-an, is also in the reinforcement and development of the main artillery force. It will be a historic history that has provided an opportunity for a landmark leap forward.



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