18 IMCWP, Contribution of Iraqi CP [En]

10/28/16 10:46 AM
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Contribution of Iraqi CP [En]

Dear Comrades,

I convey to you the wholehearted greetings of Iraqi Communists, and their best wishes for the success of the 18th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, so as to contribute to developing the role of our movement in building a global front against neo-liberal globalisation and imperialism, for peace, democracy, social progress and socialism.

We express our thanks to the fraternal Communist Party of Vietnam for hosting this International Meeting, which will also provide an opportunity for strengthening the relations between Communist and Workers’ parties, exchanging views and analyses, determining the tasks facing our movement, and developing initiatives for joint action.

We also seize this opportunity to express, from this international forum, our gratitude for the international solidarity extended to our Iraqi people, democratic forces and Communist Party in the ongoing struggle against sectarian politics and anti-democratic policies, to defeat terrorism, reactionary forces and external interference undermining national unity, and to build an independent and unified democratic and federal Iraq.

On this occasion, we thank all fraternal parties that sent messages of solidarity with the Iraqi people and our party, strongly condemning the barbaric bombing carried out by terrorist Daesh (the so-called ISIS) in the Karradah district in Baghdad on 3rd July 2016, in which 300 innocent civilians, mostly youths, were killed, including 4 young party members and several of its supporters.

Dear Comrades,

Our International Meeting is taking place in a world climate that is still suffering the consequences of the deep crisis of globalized capitalism, and the vicious onslaught by the ruling classes, posing enormous challenges to the working class and peoples all over the world. This situation has fuelled tensions and contributed to increased aggressive tendencies of imperialist states; instigating conflicts and wars in many areas around the world, including the Middle East. It has produced a fertile ground for the growth of extremist right-wing, fascist and ultra-reactionary terrorist movements, gravely threatening world peace.

The united action of progressive forces on the international level will contribute to the fight against fascism, racism, neo-liberalism, capitalist exploitation and imperialist schemes, as well as promoting socialist ideas and goals. This is closely interconnected with strengthening international solidarity against the warmongering policies of imperialism, and the need to provide genuine support for the ongoing struggles all over the world for peace, freedom, democracy and social progress.

Dear Comrades,

The Middle region and its countries are going through difficult and complex conditions, while extremist reactionary and terrorist forces intensify their onslaught, serving imperialist schemes and anti-people agendas. This grave threat must be combated on all levels, employing broader options; political, economic, social, cultural and media, and not to be confined to violent means.

Communist, Left and democratic parties should contribute in an effective way to this crucial battle, because a triumphant outcome will open up better prospects for our peoples and their development and prosperity.

The battle raging on this front actually goes hand in hand with all the political and mass struggles against undemocratic and dictatorial regimes, aimed at establishing truly democratic regimes in the region that would guarantee freedom and progress. This is a fundamental condition for mobilising the peoples’ potential to confront imperialism’s schemes of hegemony, destabilization and fragmentation aimed at restructuring the Middle East to serve its interests.

The continuation of senseless wars and conflicts in several countries in the region inflicts enormous losses on their peoples’ peaceful and normal life, and causes grave human and material losses, squandering what the peoples had built in their long march. It is time that these destructive wars are ended, resorting to sensible and peaceful solutions that halt the destruction and bloodletting. This is what should take place immediately in Syria, Yemen and Libya, in order to allow the peoples of these countries to choose systems of government in accordance with their own free will, away from violence, terrorism, and suppression of freedoms. We express our full support and solidarity with the Syrian people for ending the war, confronting terrorism, rejecting external interference in their internal affairs, restoring security and stability and opening up the path of democratic change.

Seven decades have also clearly pointed out that it is difficult to ensure security and stability in the region without fulfilling the rights of the Palestinian people, ending the historic injustice they have suffered and enabling them to establish their own independent national state in their homeland.

Confronting imperialist schemes of hegemony and control, defeating terrorism and achieving the aspirations of the peoples of the Middle East for freedom, democracy and social justice, require further developing exchanges, coordination and cooperation among various patriotic, democratic, Left and communist parties. This is indispensable for standing up to the challenges, changing the balance of forces, undertaking radical changes that serve the interests of their peoples, and opening up the path of desired democratic change with a socialist horizon.

Dear Comrades,

Ten days ago, the Iraqi armed forces began the battle for liberating the province of Ninevah and the city of Mosul from terrorist Daesh. As this battle continues, Iraq is facing enormous challenges. It has also provided a unique opportunity for national unity and solidarity against terrorism, cutting across sectarian and ethnic divisions. Our party has called for giving this patriotic and national battle top priority. All the efforts must focus on defeating Daesh and restoring normal life to liberated areas, ensuring respect for human rights and rejecting any attempt to divert attention from this task. The lessons drawn from the fight against Daesh have clearly shown that a military victory does not mean a final defeat over terrorism. This requires a host of measures on security, social, economic and cultural levels, in addition to combating corruption and achieving societal reconciliation. Only this would ensure drying up the sources of terrorism and prevents the recurrence of Daesh under new titles and forms.

Furthermore, all regional and international powers must respect Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and refrain from interfering in its internal affairs. Any assistance and support in the battle against Daesh and terrorism must be provided through the Iraqi government. It is therefore totally unacceptable that Iraq’s current difficult circumstances are exploited to impose certain agendas and plans that are against the country’s interests, people and unity. Accordingly, Turkey’s continuing refusal to end its military incursion into Iraq and to withdraw its forces, as well as the recent statements of its leaders hinting at further intervention, have been strongly condemned. They constitute a blatant interference in the affairs of our country and a violation of good-neighbourly relations.

Dear Comrades

The Iraqi Communist Party, which is preparing to hold its 10th National Congress soon, is an active participant in the ongoing mass protest movement, that has been continuing every Friday for the past 15 months, since 31st July 2015, in Baghdad and other provinces against corruption and sectarian politics. This popular protest movement is a vital force in the struggle against the sectarian-ethnic quota system and sectarian politics, and to build a democratic civil state and social justice in a free unified federal democratic Iraq.

Several attempts by the authorities in recent months to intimidate, sabotage and suppress the protest movement, including the use of live ammunition, the killing of peaceful protesters, detentions and “disappearance” of a number of civil activists, the protest movement has adhered to its the peaceful and civilized character. It has not been deflected from its main demands against corruption and sectarian politics. The protest movement has shaken the foundations of the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system that was installed by the U.S. occupation authorities after the war in 2003. But putting an end to this system is a big challenge. The very limited reforms introduced by the Iraqi prime minister have not even touched the essence of the deep political crisis engulfing the country. Our party firmly believes that the legitimate demands of the people for real political reform and change can only be achieved through developing and intensifying popular pressure, in order to bring about a change in the balance of forces to achieve the civil democratic alternative.

In this difficult struggle and current complex conditions, we look forward to wider support and international solidarity with the Iraqi people and their democratic forces, including our Communist Party, in the fight to defeat terrorism and sectarianism, achieve societal reconciliation and national unity, and build a civil democratic state based on social justice.

Dear Comrades,

Once again, we thank our Vietnamese comrades for hosting this International Meeting and for their efforts to ensure its success. The Iraqi Communist Party reaffirms its determination to continue its efforts to strengthen internationalist ties and relations with fraternal Communist and Workers’ parties, and with all peace loving, progressive and democratic movements in the world, in the joint struggle for freedom, democracy, social progress, and socialism.

Long live International Solidarity!