14 IMCWP, Contribution of Hungarian CWP [En.]

11/25/12 1:00 PM
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Contribution by comrade Gyula Thürmer,
President of the Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party
(Beirut, 22-25 November 2012.)

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party I would like to express our solidarity with the Lebanese Communist Party.

It was not an easy decision to come to Beirut but we did come to tell all of you: we are on the side of the Arab people. We condemn the US supported Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. Their cause is right and they should win!
We support Syria. Solidarity with Syria means not only to have meetings. It means a difficult fight at home. It means that we should fight against our own governments because they are those who plan the NATO- and EU-aggression against Syria. If Syria loses, all of us lose. If Syria wins, we will be stronger.

Dear Comrades,
In Hungary the crisis of capitalism has serious consequences. From 10 million Hungarians only 1 million can say that they live well. The other 9 million people live worse. Among them there are 1 million unemployed, 3-4 million living under the level of poverty. High inflation, high unemployment, the bank credits which people cannot pay are overhanging working masses like the sword of Damocles.

The crisis has been changing the behavior of the working classes and their attitude towards our party. Communist alternative is becoming for many of them a possible alternative.

Our moral authority, the public respect to us, communists is rising. There is not an earthquake movement towards us yet but if things are going to be worse and they are going to be, our influence can rise rapidly.

It is no wonder that our enemies use all possible methods to undermine the strengthening of communist forces. In Hungary a lot of organizations come to life with pompous names, like “Solidarity”, “Fatherland and Progress”, “Together-2014” etc. They call “revolution” the simple replacing of one bourgeois government with another bourgeois government and they turn away the attention of the people from class struggle.
If we want to push forward the cause of socialist revolution, we should unveil the lies of opportunists. We should smash them politically and ideologically. If we cannot do it, they will disarm the working masses and we should postpone revolution again and again. That’s why fighting against modern revisionism and opportunism is task Number One.

Capitalist forces use against us rightwing-extremist forces. A lot of people support them because they say what people want to hear: the Jews and Gypsies are responsible for our troubles. We should explain to the people that the extreme right is very radical on the surface but they do not want to change capitalism and they cannot solve the problems of the people.
The only solution is what we propose: socialism. Nowadays our actual aim is to limit the political and economic power of capital. It is not socialism yet, but it is a necessary stage for the working people to get concrete experiences in class struggle.

We cannot limit the power of the capital alone. We should and we can do it with other forces hurt by capitalism. That’s why we declared our intention to build up an Alliance of Workers’ and other working people suffering from capitalism. We are far from being satisfied but we have started it.

Now we see in practice how we can influence the mass movements and civil organisations. Our comrades are disciplined. If they say we will come to a meeting, they will come. We have experience in organising political events. And first of all: we know clearly what we want.
We are absolutely convinced that the idea of the Alliance of Workers’ and other working people will success only if we have a strong communist party with clear Marxist-Leninist ideology, organisation and discipline. The party should be preparing for both work in mass movements and for combat on the streets.


Something is changing in Europe. Communist parties in Russia, Ukraine, and in the Czech Republic improved their positions in the national parliaments. Belgian communists achieved great successes on the local elections. Greek communist along with Portugal comrades demonstrate good examples of class struggle.

The development of China, the political line adopted on the 18 th congress of the Communist Party of China, independently from what really goes on in China, and independently from their desire, will raise the interest of people to socialism.
Capitalist forces are seriously concerned about the strengthening of communist forces. They understand that only we, only the communists can show the real way out from crisis. They can speak with us, they can even cooperate with us. But we must not forget: we are for them the Enemy Number One.
We are concerned that the new administration of the United States will try to regain its lost positions. They will continue the so-called democratic transition in Eastern Europe, in Belarus, Ukraine, and Serbia.

The European capital cannot solve its crisis. The EU seems to be arrived at the end of its political possibilities. A war in Europe would be a disaster but capitalism will risk it if it does not see other chances.

It will raise the tension in the world and bring the world into new wars. We should explain it to our people and be in the first rows of forces fighting against the US, NATO and against war.


We should strengthen the process of International Meetings of Communist and Workers' parties. It is not perfect yet but it gives much to all of us.

We should demonstrate internationalist solidarity with each other. Our movement should not be divided into big parties and small parties, parliamentary parties and non-parliamentary parties. If we go this way, we can lose everything.

We are communists. We want to overthrow capitalism. This is the only thing which can give us hope now. This is the only thing which can lead us to victory tomorrow.