15 IMCWP, Contribution of Socialist Alliance Party, Romania [En.]

11/27/13 1:09 PM
  • Romania, Romanian Socialist Party IMCWP En

Dear Comrades

It is a great pleasure to send you greetings from the Romanian Communists, members of the Socialist Alliance Party. It is a honor and a privilege for me to participate to this meeting of the communists. My gratitude goes also for the organizers of this ambitious conference.
We all agree that capitalism is in deep crisis and its long agony exacerbates the suffering of the world working peoples. This explains the propaganda efforts of the international capitalists to demonize the communist movement and also explains the unprecedented attacks against life and health conditions of the working people.

Following the coup in December 1989 capitalism installed in Romania as well. Alienation and destruction policies made by Romanian governments had the unconditional support of Western capitalists. Our industry, our agriculture, research, education and health were made ashes and dust. Unemployment, poverty, illiteracy – which were eradicated by the socialist system – came again.

The mortality and morbidity and illiteracy are the only indicators which increased.

Capitalist Romania is treated as a banana state: some multinational companies come for our gold and shale gas after others that have stolen our oil, gas, mining, forests and millions of acres of arable land. Defense reaction of the society does exist, but without a clear ideological base it is weak. There exist demonstrations every Sunday against Chevron (shale gas) and against RMGC (an obscure company which wants our gold).

It remains a challenge to future historians explain the irresponsible behavior of the 400 million people in the former socialist countries. How could you willingly give up official security provided by former socialist regimes to jump blindly into what was said to be capitalist paradise - but which turned out to be hell on earth?

Yes, comrades, former socialist models were flawed, we have to accept that.

But they were able to ensure full employment of labor and, what is more important, they could be improved, not destroyed. I doubt that the capitalist societies can be improved without replacing them with socialist ones, because their basis is the private property and exploitation of man.

The so-called rule of law which replaced the socialist democracies proved to be really just a defense mechanism of capital and a device of robbery committed against the peoples.

In the last 24 years in Romania a real terror (so far only ideological) against the Communists has been used. For all the faults and crimes of nowadays capitalism the communist are to be blamed. And the communists have not the right to defend themselves. The hot heads which want a trial of the communism want to do that only with prosecutors!

The official mass media – paid by money from the budget – spread continuously anti-communist propaganda. A pseudoscientific center (paid also from public money) is called IICMER – the Romanian Institute for the Study of Communist Crimes. In spite of this propaganda, according even with IICMER more than 50% from Romanians agree that the socialist society was better that the present one!

How can the rulers speak about democracy if one has no the right to alternative? Even from a capitalist point of view, there is no reason to forbid a communist party which wants to obey bourgeois democratic rules.

Yes, we know that intellectual anti-communist terror is practiced in all other former socialist countries.

We know this. However, to our knowledge Romania is the only EU country where the Communist Party is banned by law. It is not the first time: between 1924 and 1944 the communist were banned, too.

It is true that there are some EU countries banning communist symbols (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) but not communist parties.

In Romania there have been 10 attempts to register a communist party, all forbidden. The last but one – the 9th - was the most serious and unjustified : in 2010 my party , the Socialist Alliance Party congress has decided to change the name of the Socialist Alliance Party into Romanian Communist Party . Congress decision was invalidated by the court absolutely unmotivated. The three judges said that in 1989 there was an anti-communist revolution and that a no party is allowed to wear the infamous name. Notice that the infamous law used against us was issued by three members of the old RCP!

We made a complaint to the ECHR, but so far we have not received any response.

What did the judges reject?

In its program PAS-PCR accepts the rules of the bourgeois political game. It accepts to enter a flawed electoral dispute, knowing that the favorite parties are the parties supported by the big capital hence by mass media. If in the other ex-socialist countries from Europe we have a disguised capitalist dictatorship, in Romania we see an overt and shameless one. If they forbid a legal communist party, they think that they can forbid the theoretical alternative to capitalism.

Socialist Alliance Party advocates multiparty system, specifying that all parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties enjoy equal treatment on the Romanian political scene, not as it is today when the bourgeois parliamentary parties promote discriminatory policies which deny the voters the right to choose ideologically.

The values ​​PAS - PCR is defending are: the socialist model of sustainable development, national interest, freedom, equality, solidarity, human emancipation, social justice, conservation of nature and peace. We want a society in which people conduct their affairs democratically and equitably. We want a society without exploiters and exploited.


Never the call from The Communist Manifesto "Proletarians of all countries, unite" was more actual than nowadays. Capitalism aggress the planet at an international level due to capitalist globalization. Our response should also at an international level.

We appeal at international communist solidarity. We suggest that at the end of the conference a motion condemning expressly states that persecute communists, such as in Romania be issued. We also suggest to send also a memory to the European Parliament and to organizations which defend the human rights.


Supporting us, you support yourself and you help the leftist movement in Europe to escape out of defeatism it has practiced in Europe in the last 20 years. There exists a great potential to revive the socialist movement in Romania and in the Eastern Europe. And there are signs that the offensive of capitalism will be not only against communists, but against all the radical leftist movement.


We, the Communists have lost many battles. But we have not lost the war. You only lose when you surrender. And we do not have this intention! We do not surrender! Because the alternative is socialism or barbarism!

As long as we still exist, the idea of ​​communist society without exploiters and exploited is not going away!

We fight for our freedom and yours!

Long live international solidarity of those who earn their living by honest work!

Long live socialism!

Proletarians all over the world , unite!