13 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Norway [En.]

12/11/11 7:00 AM
  • Norway, Communist Party of Norway IMCWP En
13th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties
Athens, December 9-11, 2011
The international situation and the experience of the communists 20 years after the counterrevolution in the USSR. The tasks for the development of the class struggle in conditions of capitalist crisis, imperialist wars, of the current popular struggles and uprisings, for working class-popular rights, the strengthening of proletarian internationalism and the anti-imperialist front, for the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of socialism.
Contribution of CP of Norway
Intervention by chairman Svend Haakon Jacobsen
Many thanks to KKE the Communist Party of Greece for hosting this 13 th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties once again back in Athens, Europe, In the midst of a hard class fight with KKE and PAME in the leading role for orienting the struggle for the blocking of the anti-people measures, so that the plutocracy pays for the crisis.
Twenty years after the counterrevolution in the Soviet Union the plutocracy, big capital, and the bourgeois and socialdemocratic politicians show their true intensions.In the midst of capitalisms overproduction crises, they are using every opportunity for privatization of state and community services, laying off and leaving the service staffs unemployed , lowering wages and pensions, leaving the workers with unsecure part time jobs, unfavorable shifts and working hours. Trade union tariffs and workers rights are undermined, and attacks are launched on the trade unions, and theirmembershipsare dropping. In the situation of the crisis it seems every attack on the workers wages and the peoples social welfare is excused to reduce cost and increase profits for monopoly capital.
EU was created by monopoly capital, and for monopoly capital. EU serves the monopolies, as does the IMF, the World Bank etc. These institutions are created to serve monopoly capital, as NATO serves as the military tool of imperialism, where all the western imperialist and former colonialist powers are members under the leadership of the strongest military power USA. These institutions are created to serve monopoly capital and imperialism, and cannot be corrected from within.
The only positive prospect for the working people is the disengagement of the countries from the EU, with the establishment of peoples power that will lead to the socialization of the basic means of production, to the central planning and the workers control. Only this power can relieve the people from the immense public debt for which it bears no responsibility. Communist Party of Norway support Solidarity Resolution of the 13 th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties with the struggles of the working class in Greece, proposed by the KKE.
USA still is the largest economy, with a large consumer market, but with a stagnating economy. The unemployment rate is increasing every month, workers receive lower salaries, and from 2010/2011 they had to start to pay down on their mortgages. In all this means sinking demands, lower production and investments.
USA is losing ground to the rapidly growing economies in Asia, Latin-America and Africa. But USA still has the worlds strongest military machine, is a huge weapon producer, has military bases around Russia, in the Mediterranean, in Columbia, in North Africa and in many other regions and countries of the world.
They pose a threatening attitude against China creating a new military base of initially 2500 troops on the Northern coast of Australia, to challenge the Asian countries in the control of the energy and mineral resources in the Asian waters and the Pacific.
USA and NATO initiated and started the imperialist wars on Yugoslavia, Iraq Afghanistan and Libya.
Now USA and her NATO allies are systematicallythrough lies and control of the big international media networks building up sufficient support from the public majority in the imperialist states, and their followers to attack Syria and Iran. Obama today talks openly of Israel as a necessary strong military ally for the US imperialist interest and control in the Middle East. This shows the importance of the Palestinian initiativeto become a full member of the UN. They learn today the hard lesson of pure imperialist interests of the USA, which leaves little hopes of support to gain from that corner for the Palestinians. The Israeli government has decided to give prime minister Netanyahu the right to attack Iran, even with atomic rockets.
This could easily escalate into a large conflict of a global magnitude,World War III.
USA and the old colonial powers like Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy needs support from many smaller NATO member, and not member states internationally to obtain necessary alliances and support for such a risky bourgeois adventure.
It is therefore a task of utmost importance to strengthen the fight for peace in this dangerous situation.
We, the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties must initiate a global initiative against the planned wars in the Middle East against Syria, possibly Lebanon, and Iran. We think that The World Peace Council would be the right body to coordinate this fight for peace against escalation of wars in the Middle East.
Such a fight for peace will potentially reach far beyond our own networks.
We support the resolutions proposed by the Syrian Communist Party, by the Tudeh Party of Iran and Communist Party of Britain, by the Palestinian Peoples Party, and the proposal of the axes of the joint actions for the coming year from KKE.
Finance capital has since the start of the overproduction crises in the 1970`s developed very strong. By the end of 1980`s finance services was about 55% of the GNP in the OECD countries. By 2009 derivates and instruments of debt in the unregulated international finance markets amounted to 1500 billion US dollars, which was 30 times larger than the GNPs of all the countries in the world together.
Today large finance capital is at the top of State Monopoly Capitalism. The finance oligarchs are fighting in between them, as all do in capitalism to maximize profits on invested capital. With the rapid development of productivity, a much smaller amount of workers of all kinds produce much more than before. The tendency of falling profit rates has given expectations of low profits in material production. To maximize profits the big finance oligarchs constructed finance products without real value, and sold them on the unregulated international finance marked for big profits, and gambled investing in instruments of debt and derivates. Many finance brokers and banks have gone bankrupt.
In the capitalist overproduction crises, also called the finance crises of 2008 the big banks of the finance oligarchs was saved by the State Monopoly Capitalism, as the government saved the big banks and finance institutions from their losses from speculation in the unregulated international finance markets, by paying them of the working peoples taxmoney. In such a way the finance oligarchs that are in control in the State Monopoly apparatus survive their risky investments, gain large profits, and lose a lot of big and small finance competitors and investors. The capitalist crises also helps enormously the central monopoly capital with support from the Monopoly State apparatus to get rid of a lot of big and small monopolistic competitors, and take over their eventual assets for free, which also enhance profits. This really shows that todays capitalism, both before, and in the midst of the overproduction crisesis not productive, but speculative, and as Lenin already concluded just before the great October revolution, capitalism is rotten and overripe to be exchanged by the working class and the peoples power with socialism and central planning and workers control.
The capitalist crises, and the anti-people policy of State monopoly capitalism both in each country and in the EU are creating anger and unrest. After 11 th of September 2001, USA started the “War on terror”. New laws were decided in all NATO member countries, that drastically reduced your rights as a citizen of the state, and both central and military intelligence, police and military got new and stronger possibilities to spy on you, and detain you without a proper case against you, and without bringing your case to the court of law. We know that two military brigades were brought back from Iraq to be put in to control and stop popular unrest because of the capitalist crises in the US. In Norway NATO have been training with troops from both member states and Finnish and Swedish personnel, where military troops were trained to stop and control peaceful, not armed demonstrations. We can only guess for which purpose. Primo October this year we learned from truthful sources that the Greek government in concealment had asked the US for 300 used tanks. One can only guess what this is meant for, and in which way our citizens may be treated according to the US inspired so called “anti-terror” laws.
In Norway we also have anti-communist laws decided in the 1950`s, were communists can be arrested and even killed without sentence. These laws still exist,and may be brought into practice over night by a so called international board in our parliament, if they decide that our country is in a difficult situation, or at war. All the representatives in our parliament support NATO and the war in Afghanistan, and Libya. The media in the western world are working to forgive the Nazis under World War II. At the same time they constantly send untrue and negative programs on the television about the achievements of real socialism of the 20 th century, and lies about killing of millions of people in the Soviet Union.
Violent Neo-Nazi activists have active networks both on the net, and in meetings and training. We have seen examples from Germany with killings of Turkish workers over a long period of time, and from 22nd of July 2011 bombing of the Norwegian government offices, and mass murders of young people from the Social Democratic Youth, where 77 people in all were killed by one Neo-Nazi mass murderer in one day.
In both cases the central intelligence was not properly watching the violent Nazi network, only Islamic activists and communists. The Neo-Nazi people and their networks may be of good use for monopoly capital to threaten and split the people, and terrorize the militant working class activists and communists when the unrest of the people is getting stronger, and better organized.
Communist Party of Norway will convey our deepest thanks to all of you who sent us your condolences and support in connection with the bombing and mass murders in Oslo Norway on the 22 nd of July 2011.Deeply thanks on behalf of the Norwegian people and Communist Party of Norway.
Thank you for your patience!