13 IMCWP, Main axes of Joint actions for the coming period [En.]

1/3/00 9:46 AM
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The 13 th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties defined the following axes for the development of joint activities of the Communist and Workers Parties as well as dates-staging posts which will be used for the development of the related initiatives.
1. Workers’ internationalist solidarity and active support of the workers’ and people’s struggles. Promotion of the joint and convergent struggle of workers, poor farmers, poor intermediate strata: repulsing every attempt to repress the workers’ struggles and restrict the trade union rights of the working people. Particular care for the problems, the organizing and mobilization of the working women, the youth, and the immigrant workers.
  • March 8 th: the international working women’s day
  • May 1 st: Support to the mass mobilization of the workers for their class interests and rights.
2. Front against the imperialist aggressiveness.
  • 20-21st May: 25th summit of NATO in Chicago
3. Active internationalist solidarity with peoples and movements that face imperialist threats, interventions and aggressions, oppression and occupation. Against the persecutions of organizations and militants of the peoples’ movements.
  • 29th November Day of solidarity with the Palestinian People
4. Defense of the history and the contribution of the communist and workers’ movement, socialism. Action against anticommunism, against the anticommunist laws, measures and persecutions. For democratic and trade unions rights. For the unimpeded political activity of the communist and workers’ parties. Against the distortion and revision of history.
  • 7 th of November: The anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution
  • 9 May: Day of the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples -we highlight the irreplaceable contribution of the USSR and the communists in the defeat of fascism.
  • June 18 th: the 130 th anniversary of Georgi Dimitrov
  • 23rd August: Day of activity against the distortion of history by the EU.
5. Denunciation of the US blockade to Cuba and struggle for its immediate lifting. For the release and return to Cuba of the 5 Cuban patriots. For the immediate and secure return of Rene Gonzales to Cuba.
  • 12nd September : 14th anniversary of the five Cuban patriots
6. For the promotion of the international front against imperialism and the support of the international anti-imperialist mass organizations, the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), the World Peace Council (WPC), the Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) , the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), within the specific context of the situation in each country.
7. Actions in defense of the environmental conditions and against the capitalist destruction and appropriation of the natural resources