19 IMCWP, Contribution of Brazilian CP [En]

12/5/17 1:46 PM
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Contribution of Brazilian CP [En]

Dear comrades and friends:

The Brazilian Communist Party salutes all communist and progressive parties that are present in this event and congratulates our host, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, for the initiative. We wish you all strengh and success in the sttruggle against capitalism. We are in Lenin's country and Lenin is our main reference in the revolutionary sttruggle for Socialism.

The recent evolution of capitalism has created a state of war between workers and the big international companies which try to keep their profits high by increasing the exploitation rate over the workers with the support of bourgeois governments which day by day eliminate more and more political, social and human rights to support their interests.

The difficulty to deal with the crisis and the many uncertanties about the future makes the main world imperialistic powers more and more aggressive against other peoples and countries, especially against those that have large reserves of natural resources. The USA and its allies have invaded Iraq, Afeganistan, Libia and have financed mercenary forces to combat and try to overthrow the Syrian legally elected president, and now threatens and provokes North Corea and Iran and demonstrates the political will to keep with the blockage against Socialist Cuba.

On the other hand, the Venezuelan people have proved one more time that it's possible to defeat imperialist forces by mobilizing and organizing the workers. We understand that, in Venezuela, there's a possibility to build a way to Socialism and that this is the only way to prevent popular forces to be defeated. We would also like to lighlight the success of the peace negociation process led by the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces which are now a legal popular leftist political party able to conduct the colombian workers to have better conditions to fight for Socialism.

The Communist International Movement has the task not only to combat capitalism and imperialism on a world basis but also to face the illusions of reformism which still exist in our trenches. Reformism may be very dangerous for the revolucionary movement as it demobilizes workers and makes things easier for capitalists, given that many reformist parties present themselves as "leftists" but they are, in fact, fancy organizations whose task is to illude workers and create obstacles for revolutionary forces to get closer to the workers. Some reformist forces sell the idea that elections and institutional disputes are enough to build Socialism.

In Brazil we undergo a complex and difficult situation. Theres a huge economic and political crisis with a deep recession and high unemployment. We now have a "pure" bourgeois rightist government which has come to power by means of a parliamentary coup d'Etat. This government has the task to eliminate all social gains obtained by the the working class in the latest 50 years by means of many strikes and confrontations, as well as to also eliminate democratic rights and to accelerate the process of privitization of public enterprizes and to sell the rights for the exploitation of natural resources including forests and water reserves. Fascist groups have shown their faces and are active, and many people claim for the return of rigthist military rule. Even having only a 3% popular approval rate and being under serious denounces of corruption envolving illegal financial relations with big companies, the present president controls more than a half of the Congress by buying votes.

But since 2013 popular movements are getting stronger. This year there were many strikes and popular demonstrations in Brazil against the president and the liberal reforms being applied, including a general strike in april 28th, the most important general strike in the latest 30 years. There will be general elections in Brazil in 2018, and there's much uncertainty in all political fields about possible candidates and electoral possibilities.

Our party has been present in all these actions, and we have just presented to the working class a political program aiming at the union of leftist forces and popular movements and to help and support the debate about possible struggle lines to overcome the present situation and to combat capitalism. Its title is "Defeat the bourgeois project and build a popular alternative - bread, work and housing". This initiative adds to other similar ones that are being taken by leftist political groups and social movements.

We are doing our best to be prepared to face class sttruggle in Brazil under the present conditions. You may be confident that, wherever there are workers sttruggling for their class rigths and for Socialism, our party's and our youth's red flags will be there.

Long live Marxism - Leninism!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!!

Brazilian Communist Party - PCB