14 IMCWP, Contribution of Philippine CP (PKP-1930) [En.]

11/25/12 5:15 AM
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“Strengthen the struggles against escalating imperialist aggressiveness, for satisfying peoples’ socio-economic democratic rights and aspirations, for socialism”

The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) salutes the Lebanese Communist Party for hosting the 14 th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, while mounting their valiant struggles against the continued Israel threats of aggression, as part of the US-NATO-Zionist plan for a “greater Middle East”.

We regret the inability of our Party to participate to this very important and historic event, but we send our warmest fraternal greetings to all participants of this International Meeting.

This international meeting is being held at a time when capitalism finds itself in the highest imperialist stage of its development, manifested in the deepening systemic crisis of capitalism. Faced with such chaotic economic crisis, European and other capitalist governments which are unable to bail out their own banks and investment firms are forced to accept IMF/EU control of their economies, thereby suffering from large amount of debt and resorted to cut employment levels and benefits, and other social services: in education, health, retirement and other social security outlays in exchange for bail out loans, greatly affecting the ordinary working people.

A major disgusting aspect of the IMF “facilities” for the crisis-wracked European capitalist system is the use of the scarce resources of developing countries to reinforce the “casino” capital of big western banks which are prodding the troubled capitalist governments in Europe.

In 2010 (with the earlier worsening of the capitalist crisis in Europe), the Philippines silently participated as a creditor to the IMF’s Financial Transactions Plan and Use of Borrowed Resources (FTP-UBR) Facility, by contributing $330-Million. And early this year, the present Aquino government is even hyping up the latest Philippine contribution amounting to $500-Million to these IMF special facilities, trumpeting that our country now has sufficient reserves, allowing it to loan out supplementary funds to the IMF.

However, the claim that the Philippines had become a creditor nation is just a big farce, because a country with an outstanding national debt equivalent to $120-Billion can hardly claim to be a real creditor country.

It is nonsensical and callously insensitive for a developing country to loan out to European capitalist bosses, through exploitative IMF “facilities”, its scarce financial resources --- even while it cannot provide sufficient classrooms or even school chairs for its elementary grade students, even while it cannot provide sufficient care for calamity victims, and even while it cannot provide basic medicines at government hospitals.

The prevalence of poverty and destitution in our neo-colonial country cannot be denied. Given this situation, the offering by our government of our scarce financial resources --- as loans to the greedy capitalist bosses of distressed industrial powerhouses in Europe --- can only be considered as criminal braggadocio.

But imperialism is not interested in alleviating the lives of even their own people, and instead it is focused on their greed for huge profit which lead them to escalate their global aggression. The PKP-1930 is in conformity with the view that imperialism will continue in trying to impose its domination in each country and over the globe seeking to impose direct control over the world's natural and energy resources, to annihilate the peoples’ sovereign rights, and to submit the entire planet to the exploitation and interests of big capital.
On the Escalation of Imperialist Aggressions

The escalation of imperialist aggressions could clearly be seen in the militarist and war-mongering offensives of US and NATO against the Arab peoples--- the deposing of old puppets to give way to new ones in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen ; the savage war to re-colonize Libya and to re-privatize her oil resources ; the propping-up of the archaic monarchies in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Oman ; the intensification of divisions and battles within Sudan; the recently launched Israeli threats of aggression against Lebanon and its people; and the whipping up of a war against Syria and Iran in an attempt to finally realize the US-Israeli plan for a “New Middle-East” that aims to perpetuate the humiliation of the Palestinian and other neighboring Arab peoples.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, US imperialist aggression could clearly be seen in its continued destabilization plots against Cuba, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and the other countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA); in the US-hatched coup d’etat against the democratically-elected president of Honduras (Jose Manuel Zelaya, in 2010), and the democratically-elected president of Paraguay (Fernando Lugo, on June 22, 2012); in the building up of new US military bases in Colombia; in the continued US control over Puerto Rico, the Panama Canal and Guantanamo Bay; in the continued British control over the Malvinas Islands; and in the continued US blockade against Cuba, and the continued incarceration and holding in the USA of the 5 Cuban anti-terrorist heroes (the “Cuban-5”).

Near our ASEAN region, US imperialist plans include the strengthening of its military presence in South Korea (including the building of a new base which would despoil the natural beauty of Jeju Island), the halting of previous plans to reduce US forces in Okinawa and other parts of Japan, and the building up of more US military facilities in Guam as well as in Australia.

An Asian version of NATO is in fact being developed, with Japan, South Korea and Australia serving as the regional acolytes for aggressive US plans to “contain” the PRoC. The military “encirclement” of the PRoC is the objective of the new “pivot”, or increased redeployment of US military forces, towards the Asia-Pacific region. For this purpose, new arrangements are being pursued for the constant visit (or increased stationing) of US forces in Pakistan and India, the build-up of US facilities in Diego Garcia, and even the introduction of US forces into Mongolia.
On the Issue of the South China Sea

Contending territorial claims over different parts of the South China Sea have now figured in the USA’s present anti-PRoC campaign. The Philippines, the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Malaysia and Brunei are among the ASEAN countries which now feel threatened by the growing presence of PRoC patrol vessels in the vast swath of ocean territory that the PRoC claims to be within the “9-dashed line” drawn up by its Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD).

Even while all claimants to the islands and waters of the South China Sea are signatories to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), not all would want the dispute to be heard by the UN’s International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea. The moves of the present Aquino administration in the Philippines to involve the USA in the dispute will not be a solution to this dispute, but will only be a bigger problem for all the claimants.

Of course we know that US forces will always act in the interest of US monopoly capital, and particularly of US oil and other exploration and exploitation companies. US imperialism would want to have a foothold on the resources of the South China Sea, with or without the territorial dispute between the PRoC and concerned ASEAN member countries.

We hope that all parties to the various territorial claims over parts of the South China Sea will refrain from any action that could lead to the escalation of tensions, and to imperialist intervention.

Call for Strengthening the Peoples’ Struggles Against International Capitalist System and Imperialist Aggressions, For Socialism

Many millions of people throughout the world are now dying with the growing famines, poverty, unjust wars instigated by the imperialist countries. Thus, we see the heightened militancy of the working masses not only in the poverty-stricken Third World countries, but especially in the highly developed capitalist countries.

In particular, the PKP-1930 salutes the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in their consistent struggle against the EU and NATO, and their militant action aimed at making the capitalists, and not the working people, pay for the crisis, play a key role in the process of raising the consciousness of the peoples of Europe and also worldwide.

Further, the PKP-1930 notes the growing prestige and clout of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) which together account for half of the world’s population, investments and productive capacity. The cooperation and integration of their economies, and their growing detachment from ties with the USA and other imperialist countries, is leading to the creation of a new (although still capitalist) counterpoise to imperialism. The BRICS countries can, together, compete formidably with the USA and other imperialist countries in the economic arena, although this can lead to imperialism’s greater recourse to militarism and war as the economic crises in their home countries will thereby become even more insurmountable.

Of great significance in the struggle for socialism is exemplified by Cuba. Cuba remains a prime example of successfully maintaining socialism despite economic sabotage, sanctions, assassinations plots and invasion threats by US imperialism. Cuba has become the beacon of anti-imperialist struggle, not only in the Caribbean and Latin America, but throughout the world. With Cuba’s example, a new integration of economies along socialist lines is being forged in Latin America.

Lastly, the crisis of capitalism demonstrates the historical limits of this system. The working class, which does not have the means of production at its disposal, has the power to reverse today’s situation as the “grave-digger” of the capitalist mode of production. This historic revolutionary role of the working class has, as its precondition, that it should be organised as a class for itself. The strengthening of its revolutionary party is necessary for the working class to become conscious of its mission, to shape a revolutionary strategic lead for the implacable class struggle against capital.

The continuous adherence to the principles of Marxism-Leninism, to the principle of proletarian internationalism is of great importance in our present struggles against capitalist exploitation and imperialist aggressions towards building socialist society.

Down with imperialist aggressions!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

Salvacion M. Corpuz
International Relations Committee
Philippine Communist Party