AKEL, Cyprus, Conclusion of the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Ecuador [En]

11/18/14 11:38 AM
  • Cyprus, Progressive Party of the Working People [AKEL] En

Conclusion of the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Ecuador [En]

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 17th November 2014, Nicosia

The deliberations of the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties were concluded on Saturday 15th November in Guayaquil Ecuador. During the last day of the session, a programme of joint actions until the next meeting was unanimously adopted.

At the centre of the joint activities agreed will be the coordination of the parties for the deepening of the struggle against the imperialist interventions that are shedding blood all over the world, particularly in the Middle East and Ukraine. In addition, the focus will also be on building up resistance to the imposition of reforms of an anti-social content, as well as to the downgrading of the overall living standards of working people.

Of the decisions taken for developing joint action, the multifaceted support of the parties for the greater strengthening of the role of the World Peace Council, World Federation of Trade Unions, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, the World Organisation of Democratic Women stand out.

A proposal submitted by AKEL was approved for a solidarity visit by the Working Group of the International Meeting to struggling Palestine, over the next year, which is critical as ever for the freedom and independence of the country. Extensive references to the joint actions agreed will subsequently be publicised.

Regarding solidarity towards the Cypriot people, 40 parties, so far, have signed the resolution tabled by AKEL which focuses on the 40 years of occupation of Cyprus, the violations of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey and support to the struggle for a solution of the Cyprus problem.

Within the context of the general debate, more than 50 parties submitted their own experiences on developments in their countries, as well as on the objectives they have set. Special emphasis was attached to the liberation from the imperialist hegemony of the US in Latin America, to an exchange views on repulsing the neo-fascist and reactionary trends which are developing in Europe, and on the criminal “Islamic State” organisation in the Middle East. The Plenary of the International Meeting approved the accession of new members and redefined the next meeting to be held during the same period in the coming year.

AKEL was represented by comrades Costas Christodoulides, Head of the International Relations and European Affairs Department and Vera Polycarpou, member of the C.C. of AKEL and International Relations Department.