15 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Pakistan [En.]

11/10/13 5:50 AM
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CPPºs message to the 15th International Communist workers Parties in Lisbon .

Dear Comrades ,

Communist Party of Pakistan pay warm comradely greetings and felicitations to all delegates of this 15thannual meeting of the Communist and workers parties and profound thanking to the CP of Portugal for its admirable hospitality and facilitation .

Its a great deal of pleasure for us; we Marxist Leninist parties get to gather each year for to present our individual views and preparative assignments about revolution ,overthrow of the capitalist system and also do carry out some joint activities . Hopefully this will keep on continuing , getting us achieve more triumphs in our pursuits for international solidarity and strengthening unity in our ranks and file .

Dear Comrades ,

Since the start of the prevailing capitalist crisis ,we have been thoroughly analysing ,reached conclusion that its not a mere crisis of the surplus productivity and banking capital but its the inherent DNA inbuilt non curable nor reformable systemic morbidity of capitalism. On face of the crisis ,workers and masses all over the world have been expressing their deep indignation which has been stirring many mass social movements all around the world ,but ironically we have not been able for good reasons in capitalizing on the opportunity to rightly direct and guide them on . As a result during hours of meeting of the IMF ,WB ,WTO ,big capital holding companies and other imperialist countries representatives , workers and toiling masses resort staging protests rallies and demonstrations ,but it has so for contributed nothing towards the overthrow of the exploitative system ,for this reason all such self generated movements terminate in vain after a few agitations and rallies are staged .

Our party mark , dire immediate need in figuring out the reasons and obstacles behind this dilemma on our part .

Dear Comrades ,

We earnestly observe our gathering must not confine merely to meet ups and seminar type of programs . The massive working class movements of the toiling masses in Greece ,Portugal ,Italy and Spain are worth great admiration and inspiration for the world's working class and their representative parties to follow on its foot steps at large ,but question arises ,what makes these movements stop culminating into revolution ? Similarly , despite appreciative election gains of the Communist Parties in Russia and several European and Latin countries , what makes them unable , forced and difficult for grabbing the provided political milieu towards socialist revolution ? It is again a great deal to be very thoroughly deliberated and correct strategies ,there to be adopted .

Dear Comrades ,

Presently ,developing strategic important countries and rich in natural resources at large are being ruined destabilized continuously , via instigating ethnic ,religious and sectarian confrontations , rivalries and puppet regimes are installed there , which is stirring up unprecedented rising fascist tendencies in the society , especially through the use of Islamic fanatic terrorist groups ,even quite strong and stable countries are being paralysed . Confronted these massive popular fascist tendencies ,the communist and workers parties in these countries have been on back footing ,compelled to fight for the preservation of very basic secular democratic values in lieu of fundamental class struggle and fight . The barbaric activities of these religious frenzies pave easy ground for the US and other allied imperialist countries to unleash devastation in the name of war on terror . Rightly saying ,these fascists forces are the brain child of imperialism and now through the pretext of war on terror not only its strength is further boasted up but they are linked with each other in such a vicious circle boasting each other strength ,direly suppress the existing class contradiction in society . For the continuous easy plunder of the world's resources , the class war is further emasculated. The communist and workers parties not only can't grow , advancing ahead, but are losing grounds . The communist and workers parties must earnestly apprehend this reality and adopt appropriate strategies to move forward otherwise , the meaning and purpose of our international meetings will lost justification.

Dear comrades ,

Our party ; the Communist Party of Pakistan also passing through very difficult existential condition . The May 2013 held general election was clean swept by the ultra right wing political parties through blatant support and siding rendered to them by the country's top Judiciary including the election commission, giving free hand to the religious fanatic forces to bar away all the even so called secular parties out of the election process through intimidations and suicidal attacks , allowing only the pro Taliban parties to solely carry out election activities . The present government ,including two very important provincial governments in Punjab and Pukhtoonkhwa provinces are pro Taliban right wing governments in place .It did make it possible very recently for the Taliban to break a jail situated inside a military cantonment ,releasing hundreds of their fellow terrorists and the state authorities too shamefully remain bystander to this incident avoiding even an eye wash action or order an investigative committee to probe into the deal . The whole country has virtually turned into a “NO GO AREA” for every one who is not practising Saudi brand of Salafi /wahabi Islam . As an order of the day individuals belonging to secular progressive ,non Muslim and non salafi denominations are target killed in cold blood every day . The residential areas and places of warship of Christians are bombed , the non muslim women are kidnapped ,forced to convert to Islam and then held them into slavery ,even the dead bodies of the non Muslims are exhumed and thrown out of their graves . In short every individual feel highly threatened and passing through a mental nightmare every single day ,consequently a great majority of the people are migrating out of the country .

Dear Comrades ,

In the same tone ,under dictation of the world’s monetary imperialist institutions the privatization process has been highly expedited . About 75 large holding institutions in the country will be denationalized in two years time. The government has decided to cut jobs of hundreds and thousands of workers ,inflation is sky rocketing . For example just in mere 04 months tenure of the present government the prices of commodity items are 100% increased on top of the hovering power crisis is an other anathema due to which not only there is a drastic decline of the productivity capacity but also giving to rise to alarming unemployment . Under duress of the IMF ,the Hydroelectric power units are shut down in lieu of furnace oil run units ,which means the Jehadists terrorists and IMF both have declared war over the people of Pakistan .

In such circumstances our party despite its own alarming ordeal ,fighting resolutely un-wavered along with the working and toiling masses ,struggling for their rights , standing hard against the onslaught of saudi jehadists brand of islam ,protecting the most vulnerable non muslim communities and women from the savagery of fanaticism.

Dear comrades ,

In prevailing scenario , when capitalism is in its inbuilt dire crisis and fascists forces are spectacularly out there in its support and this phenomenon is not limited to a single country or region ,at such times the Communists solidarity and joint strategic actions become the need of the hour . In order to move forward victorious in our resolves for causing socialism and communism , questions arising during this course must be entertained with intelligence and great Marxist Leninist acumen ,to avoid inflecting harm to our international unity . Therefore in order to decisively fight the globalization phenomena of capitalism ,the firm unity ,joint actions ,mutual cooperation and joint strategies of the communists are just as much needed as never before . We also need to point out each others deficiencies tending positive right course with total independence and power of decision of each individual party . All parties either small or large must have equal status and position in the international community of communist body otherwise it would be harmful for forging true unity and spirit of the communist international .

Dear comrades ,

The Communist Party of Pakistan is highly wishful for the very successful conclusion of this international meeting and waiting with impatience for its decisions and right strategies to prevail .

Dr shafiq Ahmad

CC member

International coordinator


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