Turkey must withdraw its troops from Syria! [En]

11/27/17 12:03 PM
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Turkey must withdraw its troops from Syria! [En]

Under the leadership of Erdoğan, Turkey has provided political and material support to terrorist groups in Syria, and has been an accomplice to all massacres perpetrated and humanitarian/economic devastation inflicted upon this country since the very beginning of imperialist intervention. Yet today, in defiance of all international agreements and rules, Turkey is carrying out military operations in Syria under the pretext of "counterterrorism".
We, the undersigned communist and workers' parties, hereby protest Turkey's military presence in Syria, and call for the immediate termination
of these military operations.
Erdoğan's foreign policy maneuvers, which solely aim to maintain his personal status and to satisfy the emerging pursuits of Turkish capitalist class, do not serve to the interests of the toiling masses of Turkey or the region by any means. As the undersigned communist and workers' parties, just as we do not sympathize with the pressure and blackmailing exercised by the US and other NATO countries against Erdoğan and oppose to any "color revolution" attempt to be staged in Turkey, we neither accept to label the reactionary and anti-people policies pursued by Turkish government as something positive or even anti-imperialist.
The workers will have the final word in Turkey, in Syria and all around the world. As the communist and workers' parties, we stand by this word and
we will do everything in our power to strengthen it.

Signed by:

  1. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism
  2. Party of Labour of Austria
  3. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  4. Communist Party of Brasil (PCdoB)
  5. Communist Party of Britain
  6. New Communist Party of Britain
  7. Communist Party of Canada
  8. AKEL, Cyprus
  9. Communist Party in Denmark
  10. Communist Party of Denmark
  11. Communist Party of Esthonia
  12. Communist Party of Finland
  13. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  14. German Communist Party
  15. Communist Party of Greece
  16. Hungarian Workers' Party
  17. Communist Party of India
  18. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  19. Workers' Party of Ireland
  20. Communist Party (Italia)
  21. TUDEH Party of Iran
  22. Communist Party of Israel
  23. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  24. Communist Party of Mexico
  25. Communist Party of Norway
  26. Palestinian Communist Party
  27. Philippine Communist Party [PKP 1930]
  28. Communist Party of Poland
  29. Portuguese Communist Party
  30. Romanian Socialist Party
  31. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  32. Russian Communist Workers Party
  33. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  34. Communists of Serbia
  35. South African Communist Party
  36. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
  37. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  38. Communist Party of Sweden
  39. Communist Party of Syria
  40. Communist Party of Syria (Unified)
  41. Communist Party of Turkey
  42. Communist Party of Ukraine
  43. Communist Party of Uruguay
  44. Communist Party USA
  45. Communist Party of Venezuela


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