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11/10/13 5:40 AM
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The Palestinian People’s Party Speech to the International Meeting of the Workers and Communist parties

Dear comrades

I would like first to express on behalf of the PPP our respect and thanks to our comrades in the PCP for hosting this meeting in this critical moment for the world peace especially in the ME and Palestine in particular.

Dear Comrades

Since our last meeting the situation in the ME is continuing to be difficult, complicated and very dangerous.

As we have mentioned several times earlier, the uprisings of the peoples of the region did not bring the expected changes, the imperialist forces are continuing to intervene in the internal affairs of these countries trying to redirect the changes for their own interests and their hegemony.

The most serious and dangerous change in the middle east is the reactionary role of the Islamic forces in the political life of the region where these forces has a big political and financial support from regional and worldwide forces. Their role in Egypt, Tunis, Libya, Iraq and Yemen and in Syria will be of great negative effects on the basic interests of the population and at the struggle for real independence, progress and social justice.

At the same time the progressive and democratic forces in all these countries that were under big pressures in the period of past regimes are trying now to recover their historical role in defending the interests of the people and their goals in democracy, Justice and normal life.

We condemn the imperialist plans and external intervention in Syria and we support a peaceful solution of the Syrian crises on the basis of unity of the Syrian people and territorial integrity of the country, giving the Syrian People the possibility to decide their future and to elect freely their leadership.

At the same level we are certain that the Egyptian people will be able to solve his own problems without the dangerous imperialist intervention that is trying to ignite a civil war in Egypt. The people of Egypt and the peoples of the region have no interest in paying the cost of internal wars; in the contrary they have the interest in development, progress and peace.

We seize this opportunity to express our deep solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people and our Sudanese comrades for democratic changes and social justice demanding in the same time the immediate release of prisoners from jails in Sudan. Our sympathies and solidarity are also with the peoples of Lybia, Iraq, Yemen …etc…and we wish them all to overcome their internal crises and succeed in failing the external enemies.

Despite all these events in the region, the Palestinian People is still holding up his priorities, which are in brief Freedom, Independence and the return of refugees.

But in spite of 20 years of negotiations between Israel and the PLO, the so-called peace process did not reap any results and the current negotiations are wavering in its place in complete stagnation. Israel using these talks for changing the situation on the ground by building settlements and imposing new facts which made the possibility of any solution especially the two states solution equals to zero. What Israel doing is building settlements, creating the apartheid wall, demolishing houses, especially in East Jerusalem, keeping thousands of Palestinians in Israeli prisons, rejecting all the resolutions of the UN that are related to the Palestinian problem, It focusing only on the so called security and seeking to prolong the occupation as much as possible with fully support by USA and their alliance. The efforts of the Palestinian leadership to transfer the whole Palestinian issue to the UN, first to the Security Council demanding the admission of the Palestinian state as a full member in the UN and asking the international community to take its responsibility in implementing the UN resolutions and international law, had been failed two years ago by the American administration. But the resilience of the Palestinian leader ship to go again to the UN General Assembly last year seeking the membership of a non member state had been a great success and 132 states recognized the Palestinian state in the UN.

But unfortunately this process had been temporarily stopped again because of the American and Israeli pressures in light of the current negotiations.

We think that the entire world understood that peace and occupation cannot exist together. Certain conditions should be preserved in order to keep a just peace permanently. These conditions mean, ending the occupation of the Palestinian territories, Lebanese Sheba farms and Syrian heights of Golan, the recognition of an independent Palestinian state within the borders of June 4th 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital, solving the issue of the Palestinian refugees according to the resolution 194, releasing Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons, and ending the unjust siege on Gaza. Settlements and negotiations also cannot go together. Israel must stop building settlements and changing the facts on the ground. Only then the region will live in peace and the peoples will develop their countries and struggle against poverty and for better future.

The internal situation of the Palestinian movement also is difficult where the division is still a reality despite all agreements, talks and announcements.

We believe that ending this chapter and reunifying the Palestinian movement is a precondition for a victory of the Palestinian struggle. We also believe that friends of Palestinian people can help in ending this division.

What we can notice is that the so-called international community UN, Quartet etc… cannot or don’t want to force Israel to implement the international resolutions and to respect the international law, of course under the influence and pressure of the US administration and its allies.

We do believe, comrades, that the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region and the world in general still need your solidarity and support, we are sure that you will be as you were always in the side of the peoples of the world, and in the first lines of the struggle for the world peace.

Once again we would like to thank you all.

Central Committee

Palestinian People’s Party November, 2013