18 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Pakistan [En]

10/28/16 10:45 AM
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Contribution of CP of Pakistan [En]

1. International Crisis of Capitalism

Dear Comrades,

The crisis of overproduction and the inevitable unemployment for the workforce have been persistent since 2008. The techno-scientific revolution is the result of mankind’s collective wisdom and the workforce should be the first to benefit from it in the form of less work hours and better working conditions.But, in its pursuit of profit, the capitalist class is curtailing the workforce and increasing work hours, instead of creating more jobs.

Cutbacks in wages and job positions decrease the cost of production. Despite these factors and the excessive production, prices are raised, with the aim being the capitalist class’s piling up profits. On the other hand a major part of population is made redundant, and consequently the market shrinks.

Nowadays, industry is being relocated from the developed countries to developing ones, but definitely this is not for the progress of poor nations but for exploitation of cheap labor to reduce the cost of production.

In these new industrial hubs, a day’s remuneration for a laborer is just equal to an hour’s pay for a worker in developed countries. Along with this, raw materials are also exploited at cheapest rates. This trickery is also played in the service sector and financial institutions. This dreadful act is also being done in agriculture. Increasing the prices of fertilizer increases the cost of production, pesticides and agricultural machinery, while the prices of produce are kept stable. The government does not bother to subsidizethe farmers or grant support prices. For these reasons, the agricultural sector is losing its viability and poverty rates are soaring.

In agricultural countries like Pakistan, where farmers’ hard work has yielded good crops, 70% of the rural population is suffering from malnutrition. According to the recent report of International Food Policy Research Institute, 800 million people of the world are starving and Pakistan is standing at No. 107 from the bottom. This shows that investment in poor countries is deceitful.

Dear Comrades,

Secure and extremely profitable investment in developing countries is the investment of financial capital. Through neoliberal policies the profitable institutions of developing countries are sold under the guise of denationalization, regularization and structural adjustments. The weapon of open-door policy is used to cut down taxes on imports. As a result the expenditure of the government becomes unmanageable and the governments have no choice but to borrow from imperialist financial institutions. Currently Pakistan is indebted to 72.97 Billion Dollars of foreign debt. This situation transforms states like Pakistan into neocolonial states and dancing puppets of imperialism. Interferences in Government affairs by the imperialist powers, changing the regime if deemed necessary, and looting the resources is the result. Even in the recent crisis the profits of the capitalist class are accumulating rather than decreasing. The enormous accumulation of wealth is in the hands of few, who have captured 90% of the resources, while billions of people have been deprived of their own resources.

2. Imperialist Assault

Dear comrades,

The states that refuse to comply with the policies of international capitalists and try to save their national economies are facing numerous sorts of conspiracies from imperialist powers.

·Imperialist try to buy the rulers, and if this does not work, they try to overthrow the regime.

·If these tactics also fail, either direct war is imposed on these states or the social fabric is destroyed through civil war by creating social, national, linguistic, religious and cult anarchies.

·The world has witnessed this in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia and Algeria.

·In the countries, where these contradictions cannot be created, the privilegedlabor class is bribed into creating political chaos through shutter downs and strikes, which is happening in Venezuela, Brazil and South Africa.

This imperialist assault has destroyed world peace. People are slaughtering each other. Consequently, the imperialists are taking advantage of Chaos to loot the natural resources, especially oil and precious minerals.

Dear Comrades,

The bourgeois government of Pakistan has surrendered our country’s gold, copper, and lead mines to the multinational companies. Not only is this wealth being looted but the workers are also being exploited. The safety measures in these mines are inadequate rather non existent . And workers are frequently exposed to fatal accidents. People’s resistance to this is suppressed through extortion. Political activists, writers and intellectuals are kidnapped and killed. Their disfigured bodies are found in the wild. Religious organizations are used to suppress the people’s resistance against exploitation of resources and labor. Baluchistan is the most afflicted area in this regard.

Dear Comrades,

Imperialism had organized proxy religious organizations to confront revolutionary movements and defeat the socialist revolution. Today their role has expanded. In this day and age, various capitalist countries of the imperialist world are using at large these religious mercenaries and proxy war forces. Al Quaida, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Nusra Front and Taliban or Mujahidin are the mercenary militias of the various countries and they are fighting for the vested interest of their masters disguised as religious movements. Some circles of leftists consider these mercenaries as resistance movements, but they are in the wrong. By doing so they are helping imperialist strategies. Religious and sectarian polarization has posed a greater hurdle for the forces of revolution, resistance and social change.

The religious mercenary armies have destroyed world peace. Religious lunacy has polarized society along sectarian and doctrinal lines, while class struggle is being pushed back.

Dear Comrades, during times of peace the contradiction between capital and labor, imperialism and neocolonialism become sharp and clear and it is easy to involve the working classes in the struggle for economic rights and sociopolitical change. With the help of proxy war forces and puppet regimes, imperialism has drastically increased the threats of civil war and regional tension, which is creating a war phobia in the minds of people. The war industry of capitalists is flourishing on the one hand and on the other hand the real issue of the class struggle is overshadowed by this phobia. We must struggle for peace by highlighting unemployment, demanding higher wages, social welfare funds, potable water, civic liberties, peasant rights and deflation .

For this purpose, we must further mobilize the activities of the world peace councils and affiliated organizations of different countries.

Dear Comrades,

In various countries, problems like reduction in wages and welfare funds, inflation and joblessness have now become global. More or less, in different parts of the world, the widening gap between the huge accumulation of wealth in few hands and deprivation of billions of the people is becoming unhinged and critical. It is our responsibility to analyze in depth the present-day conspiracies and tactics of capitalism and find new ways to tackle with.

Some of the confused leftist groups, pseudo-intellectuals and imperialist agents are trying to mislead us by saying that present-day circumstances are very much different to those of 1848 and 1917. They suggest adopting a new ideology; the name of their new ideology is rotten and obsolete bourgeois democracy.

The need of time for us is to tailor new strategies on the basis of Marxism. The strategies which will establish our base in working classes, the strategies which will initiate cooperation between working class struggles and vast social groups who bourgeois democracy has given nothing but corruption, and who are deprived of civic amenities like drinking water, education, health facilities through trickery of privatization. We should not copy the issue-based politics of so-called mass parties and mainstream parties.

Mass mobilization on the basis of issues is a must, but we should not change the basis of cadre parties and parties of working class. We should design strategies of struggle after profoundly analyzing neocolonialism and religious fascist movements.

Dear Comrades,

We should not search for solutions to people’s problem in corrupt bourgeois democracy. The solution to these problems lies in making all means of production a public property. This is only possible through scientific socialism. For this, socialist revolution is a must. Socialist revolution is the only way which can liberate the people from capitalist exploitation. Only socialism can stop accumulation of wealth. Only through socialism is freedom from imperialism, racial, religious and sectarian prejudice is possible.

Let us return to our class.

Long Live Socialism

Long Live Marxism - Leninism

Long Live International Solidarity.