7th IMCWP, Solidarity Statement With The People And Democratic Forces of Iraq

10/18/05 12:45 PM
  • 7th IMCWP Joint Statement

Athens Meeting 18- 20 November 2005, Solidarity Statement
With The People And Democratic Forces of Iraq
From: SolidNet, Wednesday, December 07, 2005

In Solidarity With The People And Democratic Forces of Iraq

We the undersigned communist and workers parties
participating in the International meeting of Communist and
workers Parties in n Athens, 18-20 November 2005, express
our profound and internationalist solidarity with the
struggle of the Iraqi people for peace, sovereignty and
social progress in their country.

As the political forces that consistently campaigned to
prevent the US adventurous and criminal policy of waging
war against Iraq and its occupation, we are now supporting
the complex struggle of the progressive forces, and in
particular the fraternal Iraqi Communist Party, to repulse
occupation, stop bloodshed and terror, to end bombing of
public buildings, oil installations and electric,
distribution network, and to build a free, democratic,
united and sovereign Iraq.

We reject any attempt by the present Iraqi government to
restrict freedom of thought expression and organization.

We are deeply concerned about the negative impact of
certain formulations contained in the constitution adopted
in October 2005 which are deeply undemocratic and negate
women's rights, create the condition for all the laws to be
made subject to a restrictive and reactionary
interpretation of Islam and limit democratic rights.

We condemn Directive 83 of the present Iraqi administration
which imposed state control over trade union resources and
seeks to end to free trade unionism in defiance of ILO

We support the campaign by democratic forces in Iraq to
further develop the presence and influence of independent
trade union, women, youth and peace organization in Iraq.

We cal for:
An end to the occupation of Iraq
An immediate halt to all terroristic and murderous acts of
killing of ordinary people and bombing of civilian targets
by murderous gangs of Saddam supporters and fundamentalist
A peaceful and democratic Middle East

Communist Party of Albania
Algerian Party for Democracy & Socialism, PADS
Communist Party of Australia
Democratic Progressive Tribune, Bahrain
Communist Party of Belarus
Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Bulgaria
Communist Party of Cuba
Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
Communist Party in Denmark
Communist Party of Egypt
German Communist Party (DKP)
Unified Communist Party of Georgia
Tudeh Party of Iran
Iraqi Communist Party
Communist Party of Ireland
The Worker's Party of Ireland
Communist Party of Israel
Jordanian Communist Party
Lebanese Communist Party
Socialist Party of Lithuania
Communist Party of Malta
Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
Communist Party of Norway
Socialist Alliance Party, Romania
Communist Party of Russian Federation
Communist Party of Slovakia
Sudanese Communist Party
Syrian Communist Party
Union of Communists of Ukraine
Communist Party, USA