National Political Conference of the Brazilian CP

5/30/24 1:44 PM - 6/2/24 1:44 PM
  • Brazil, Brazilian Communist Party En South America Communist and workers' parties
Fortaleza, CE, Brazil



To the brother Communist Parties around the world

The Brazilian Communist Party – PCB – has the great pleasure and joy of communicating to all comrades of the brother Parties of the International Communist Movement that our Party will hold its National Political Conference from 30/05 to 02/06, in the city of Fortaleza, CE, Brazil. At this National Conference, the PCB will discuss and update its assessment of the National and International Situation, in addition to debating various issues linked to the organization of our Party.

The PCB will be very grateful to receive messages of greeting to our National Conference of your Parties. The messages received will be read to the delegates of our National Political Conference at the opening Plenary of the conference.

However, the PCB is keen to express a serious concern of our Party. We are concerned that there may be confusion between our National Conference and a Congress called for the same period by a fractional minority group, whose leaders were recently expelled from the PCB.

This said Congress is in practice and in truth the founding Congress of another Party; however, we suspect that confusion is being spread, because this fractional group, opportunistically, calls this Congress the “XVII Extraordinary Congress of the PCB”, which constitutes an authentic political fraud, as this fractional group was expelled from the PCB and was an extremely minority in our Party.

We are clear that it is a legitimate right for anyone who left or was expelled from the PCB due to disagreements to create another political organization; however, it is illegitimate and fraudulent for this group to try to kidnap and appropriate the name, symbols and history of the PCB, from which they diverged and with which they publicly broke.

We close this message by reiterating the Brazilian Communist Party's desire to establish and strengthen our Party's bilateral and multilateral relations with the International Communist Movement, and we reaffirm the PCB's great interest in deepening the exchange of struggle experiences and political formulations for the cause of peace and socialism, always faithful to the concept of mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of the brother PCs.

Greetings comrades

Brazilian Communist Party

Central Committee – Secretariat for International Relations