CP of Turkey, 13th Congress of TKP "Revolutionary Party, Party for Revolution, on her 100th Anniversary"

7/23/20 9:06 AM
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Dear comrades,


We are writing to inform you that the Communist Party of Turkey will hold the 13th Party Congress on August 9th, 2020.


The 13th Congress of TKP will take place under conditions of the pandemic, and more importantly, at a time when the "parasitism and decay" of imperialism/capitalism, referring to the great analysis of Lenin, have become apparent in front of wide masses, in almost every country. In Turkey, and in many other countries, numerous people have lost their lives for nothing. Greed and competition among the capitalists have taken uncountable lives. 


The Congress coincides with the 100th anniversary of TKP's foundation in Baku in 1920, a year after the foundation of the Communist International and just following the Baku Congress of the Peoples of the East. The year 1920 had a historical significance, as it was the foundation year for many of our fraternal communist parties. 


We will honor the hundred years of efforts of our comrades, with a focus on reinforcing the revolutionary power of our ranks. We are preparing ourselves for a more influential, stronger and bigger party. We are also making a radical call for all our friends to abandon the bourgeois opposition that has become a poor imitation of the ruling power and join our ranks. Hence the theme of TKP's 13th Congress will be "Revolutionary Party, Party for Revolution, on her 100th Anniversary"


Turkey needs a stronger communist party. We are committed to make every effort to achieve it. 




As we will be organizing the Congress under compromised conditions, we will not be able to host international delegations. Nevertheless, we value your greeting messages for this important moment in our Party's struggle.


With comradely greetings


Communist Party of Turkey

International Relations


CP of Turkey, 13th Congress of TKP "Revolutionary Party, Party for Revolution, on her 100th Anniversary"- Ar